Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Idol Finale Rocks the House

I watched in fear and admiration as Bret Michaels sang with Casey on the American Idol finale. I know his doctors were probably aghast about him doing the show. He rocked and looked good, too. With all that's been going on with him, I've developed a new respect for the man. Well, a respect, I guess. I wasn't a fan of his at all until his Celebrity Apprentice days and his health battles.

What a night on the show! Not only would either Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze be crowned the new idol, but it's Simon Cowell's final hurrah on the show. Rock stars from the 70s were dredged up from wherever they've been all these years -- Hall and Oates, Chicago, Alice Cooper, Joe Cocker, and more. Joe Cocker looked like a real pale Fred Sanford playing a pirate. Janet Jackson, Cristina Aquilera, and every contestant ever on the show. Well, some were missing. I didn't see Corey Clark there, did you? Paula and Simon reunited and it felt so good.

The real shocker other than Bret's amazing performance was that Lee DeWyze won. I've been on the Lee train since early in the show, saying all along that there was something about his voice I like. But I like Crystal Bowersox, too. I think she's very special and has an incredible voice. I thought it would definitely be a Bowersox win, but nope. Lee got it! They'll both do well in their careers.

You don't have to win Idol to get a career jump start from it. In local news here, Diana DeGarmo is now starring in Hair on Broadway. I saw the announcements for ticket sales for the Jordin Sparks concert tour this summer.

I'm going to miss Simon on the show and, while I'll give the next season a shot, it won't be the same.

What do you think of the finale?



Lars said...

I am glad Lee won, I also was happy to see Brett Michaels win CP.

Jennasmom said...

I really thought Crystal was consistently better & should have won, but I really liked Lee, too. They'll both do well.

I don't see either of them being another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, however.

I will miss Simon. The voice of truth!

Cha Cha said...

Its been a long time since I posted since I only usually comment on BB.
I have watched Idol since season one. This year I wanted Crystal to win because she has the better voice. Lee is good I don't want to knock him.
Lee is the better marketable person left of the two.
I will definetly buy Crystals albun but she really isn't a pop singer. I think they can market Lee as pop and rock.
Now I only have a little more than a month till BB...Can't wait. See yall soon. Maybe I will jump in the pool this summer finally!

Anonymous said...

No Clay or Daughtry either.

Sista said...

Some peeps just dont get it.....this is what some peeps want which is Lee hummm...but the catch is ...Mamasox wins in the end...she has been seen, heard, and watched by millions...hummm you think ...some body just like alot of us know she wins out in the long run....girl watch out here comes that big contract which is well deserved and more... cause you got it going on sista!!!!!

cha cha said...

It is so true that not only the "winnder" wins out. Look at Ruben(sp). Clay made more money than him.
Daughtry wasn't in the final two and has had a massive career.
The Soul Patrol hasn't done much lately and was dropped from his label.
MAMASOX will be someone because she is great. I think she will be like an Alanis, who she sang with last night. She can do limited genres and still win!!! Wouldn't be suprised to see her on next years show as someone who comes back with a gold album

SueGee said...

David Cook was AWOL too - but I read he was doing a benefit for a cancer group so he was excused!

I really loved the show last night, and like it when the integrate the contestants with the stars...

Loved the hot rocker chic playing the red guitar. Found out she is an Aussie and I think we will be hearing more of her.


Anonymous said...

Lee and Crystal were both signed to contracts yesterday. Lee with RCA and Crystal with JIVE records.