Sunday, April 18, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week it Was - April 18, 2010

I'm posting this latest off topic photo post from San Antonio, Texas! I'm here with a fantastic bunch of blog readers and staying at a luxury estate. Photos of that can be expected next week, along with inevitable airport shots.

I'm going to make this entry a bit short and sweet, with photos I took before heading off to Texas ...

You're leaving me?

Vincent settling into his cat condo at the pet resort. I told him he needs a vacation from me!


What's that? Don't tell me they have dogs in the kitty condos!

You're really going?

Align Center Just a violet

I'm not sure what this one is ...

Venus flytrap, maybe? No, I'm sure it's not, but it looks that way!

Poison Ivy

It does look pretty! And, no matter how much they chop it down, it keeps coming back.

I want to say hydrangea or something to that effect.

I'm better at photographing them than naming them.

Wee baby buds

Why are you looking at my butt?

Scarf Lady, meet Sweater Dude

A romance set on NJ Transit trains

Align Center
Align Center

Imagine, if you will, a picture ...

An ocean of violets in bloom ...

Animals strike curious poses ...

My apologies to Prince. Hmmm, a good caption?

1. Don't go to Texas!

2. Jaws of Death

3. Just a yawn.

North Street, Plainfield

I took this shot with the sepia filter of my old Pentax. You see, I left for work one day with my Canon which is my usual. However, its memory card was in my computer at home. Just as well, I like to play with the various filters on the camera. It's kind of like editing photos, but it takes the shot that way to begin with.

North Street with the illustrator filter on the Pentax.

East Front Street

I edited this one (taken with the Canon) to leave only bits in color.

Align Center

Even weeds have beauty

Align Center

When you miss a train, you miss it

You can't be one second late because they close the doors on you!

East Second Street billboards, edited

Well, I must get back to vacationing! How was your week?


~~Silk said...

The "hydrangea" is azalea, I believe.

Poor Vincent. He'll be so happy to see you back, no matter how luxurious his kitty-resort stay.

(WV - restr. Hope that's what you are now, a restr.)

joy n said...

Vincent looks a bit bewildered. "Hey, this isn't part of our daily routine!" I still say you need to wear some extra shoulder padding on your return. Just in case.

Pictures are delightful, as always.

Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Can't wait to see the new photos and details of the trip that you can share with us upon your return.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

I loved them all and am hoping to see some of your trip on next week's. What a week you will have to report then.

NC in GA said...

Great photos! Bless his heart; Vincent did seem to be wondering if you were really leaving him. But I'm sure he's going to be living the high life in his kitty condo! Looks like a really nice place. Hope you're having a wonderful and safe trip!

Petals said...

Beautiful photos, Ms Jackie. Vincent looked so sad.

Delee said...

Azalea's they be...what you are calling poison ivy is sumac (tree branches) not a vine. Weeds are really only weeds because they are somewhere you do not want them. At least I have been told that. If someone grows dandelions for the grocery store then they are a crop. If in your yard...a weed. Same with mustard-onions-garlic many other crops that can be harvested or a menace to your property!

Poor Vincent looks so forlorn...can you imagine how he will behave when you return! This is the 1st time you have been parted from him...correct? Poor boy!!!

Sally said...

Bet it was hard to leave Vincent, with his sad eyes following your every step. But I'm sure he's doing okay in his lovely cat condo--a nice place like that likely provides abundant kindness and pampering. (Likely the same treatment you're getting at that luxury estate.)

I love the photo of Vincent mid-yawn--taken at precisely the right nanosecond.

I look forward to next Sunday's post, filled with wonderful vacation tales and witty observations.

Sydney said...

SO funny with the prince song. And I now know what could possibly have been meant when he wrote the words An ocean of violet in bloom....

I love the third pic of Vincent LOOKING AT YOU through the window. Will be curious to see how he acts when you come back. Did he fuss when you took him there? He was so good on the train going from the place you got him to your house when typically cats don't like to travel. How was he this time?

Sydney said...

Know you are just getting back from Texas Jackie. Hope you had a great time and are relaxed or at least emotionally full and restored! In a few days, we will look forward to hearing some of how it was... and I bet you have a month of Sunday's week that was pictures!!!

Jackie said...

Trust me. That's poison ivy, not sumac. Poison ivy is three leaves, sumac many. There is also sumac growing in the area. But I'm not calling it poison ivy ... it is. Do a Google search for images. The leaves are nothing alike.

PDX Granny said...

Hey Jackie! As usual, love your pictures! I can hardly wait to see the ones you post from your trip to SA.

What looks like hydrangea to you and azalea to Silk and Deelee, looks like rhodedenderon to me.

Here's a link to a rhodie from the Rhoderdenderon Gardens in Portland.