Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Week's American Idol Auditions

Has American Idol jumped the shark even though Simon Cowell is still there? Sure, I know we're in the auditions, the riff-raff of the season. But usually someone's voice really catches my interest by now. Yes, there have been some decent voices, a handful probably better than some recording artists out and about today. But no one has made me sit back and go "WOW!" I want my WOW and I want it now!

The guest judge thing has been different this year. I wasn't impressed with Avril Lavigne and her little horned hoodie on Tuesday evening. She really didn't add much as far as input on the auditions, either. However, she played with the horns on her sweatshirt. Maybe she got it from a boi.

Last night we had Neil Patrick Harris for the first day in Texas, a Jonas brother (Joe?) for the second day. True to form, NPH jumped right in and got involved. If you've ever seen him on talk shows or when he's substituted for Regis ... he's good at these things. The Jonas was a bit like Avril Lavigne sans an horned hoodie.

As for the auditions themselves, the Tourette's guy sang decently and his little sad story was a nice touch when he really could sing. Did he blow me away? Nope. Nome of them did. We need a Melinda Doolittle methinks. How about you?


lavina said...

What ever the judge , what ever the contestant i don't mind . I just like the show. No boring every a new flavor. Thanks to my Dish Network . providing me the program.

Jackie said...

Folks - Please don't click on any links in comments unless it's someone we know. The comment above talks a bit about the topic, but it's definitely spammish.

meb said...

Thanks for saying that Jackie... these kinds of comments always say 'advertisement' to me, and tho it's your blog, I still want them to go away.

Now...back to AI... I agree with you 110% as Cara says... There has not been one good singer... I mean GOOD singer in the bunch. The stories are sad, or uplifting, or whatever, but that doesn't mean they can sing. When they keep saying: "Best I've heard this season"... well they don't have to go far for it to be the best they've heard.

"Pants on the Floor" was the best I've seen so far... at least he stayed on key.

Unless all those who made it through and we haven't heard yet have good voices, or this season is going to stink!

Margo said...

Do you know if AI has gotten smart and put the people who got a yellow ticket auditions on their website? If I were in charge of AI that is what I would do. Alas I am only in charge of me - so my ideas go unheard.


Margo said... has video of Hollywood interviews for 148 contestants. Sh we can see who has made it to Hollywood so far and get to know them a little - and their names but they do not show the auditions.


SueGee said...

I totally agree! Maybe that special person/audition is one of the very many they don't show us?? I'm losing patience now because Hollywood week has already happened, the final group chosen and there are leaks & spoilers aplenty out there. Yep, next year they are going to have to change this long drawn out process. So how many more weeks of auditions do we have before the live shows??

Sue on the left coast
(Trying to wait for Survivor & TAR to start up again)

ML said...

For some reason I haven't felt compelled to even turn it on this season so far. I think i'll wait til the the real season to take a look. Survivor, hurry on up!

Margo said...

I thought Ellen said Hollywood weeks airs Feb 9. I could be wrong - shhh don't tell anyone I said that.


SueGee said...

I just looked at the advanced DVR channel/program listings and Tuesday February 9th does say Hollywood Round 1!! Yipee - same week for Survivor and TAR too. Must be a sweeps period??


joy n said...

I haven't heard any singers yet that knock my socks off either.

I also thought that Kate Perry was very rude. Read somewhere that she said she'd give up her singing career to judge permanently. Definitely hope she wasn't serious. Kara probably is too.

Delee said...

Have not tuned in one time. Not a bad singer fan...AI and many other reality shows are going to bump into the Olympics in Feb. Guess other networks will have to up their game during those broadcasts since there will not be the big time difference since they are in Vancouver (?)or not delayed and results are known.

RBennie said...

I agree that no one I've seen up to this point has blown me away. Not even a mild breeze really! Watching the bad singers is amusing to me for the first week or two at most and then it gets old. I didn't like Katey Perry or Avril Lavigne as guest judges. I was surprised at how mean they both were. Real artists are usually a little more sympathetic towards the auditoners. My WV is diganap. Yes I would dig a nap right about now, LOL.

joy n said...

Just saw an interesting bit on TMZ. On Idol, that "Italian" girl with the high-pitched voice who is going on to Hollywood is a fake. She called herself Nicci Nix but she has appeared on other reality shows with a completely different voice. She's been on Fear Factor, Making The Band, Next, and Date My Mom. She has used the name, Nicci Palmeri, and claimed to be from California with no hint of an accent and a deeper voice. TMZ has clips of her from Fear Factor and Making The Band.

Wonder why she went to all the trouble and how long will she be able to keep it up.