Monday, May 10, 2010

'The Amazing Race' Aftermath

I was looking at some of the videos on the CBS website and just have to share them --


ctoan said...

Brent and Caite need to break up. There is no love between them at all.

Brandy needs to grow up. Using the U-turn isn't dirty play. You can U-turn whoever you want, whatever you want to base it on.

I didn't like that Jordan and Dan cut in line, so that soured me on them winning, when before I would have been okay with either brother team winning. It might have mentally put them ahead and given them an edge though.

I still love the cowboys. So down-to-earth. I never heard them say anything derogatory about Jordan or Carol and Brandy. I wonder how much truth was to Jordan's statement?

joy n said...

It amazes me that Brandy seems so bitter about losing and maybe more so, that Caitlin made it so far in the race. The woman needs to just let it go. Even Carole looks uncomfortable listening to some of Brandy's statements.

In a RTVW interview with the brothers, both make more statements about the cowboys "homophobia". Jet's, in particular. Don't know that I believe everything they say, tho.

Anonymous said...

The brothers did not start as my favorite team. But as my favorites were eliminated, I got to really like Dan and Jordan. Their brotherly bond and closeness is one that I admire.
I think what I liked most about them is how they treated each other more than how they treated other teams.

The cowboys were very likeable and interesting, too. I was happy the brothers won but I would have been happy had the cowboys won.

I did not like how Cate kept insulting the cab driver and calling him a dumb ass and they make some derogatory comments about other cab drivers along the way too as well. I found them so immature.


Anonymous said...

At the start if the finale I would have been happy for either of the brother teams to win, then Jordan cut in line.

It moved the cowboys up on my list. In the end the line cutting didn't help or hurt any of the teams, Dan's sweet talking the flight attendant to allow them up front for the last part of the flight gave them the edge. In the end the delay in the cowboys deciphering the text at Lucasfilm is what did them in -- they were still close at that point.

I was feeling bad for the cowboys, they were so courteous and salt of the earth type guys throughout the race; but now I've read several places that Jet called Jordan a fag at the premiere party last weekend -- in front of Jordan's mother! That is really low, much worse than cutting in line. I'd enjoyed the season so much but all of this crap at the end has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Purrbal said...

Did you actually hear Jet say that? I never heard them say bad things throughout the show. I think that what we heard should stay as heard and not repeated unless we personally witnessed what we heard otherwise it is hearsay and plain old gossip. Just a my two cents.

I personally thought it was against the rules for any team to sit in first class, my hubby and I were discussing it. We thought they should have been disqualified for it, only thing I could think that would prevent them from being disqualified was that they didn't pay for first class.

Brent McKee said...

According to the forums on Televsion Without Pity, both Brent & Caite and Brandy and Carol have broken up. Apparently Caite was at TARCON (a convention of Race fans who get together to celebrate the season finale with the actual participants) with her new boyfriend while Brent had been injured and unable to travel.

joy n said...

It doesn't surprise me that either couple broke up. Caite and Brent were obviously not happy.

Carol looked embarassed about Brandy's bitter rantings going on and on.