Sunday, June 06, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - June 6, 2010

It's Sunday morning. That means it's time to settle in with a cup of coffee, an old Law and Order episode on TNT in the background, and get to posting my look back on the week gone by in words and photographs I've taken. It hasn't been a great week for me. I'm SO not a heat and humidity kind of person and that's what the weather has been like all week. I also had some sort of stomach bug during the week, gah!

Huh. The actor who played Bunk (Wendell Pierce) on The Wire is playing a Nigerian on the old L&O episode, accent and all. I know I haven't been writing a lot about TV as of late. Of course, that will change come Big Brother! I have been watching a few shows -- So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. Both of those are still in their beginning phases. I also found THE BEST alternate ending for Lost -- it's Vincent's dream!

On the home front things are same old, same old. The elevator still isn't working. I still have annoying neighbors on the one side. I finally met the guy on the other side (the bedroom in that apartment is up against my bedroom wall). I knew someone has been living in there for months, but never hear any noise. He's pleasant enough and seems to work all the time.

At least he's not like the children raising children on the other side -- no one works there, boyfriends come on their bicycles (yes, you heard me, bicycles), doors slam all the time, people argue, people party, children scream. Sigh. I don't even know who all lives there. The children I know. I know them because they keep playing in the hallway and their mother(s) haven't a clue where they are. I'm talking under five years old. They're not bad kids, but I fear for their future. It's sad that I hope they aren't paying their rent (or share thereof since no one works) and get the boot.

The other apartment was vacant for months after the last tenant left. I still have memories of her as I bought the TV she had purchased for her adult son with developmental needs. He didn't like it, nor understand the controls. I found that he had accidentally set parental controls on it and, while he had some issues, he didn't want to watch children channels. But he already had another TV by then and I now had a brand new larger one for $75 from them. That's my "good" TV these days.

Oh well, I've fussed and moaned enough ... onto the photos for the week, clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Monday was Memorial Day

My father served in WWII, my grandfather served in WWI sneaking in underage, then re-upped for WWII. Although I'm an anti-war kind of person (there really have to be better ways to solve problems!), I salute all of those who have risked or lost their lives to protect our freedom.

Pigeon Mutt

Looking like Heinz 57, this pigeon has a conglomeration of patterns and colors. It's like he doesn't know if he wants to be brown, black, gray or iridescent purple.


Flowers get all the attention, but I enjoy a good weed bloom now and then, too. Since I don't personally have a lawn, I don't need to pull them!

Plainfield Rescue Squad

Now, why couldn't I have gotten this shot when I pitched the plea for donations? Of course, it looks like a pedestrian with no feet or hands is trying to climb in. The man has no neck! (Tell me what film that's from!) East Front Street, Plainfield.

Potted Flowers

A Wild Animal!

What is it? A bear? A badger? A bobcat? Oh. A groundhog. Move along, nothing to see here.

Future Sunflowers

Those leafy plants on the right will be my sunflower photo fodder before long. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Honeybee on a flower

These flowers are on the edge of my neighbor's lawn. The honeybees seem to like them. I haven't seen many bees yet this season -- an occasional wasp or hornet, a few carpenter bees, and (oddly enough) more honeybees than anything else. Last year they were talking about the severe decrease in honeybees. Go figure. I'm still allergic, I'm sure.

Early Morning at the Train Station

Another hot day dawns at the Plainfield Train Station.

It's MY Ramp!

Yes, I lay claim to the ramp. It's mine. Plainfield Train Station.

Vincent looking inquisitive

He sees something. He hasn't been staring at the radiator, so hopefully the mice are gone. He did freak out when a fly got in the apartment. Sheesh! Knocked over a lamp and all! It didn't break, but it took a while before I figured out what was going on. My protector. He's really a great cat. To think he would have probably been euthanized at New York City Animal Care and Control because he's "older." But he lives the good life now -- cat treats, cat toys, food, water, shoulder, lap, bed and affection.

How was your week?


Delee said...

Wait until you get a moth in your apt. Vincent will go crazy. Starry does when she scares one out of the grass and can not figure out where it has gone.

Maybe your noisy neighbors do not pay rent and live off the taxpayers! If so you are stuck with them!

My idea of war is to put the two leaders in a room and who ever walks out wins. Bet there would be fewer armed wars! I have had this idea for years.

I am under a tornado watch until
3pm, just great!

Bernice said...

That yellow flower is one of my favorite weeds, Moth Mullein. You can see an amazing set of colors if you look at each part. The buds are funky too. They kind of look like a clever Japanese gift wrap before they open.

Jackie said...

Bernice - You're a botanical encyclopedia! I somehow knew you'd know the weed.

Delee - I'm sure the annoying neighbors are Section 8 tenants as no one seems to work. People come and go there, too. So, I'm not sure who all is supposed to be living there! If they're Section 8, they pay a small portion of the rent and we pay the rest. Everyone else on my floor and wing works or is retired. It's amazing how much quieter everyone else is when they don't spend the days and nights partying.

Yep, tornado watch for Pennsylvania and Sullivan County in NY until 3 PM. Some storm watches, possibly tornado ones, will probably hit here a bit later.

Sally said...

You get some beautiful sky-scape pictures, Jackie. Really like the picture of Early Morning at the Train Station

I agree that war is never the best solution to a problem. I used to think that there'd be fewer wars if more women were in charge of those decisions, but I'm not so sure anymore. I do believe you can support the warrior without supporting the war.

Love getting a weekly Vincent update. Bet he'd rank "shoulder" first on that "good life" list.

Delee said...

All this warning today and the sun shone most of the day. Winds were high and we only had a sprinkling!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and can not wait for BB to start. Food Networks, the Next Food Network Star starts tonight at 9p for 2 hours!

Laurie said...

The morning sky wins my vote this week. Soon it will be the sunflowers!

Delee, I watched Food Network Star on your time. It was on at 6 here on cable so we watched it while we ate dinner. Good show!

Delee said...

Laurie, they seem to be more novice than the chefs on Top Chef. They got rid of the right one in my book.

Ike Diamonds said...
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Laura in Miss. said...

I'm just catching up on reading. This is a little late, but to answer your question: Rocky Horror Picture Show! "Where's your neck?" Love it!