Saturday, February 06, 2010

Looking at the Survivor Villains

The new season of Survivor begins this coming Thursday at 8 PM ET/PT. I previously covered the "heroes" and now it's time for the "villains." In going through the list, I think the criteria in choosing the villains had to be a bit more grey than the heroes. I believe it was Parvati who said in her video that "the women were chosen because they're strong players while the men are characters." The men all seem like easy choices. But, with the women, the only outright villainess I'm seeing might be Jerri Manthey.

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Ben "Coach" Wade, age 38, from Susanville, California. I don't want to talk about him. He does nothing but annoy me. He was the 11th out and 5th jury member on Tocantins. He's full of himself and needlessly "out there." While he's a legend in his own mind, he was a failure at just about every challenge in his season. I hope the first person voted out is him because he's so pitifully annoying.

Courtney Yates, age 28, originally from Boston, currently living in New York City. Courtney was the runner-up in China. She's one who isn't really such a villainy villain. I hope she's gained some weight. Whenever I think of her in her season, I see a walking skeleton in my mind.

Danielle DiLorenzo, age 26, from Boston, Massachusetts, currently living in Los Angeles. She was the runner-up in Panama. Once again, she isn't someone who screams "VILLAIN" to me. I think Parvati hit it on the nose with her comment about the women villains mainly being chosen because they're strong players. Danielle will probably do well. These women should team up and get rid of the guys ... and make it work this time. They're strong enough!

Jerri Manthey, age 38, from Los Angeles and still residing there. Now, here's the only woman who I feel was a real villain in her original season. She was the 8th person out and 2nd jury member in Australia, and 7th out in All-Stars. She had quite a bunch of brouhahas with Colby Donaldson. We can only hope for more. I doubt she'll win.

Parvati Shallow, age 27, from Atlanta, Georgia, now living in Los Angeles, California. On Cook Islands, she was the 15th out and 7th jury member. She was the winner of Micronesia. While she's definitely a bit devious with her flirtations, she's more of a smart player than a villain. She's not my favorite, but she thinks out and plays a good game. I think she could very well put in a good showing once again. I should keep count how many times it sounds like Jeff Probst is calling her "Poverty."

Randy Bailey, age 50, from Austin, Texas. He was the 11th out and 3rd jury member in Gabon. He's a bully. While I don't find him as annoying as "Coach" because he's not as whacky and doesn't get as much camera time, I don't care for him or his game. He can go. Thank you.

Boston Rob Mariano, age 33, from Boston, Massachusetts, now living in Pensacola, Florida. Husband of Survivor winner Amber, as we all know. He was the 7th out in Marquesas, and the runner-up in All-Stars. He was also on The Amazing Race. He has also used up too many fifteen minutes of fame. That said, I'd rather watch him than Coach or Randy. I don't think he's going to get really far this season. I don't think people will trust him.

Russell Hantz, age 37, from Dayton, Texas. He was the runner-up on Samoa. He's fresh in our memories and probably the most evil player since Richard Hatch. While he's the master of finding hidden idols and manipulating people in the moment, he doesn't seem to have learned a better social game plan. Loose lips and gloating cost him the million once. Will it happen again?

Sandra Diaz-Twine, age 34, from Stamford, Connecticut, now living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She was the winner of Pearl Islands. Is she really a villain? I'm just not getting that. She was tight with Rupert in her season. Her chances? I don't know -- she's against a tough crowd and she's really not too villainy. If she makes it to the merge, maybe final six.

Tyson Apostol, age 30, from Lindon, Utah, now living in Heber City, Utah. He was the 8th out and 2nd jury member in Tocantins. He looks much better in this picture than I recall him looking on the show. He's another one I don't like -- that chip on his shoulder should make him list to one side. But he is strong in challenges and the tribemates always seem to think he's entertaining. I'd rather he didn't win, though.


ML said...

Both Tyson and Randy are just mean. I don't like mean people, even for entertainment; actually,especially as a form of entertainment. I found Courtney very annoying and whiny and I don't think she even deserved to be in the final. So obviously, I don't want any of these to win. I, like many others, am a Rupert fan both on and off Survivor. Btw, what happened to Amanda and Ozzie as a couple? I never followed it afterword. Does anybody know, are they still together?

joy n said...

I can't stand Coach for exactly the same reasons you mentioned, Jackie. Never liked big egos.

Randy and Tyson are mean. Hope they're out soon.

Parvati is a strong player and I'm betting she'll be around awhile.

Sandra and Danielle were okay, I guess. Jerri I couldn't stand, even more so after her walking out on that last finale show she was on because she didn't like what was said about her. Truth hurts?

Boston Rob, I actually like. I don't even know why I do, but I do.

Russell. Hmm. Still don't like him, but have to believe he'll go pretty far. Really don't think he'll win though. Now watch, I'll end up with him in the pool. LOL!

Still wish Richard coulda been there. Just to see him and Russell play hard against each other. THAT would have been very enjoyable and I'd of been rooting for Hatch all the way. Not to win (don't want to see him trying to screw the IRS again) but just to show Hantz he's maybe not the best at this game.

My wv is shwino. I guess it's telling me not to wake up the wino? I don't know any winos.

joy n said...

PS, I'd like to know about Ozzie and Amanda too.

Jennasmom said...

Russell is going to have an advantage in this game. This all-stars show was filmed before his season aired. The other players didn't have the advantage of knowing how he played his previous game. If he keeps his big mouth shut this time, he should do well.

Margo said...

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