Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost - "Recon"

The show is starting here. As it airs, I'll be jotting some quick notes in this entry. Anyone watching (or who has watched) is welcome to join in down in the comments section.

Huh, sideways Sawyer is a cop? They're just trying to keep me lost! Miles is his buddy detective. Miles set up Sawyer with Charlotte, interesting. They fall into mad passionate lust. Oh, she found clippings that his father killed his wife.

FLocke told his flock that the smoke monster got everyone in the temple. FLocke told Sawyer he himself is the smoke monster. Ohhh, the plot thickens. He's sending Sawyer to do recon on Hydra Island. He wants to fly off with Sawyer in the plane on the island. I doubt that.

Sawyer seems to be at the giant polar bear cages,

Yikes! Claire is attacking Kate! FLocke stopped her. FLocke apologized to Kate, telling her he had told Claire the Others had Aaron.

Sawyer found the plane and the massacre site of its passengers. A women fled from nearby and he caught her. Her name is Zoey -- the plane crashed, she was away from the others, heard screaming, and they were all dead. She dragged their bodies into the pile.

Whoa! Sawyer is captured by Strangers! Maybe like Others, but Strangers (my own moniker for them). Well, welll ... it's Widmore's submarine people. Sawyer told Widmore FLocke sent him. He's trying to make a deal for himself and friends to get off the island. He'll bring FLocke to Widmore in exchange for freedom. Is he lying? I believe so.

FLocke is trying to gain Kate's trust -- before he looked like Locke, he had a crazy mother and if things were different, he wouldn't be like this. Hmmm. He says Aaron has a crazy mother, too.

Sideways Sawyer watches Little House on the Prairie and learns a life lesson about taking each day at a time and love and laughter.

Claire apologized to Kate. Sawyer tells FLocke all about Widmore and his troops. Sawyer tells him also about his "bring FLocke back so they can kill him plan." FLocke appreciates his loyalty.

Sideways Sawyer tells Miles about his father killing his mother, then himself, due to the con by Anthony Cooper. He then captures a fleeing Kate.

On the island, he tells Kate that while FLocke and Widmore are duking it out, he and Kate will escape on the sub. Next week is all about Richard ... about time!


Becky said...

Hey, Jackie. I saw the weather Monday night. That storm was brutal.

Jackie said...

Some of my coworkers are still in shelters. It was very bad.

Becky said...
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Jackie said...

If nothing else, the show keeps you guessing!

Donna in AL said...

Hi Becky and Jackie, I'm watching AI and will watch Lost at 9 tonight. Just wanted to drop by for a minute. Hope your weather is better now...we are still cloudy and cold! argh

Becky said...

Hey, Donna. It was nasty here today, too.

I can't believe how quickly the hour goes by.

Jackie said...

I'm recording the second hour of AI - watched the first. I can't miss Crystal Bowersox, my win prediction for the season.

Becky said...

Okay, I am going to bid you adieu for the night. It was a long day.

See y'all on Thursday night.

Donna in AL said...

Survivor isn't on this Thursday.

I think the key to this week's episode is Flocke's comment "If things were different". Isn't that what the sideways life is?

I hope Richard's story next week is a tell all.

Ha, my WV is "promis"

Jackie said...

I think Watership Down is a huge clue -- the book was shown and the story is similar to the show's whole concept. Rabbit anyone?

Margo said...

OT - Spring has sprung!! My 1st daffodils are blooming (my avatar is from last years blooms).


meb said...

I'm still not sure how they can explain all this by the end of the show, since they are only adding to the confusion... but I'm still luvin' it!

Have to say, my wv is: meb eza, well mebeza, but I wanted to point out the meb... that's me!

meb said...

Jackie, are we posting here for Lost or is there another post?

And also Celebrity Apprentice, are we having a spot for that?

Just askin'