Sunday, May 23, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - May 23, 2010

Another Sunday, another off TV topic look back at the week gone by in words and photographs I've taken. Tonight is the big Lost series finale. At about 7 PM ET, I'll be getting a post up for those who want to comment on the show. Since it's probably going to be the kind of show I seriously have to watch, not blog and watch, I won't be blogging it per se. But I'll be commenting during commercials.

Hmmm ... trying to remember the week. Huh. I guess nothing really exciting happened. It's strange with both The Amazing Race and Survivor finished up for the season. Letterman has been having on great guests for May Sweeps, but that will be over soon.

I almost got a snake photo this week, but he moved too quickly. It's amazing how fast they can go without legs. I didn't even notice him almost underfoot until he zoomed away. Oh, it wasn't a big snake, nor was it a dangerous snake. My guess would have been a small garter snake.

Work is still hectic. I really wish that would stop. Home life is still the same as it has been. Although the landlord lost the building and the bank took it over, we still have an inoperable elevator. Someone (don't know who) is still cleaning the hallways daily. Vincent and I still hear mice in the walls, but none have been caught by Vincent lately.

There have been a lot of shootings in my town lately. They've been concentrated on the other side of town away from where I live, supposedly some kind of gang war going on. No one has died, so they can't be too good with guns. It makes me appreciate my neighborhood all that much more, though. If fools driving into parked cars are the most prolific crimes in the 'hood, I guess that's not bad at all.

Onto the photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Bird on a branch

Most of the dead tree the birds used to sit on came crashing down with high winds over the winter, but a bit remains. Of course, he's probably a sentry in the war against mankind. Bridgewater, NJ

Not a thistle

Nope, it's soft. It's a spotted knapweed. Sometimes weeds can be pretty ... even when they're classified as "invasive species."

Suspicious Acts, NJ

Next stop! Is the man suspicious? Or, could he be phoning in a suspicion? Maybe he's reporting ME! Aboard the NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line train waiting for a train to go by on the other track due to track construction, then we switched to their track. They were obviously more important than us.

So, what's wrong with these tracks?

Most of the wooden ties on my regular work route have been replaced with concrete-ish pieces. Taken out the window while at Suspicious Acts.


They really need to heal these billboards. It's odd that "heal" is just about the only word visible between the two. East Second Street, Plainfield.

Wet Bridgewater Bunny

He was just sitting there in the rain at the train station. Alas, my flash went off making his eye glow. I hate that.

Yeah, yeah ... it's still spring

Look! John Oates of Hall & Oates!

Er, maybe it's just a dude riding NJ Transit. People really shouldn't sleep near me on the train.

Still spring

Yes, I messed with this

North Street in Plainfield gets a clean sweep. I hear a new broom sweeps clean, yet they re-elected the previous mayor.

The Berckman Street Bunny

This is the rabbit I first started photographing last December. He's now on the other side of the street at the corner of Berckman and East Front. New people have moved into that house after it sat vacant for a while. They saw me taking pictures and told me that it seems to be living under the deck you see there. It comes to their door for food and munches their lawn.

They too think it was once someone's pet. If you compare it with the wild rabbit photo above, different colors, different face and ear shapes. Plus, he's HUGE. He has to be a Vincent and a half! Plainfield, NJ.

Yay, ticketed!

On East Fourth Street near Watchung Avenue, the garages have been parking disassembled cars on the street on whim. Two ticketed here. Now, let them ticket the vehicles constantly blocking the sidewalk at the same businesses. Across the street, the Plainfield Auto Body place is totally vacant and shut down.

In the sun under the moon while on a wire.

More weeds

I haven't a clue what these are. Growing along a fence on Church Street in Plainfield.

A Squirrel in the Sun

East Front Street, Plainfield

No, I won't pose! I want catnip!

Vincent is having a moment.

How was your week?


Delee said...

I think we know why your trains have been late now. A track closure for repairs. We love it when Spring and Summer arrive BUT then we get construction and repairs that slow everything down. When driving I see the large "Cauction Cauction Caution" flashing and know a low speed is ahead. I always say those 3 words out loud. No I am not mental!!!
With AR and S over we have hit pause but new shows starting up soon.

Great pics per usual and Vincent's green eyes, love em!

Anonymous said...

The blue flower is Blue-eyed Grass, the white one is Bladder Campion. My Blue-eyed Grass disappeared one winter. It is very small but strikingly photogenic. Unfortunately, its leaves do look like grass and it can get weeded out of the garden by accident.
All this talk about Lost makes me want to see the whole series if I ever get a chance. I am about 20 years behind on TV-watching.

Sydney said...

ALmost looks like Vincent is looking up a the squirrel, with designs on catching him too, I imagine!

Laurie said...

I'm loving the bunny pics. That second one is certainly a domestic rabbit. I love that he has a family taking care of him. I see the bunny knocking on the door asking "what's for breakfast, doc?"