Sunday, May 30, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - 5/30/10

Sunday morning is upon us once again. Gee, it seems like this happens every week at this time! Go figure. What it means for me (and anyone reading this) is that it's time for me to take an off TV topic look back at the week gone by in words and photographs I've taken.

It's the Memorial Day holiday weekend and lots of folks are hitting the shore here in New Jersey (going down the shore, as they say), but I'm only a Jersey shore person when others aren't. I like the shore during stormy winter days, off season, and away from the sweaty crowds. I'm also a bit leery about swimming in the ocean since a rip tide at Jones Beach snagged me back in the early 80s. It took me away a good two hundred yards, almost drowned me and wrenched my arm in back of me so hard I thought it broke. It didn't. But my will to swim in the ocean has been broken ever since that incident.

I actually have two days off in a row from my workplace, an oddity for me. I plan to stay in today, catching up on some chores and watching TV shows I've recorded. Oh. I must give Vincent some quality time, too. That could mean anything from running around the apartment playing with him to sitting reading a book while he conks out on my lap or shoulder. Silly cat! It's supposed to be very hot with high humidity today, not my favorite weather to be out and about.

My living situation sans the landlord seems just about the same as when he was here. The elevator, not working for a month before the bank booted the landlord, hasn't been working. I came home one day through the front door of the building and immediately trudged up the stairs only to pass the elevator with its door open and fan blowing on my floor. Yay! The next morning, I gathered my trash to take out on my way to work only to find the door still open, yet the elevator car sitting about two feet low. Sigh. Now it's all closed up and turned off once again.

The elderly woman from upstairs had some sort of operation and is in the nursing home/rehab center across the street -- the one I was set to go to with my knee replacement rehab, but didn't go. They won't let her out until the elevator is fixed. I plan to visit her tomorrow.

Onto the photos I took during the week ... clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window:

New batch of deadly nightshade

This is on Church Street in Plainfield, NJ. The blossoms are tiny, but I wouldn't suggest eating them. I took the shot on the way to the train station after a night of rain.

Beauty in weeds

This was taken at the Bridgewater Train Station (NJ). It's not quite a clover, I don't think. The plants are fairly tall and quite rampant.

Spotted Knapweed

Also taken at the Bridgewater Train Station. I edited this photo to leave only the spotted knapweed in color while also muting the background some.

The return of the stinkhorn mushrooms

These popped up overnight in Bridgewater. No, I'm not going to smoosh that icky stuff on their ends. I'll take the word of the Internet that they smell like rotting carrion.


As I was walking to the train, I saw a flash of color. A quick shot and he was gone. I edited the shot, leaving only the cardinal in color. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Supermarket cacti

I swear this is the same cactus I saw growing wild all over Texas when I was there. I took this at Supremo Supermarket on East Front Street in Plainfield. They have a great produce department full of all kinds of Latino, Jamaican, and other ethnic favorite fruits and vegetables. I wouldn't know how to prepare cacti for consumption. All the card in front of it said was "Product of Mexico." Um. Okay.

Blue-eyed Grass

Thanks to Bernice, I now know what this cute little flower is! The shot I took of them last week was in bright sunshine. A cloudy day makes the colors turn out much more vibrant. Bridgewater Train Station.

New recruit

This young robin doesn't fly well yet. He kind of hopped/flew away from me, yet I shot him anyway.

Grown robin

Oh my, nowhere near as cute, eh? Plainfield Train Station.

Not the weekday crowd

I worked this past Sunday and noticed the crowd heading to Newark/New York City is much different from the business suit folks of the weekday mornings. Plainfield Train Station.

North Street Demolition Site

It's coming along. They've filled in the basement and have sealed the wall. Although someone other than the city of Plainfield owns the property, this is MY proposal for what should be done. I think grass should be planted, perhaps a small flower garden, too. Benches. And, people (artistic ones, not me) should paint a huge mural of what the block USED to look like on the side of building on the right of the cavity. On the left, perhaps a sunny scene with children playing? Anything is better than a plain wall and gap.

Mr. Lee in his Sunday Best

Well, he told me it's his pimp suit, but he was coming from church. The pants match and he's even wearing white shoes while showing off a pink Bic lighter. My downstairs neighbor -- he usually wears jeans, sweatshirts, or overalls. Plainfield, NJ.

My Elite Bus

Yep, it's my tour bus! Okay ... it's not. I saw it parked at the ball stadium in Bridgewater, NJ.

Flower in the rain

Vincent pays homage to Kliban Cats

I came home on Friday to find a little mouse body in one spot with its head a foot away. Who could have done this crime? Why, Vincent, Jaws of Death! Now, the exterminator was just in the building on Monday, so I'm glad the mouse was just brutally murdered and beheaded, not eaten. Thankfully, it's hardwood floors, not carpet. But I really want this to stop. While Vincent might think it's the best toy ever, I'm not into killing or having dead little bodies in my apartment. However, when I saw the mouse, I couldn't do anything other than think of Kliban Cats and the blues song. Although B. Kliban (a true cat genius artist) passed on some years back, his website lives on. And, it's on the domain. Heh.

How was your week? Doing anything exciting this holiday weekend?


Delee said...

"Beauty in Weed" is actually Crown Vetch. It is used along highways to cover banks and hold them where they should be. CV is a great erosion preventer. A farm below ours used to raise it for the seed for the govt. Trouble is once you get it growing where you do not want it---look out it will take over.

I agree about the walls of the houses to be painted with scenes. On a drive thru parts of Philadelphia they are everywhere and add to the atmosphere.

No plans for the holiday, just chill out and do items inside and out. Going to the All-Clad sale(scratch and dents) below Pittsburgh next Thur/Fri. Need to conserve $ for that!

Ever since Jaws, I am leery of the ocean. I want to see what is what, but will walk mid-calf along the shore. Love watching how storms affect the ocean and the crashing waves.

Remember our fallen soldiers this weekend and may your BBQ's be tasty!!!

ML said...

Jackie we are showing our age haha. I have always loved Kliban cats- I still have towels, mugs, Christmas ornaments, pillowcases and other assorted doodads. The hysterical portrayals still make me laugh.

Sally said...

Rip tides are so scary--like an unseen presence in the ocean that just grabs you. I've never experienced one, but your incident at Jones Beach sounds truly frightening.

I continue to enjoy your weekly That Was the Week posts. Mr. Lee looks like he has a lot of personality. Really like the photo of the Blue-Eyed Grass--my favorite part of the color spectrum. And Vincent's homage to Kilban Casts is very clever.

Hope you and Vincent are enjoying spending the day together!

By the way, Jackie, I'm curious: Were you happy with the Lost finale? Or disappointed? I didn't watch the series after the first couple of episodes, but some friends who did watch regularly had quite divergent reactions to the last show, so I'm curious about your opinion.

Anonymous said...

B. Kliban kept me and my son and daughter laughing through hard times. The first time I saw one, it made me laugh till tears came. They are part of our family lore.

Lisanne said...

Hi everyone. Very off topic: Thursday morning my TIVO recorded some strange channel that only comes in during the wee hours of the night. An episode of Cold Case Files "Deju Vu; Secret in the Well". I was only half watching it when wham, shades of Big Brother past.

When does the new season start?

Laurie said...

You now have me researching blue flower grass ... I love that color! I'm with Sally, that's my favorite color spectrum.

Your Mr Lee's blue is b.r.i.g.h.t. He does look like a good man. How wonderful that people just allow you to take their pictures!

Hope it's a mouse-free Sunday for you and a lazy day for both you and Vincent. I plan to read and sew and help a neighbor learn Excel.

Thinking of my late dad, a Marine, and all the other people who kept and continue to keep our country free.

Laurie said...

Lisanne, Here's what I found out about BB12:
The summer reality hit BIG BROTHER premieres Thursday, July 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. The new cast will be announced at a later date.

BIG BROTHER will be broadcast three nights per week: Wednesdays, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, beginning July 14); the LIVE eviction show hosted by Julie Chen on Thursdays (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT, beginning July 15) and Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, beginning July 11).

TerryinCA said...

Jackie I always love your newsy trips around town and photo's and stories...keep it up.
We had a great Memorial Day weekend, I had both my kids here and we were kept so busy we all collapsed last night. We got up early to hug Steve goodbye..he rode his Harley back up to Watertown NY.
I enjoyed our township was so good to be in a small town environment.

I think you will be changing your header because Lost and Heroes are off...what will your tag line be?

Thanks for all the good work you do!

Sydney said...

well at least you had a sense of humor about it. I just love that last cartoon/pic!

ATE this weekend, and worked at home a lot. oxoxo

RJM in SC said...

Hi all,
Great pictures as always Jackie. Can hardly wait for Big Brother. Love that show and the comradrie here. Have a question for you. I am to have rotator cuff surgery soon and was wondering if anyone here has had it done and what kind of recovery time am I looking at? the doctor was very evasive when I asked him. thanks for any input.

Jackie said...

Sally - Regarding the Lost series finale ... hmmm. I wasn't thrilled, but I wasn't in the uproar I saw some fans in, either. A lot of questions about the island were left unanswered and will provide reasons for speculation for years to come. But, everybody died. Oh, well.

TerryinCA - Gonna have to think about changing that, huh? I haven't decided yet.

RJM in SC - A friend of mine had rotator cuff surgery last year. She was out of work for about three months (her job was fairly physical with lifting and moving and she couldn't return light duty). I'd say less for an office job. It sounded like I was with my knee replacement for how hard you have to work at physical therapy for a good result. Now, a year afterwards, she's doing just fine. Cool scar! ;-)

RJM in SC said...

thanks for the information Jackie

Sally said...

Thanks for sharing your reaction to the Lost finale, Jackie.

James said...

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