Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talkin' American Idol

Oh my gosh ... I hate to use the expression "jumped the shark," but it comes to mind with this season's American Idol. I don't think I can blame my doldrums with the show entirely on the contestants this year. I think the increased judges comments have made the should-be an hour show into two hours as of late. You know, while I always enjoyed the judge commentary previous seasons, now they've expanded it to way too much. I can certainly draw my own conclusions without listening to them bicker for five minutes after each contestant sings.

But there was some good in last night's show. Although I definitely respect what Usher does, I've never been an avid fan of his. That said, I think he just might have been the best "mentor" I've ever seen on the show. The advice he gave each contestant was spot on and supportive. You go, Usher!

Then there's the talent (or lack thereof). We always have someone who shouldn't be in the Top Ten. At least, in his own way, Sanjaya Malakar was entertaining enough -- the different hairdos, the personality. Tim Urban, dimples and cute grin, has the personality of a washboard and the talent of fabric softener. I'm sure Vote for the Worst and teenage kiddies will keep him on, but he needs to go far away.

I'm still really liking both Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze -- both have great distinctive voices and I could see both becoming commercially successful down the road. Lee took strides last night in his efforts to gain his confidence. That's his biggest downfall. Even Usher recognized that Lee has a remarkable and unique singing voice. Casey would be good in a country-rock kind of venue or as the front man in a rock group with an emphasis on country rock.

I'm not on the Sioban (sp?) train, nor am I enamored with any of the others. I think the youngest male, Aaron, has a beautiful voice. Yet, he doesn't have the David Archuletta cuteness about him, nor the charisma. I guess I'd like to just fast-forward this season to a Lee/Crystal showdown and hope they both do well in the future.

Your thoughts?


joy n said...

Have to say that last night's show was at least more enjoyable to watch. Crystal and Lee are two of my faves too. Casey and Michael are the only other two that have some talent but I have doubts that they'll win this.

Hope that Lee will work harder on his confidence because he can rock out. Crystal amazes me and I'm thinking she may have this in the bag, but I'm rooting just as hard for Lee to win too.

I agree that Usher was an excellent mentor. I was very impressed. I could do without teeny-bopper Miley ever again.

The rest just don't have IT. Didi, Katie and Siobhan have pitch problems every week. Andrew is too inconsistant week to week and Aaron needs a lot more practice (?) before he'll be ready. Tim is already a rock legend in his own mind with no chops to back it up. He should already be gone.

monty924 said...

I really have little to add to your comments, Jackie and to joy n's. I think you both said exactly what I've been feeling this season. I don't post much on Idol out of apathy for the show now.

Last night, I thought Big Mike, Casey, Lee and Crystal were the only ones to turn in Idol worthy performances. I liked Didi in the beginning, but now it just like nails on a chalkboard, for me, when she sings. I would have rather seen Lily in the top 10.

joy n said...

Again, Tim is saved by the vote. Unbelievable! DiDi started out pretty good but seemed to lose something somewhere. Not shocked that she's gone but I am shocked that Tim keeps getting saved. He's not very good even tho he seems to believe he is.