Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off Topic - History Lost

Tonight is a boring television night for me. So, I'm giving you a sneak peek at something which will be more fully covered in Sunday's "That Was the Week It Was" post. The condemned building which used to provide Roofus the Cat access to the roofs on North Street in Plainfield (until the back portion of the building and roof collapsed) had a partial collapse on Tuesday. Today they tore it down. I was there with my camera for the tail end of the demolition. I included some photos taken before today's demise.


Joanie said...


Do you know the date for this season's finale of the Amazing Race?


~~Silk said...

That's too bad. It was a beautiful building once. It'll be replaced by a standard box, I guess.

olddoc said...

With typical Plainfield thoughtfulness I am sure no attempe was made to preserve the facade bricks etc. One thing the Germans did after WWII was to rebuild their towns and cities to exactly duplicate the exteriors of destroyed buildings. some of those towns were complete rubble and 20 years later they looked like 1930. The illusion was maintained and that should be part of a historic distric redevelopment.

SueGee said...

Sorry to see them tear down a part of history. (but glad they did it on your day off Jackie so you could record it for us)
I agree with olddoc! In New Orleans in the French Quarter they make you keep the front of the building to keep the neighborhood looking like it has for 100+ years.
Now are there plans to replace the old building or just leave another vacant lot?

Sue on the left coast

joy n said...

It's sad to hear of an old building falling away, but I'm concerned that we may not get to see Roofus anymore if that was his only access to "his spot" on the bldg. next door. I'd looked forward to warmer weather up your way hoping we would get more sightings of him soon. The thought of not seeing him occasionally bothers me more than a bit.

Hope he either finds another way up there or another accessible and photogenic place to pose for you (and us).

meb said...

Jackie.. a sad video, but glad you were able to capture it. It obviously won't look the same as you pass it each day on your way to work.

I too, hope that Roofus can find a place visible enough so that we can know he is well.