Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Bachelor Spoilers

No ... don't panic! I'm not writing them here. However, I received a press release from the Entertainment Weekly folks and thought some of you might be interested. Discussion in THIS post about the spoilers is fine (YOU'VE BEEN WARNED NON-SPOILER FOLKS!), but please don't bring the discussion to the main blog discussion post for the show. Merci!

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Bachelor producers are busy preparing for the Jason Mesnick-Molly Malaney nuptials on March 8. But in some ways, the wedding opens old wounds for producers — specifically how the spoilerific blog, run by Steve Carbone, accurately revealed last year that Mesnick would first propose to Melissa Rycroft and then dump her for Malaney on a shocking After the Final Rose special. So far this year, Carbone’s blog has already leaked several details about the latest season of The Bachelor starring Jake Pavelka, including locations of dates, which contestants received “date roses,” and who would be sent home.

The article itself can be found right here.


joy n said...

Since I hate what he did to Melissa, I won't be watching the wedding. No interest in it whatsoever.

ML said...

I have no interest in it either really. It seemed he was kinda pimpin his son. Neither he nor Molly were very compelling people to watch.

joy n said...

Found an interesting article about a contestant on Idol. Put it on Jackie's last Idol post.

Sydney said...

oooh Jackie -- I am tempted. Do I look? Don't I? Arrrgh! lol

Sydney said...

Argh, I read it. DON"T read it people.... let the show play out. It's been so satisfyingly good this year, better to keep it that way.

What's next to tempt? Chocolate cake?