Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Closer Look at the TAR Teams - Part 1

The teams for The Amazing Race seem a bit different from past seasons. I'd say they're still trying to get away from the alpha male teams who seem to take over the wins. That's good and it's bad, too. While I never liked an alpha male advantage, I often enjoyed teams like the cowboys and the hippies. Now, in a way, it's more fair for all ages and physical abilities, but I found the challenges a bit less challenging. Oh, well ... it's still guaranteed to be a whirlwind trip.

The CBS videos of the first five teams and a brief commentary from me follows. I'll do the second five teams tomorrow. LifeGuard Laurie is still taking names for the blog pool, but get your name in soon!

Andie and Jenna: I'm not quite sure the show is really the place to make such an important relationship introduction -- often teams who have a fantastic relationship have rocky times on the show. I hope they do well as it's all noble on each of their parts. I guess we'll see.

Brook and Claire: Hmmm. They definitely have spunk. I think they might be entertaining and do fairly well. I don't ever watch any home shopping networks (my idea of home shopping is going to amazon.com), so I have no clue who these two are even if they think they're celebrities. I was a bit turned off in the bio section for Brooke (the blond) when she said "I already earn a six figure salary and I'm in my twenties." Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm never a fan of the "needy" people on reality shows. But the bragging about how much one earns is a bit a bit rude in my eyes.

Chad and Stephanie: Oh my. They've known each other for eight months, been together for five months and have already bought a house. Impulsive much? I'm getting the feeling this might be a team you love to hate -- he's a yeller and she's emotional. Maybe we'll hate him and be irked by her, I don't know.

Connor and Jonathan: I guess this is my local team, the Princeton Boys. I don't think they quite qualify as an alpha male team in the sense of others in the past. But Connor was the student body president of his class and both must have some brights. I think they're going to be very entertaining if they hang in there. I want to see them burst into song! Jonathan (with the glasses) is from nearby Cranford, NJ. I guess he's going to burst the Jersey Shore Jersey stereotype. Sheesh, and we were trying to keep that a secret than NJ is mostly not the stereotype!

Gary and Mallory: The father and daughter team -- he's the "old guy" of the race at 53 (yet more physically involved in stuff than many twenty-somethings) and she's Miss Kentucky and came in 4th in the Miss USA pageant. They seem quite likable. Perhaps she's the girl for Lane from BB12, shooting an 8-point buck as a small child! What do you think? I do believe they might have a better shot at the win than some of the father/daughter teams in the past.

Part two tomorrow!


Lifeguard Laurie said...

Here are the current TAR Pool People
1. Becky
2. Ben
3. Brent McKee
4. Buzzmaam
5. Caela
6. Delee
7. dla
8. Donna in AL
9. Donna in FL
11. Dusty
12. Jackie
13. JennasMom
14. Joy n
15. Karen in CA
16. lisanne
17. Lars
18. Laurie
19. Lynn1
20. Margo
21. meb
22. ML
23. Monty924
24. Nana of the NW
25. PDX Granny
26. RBennie
27. Sally
28. SharonS
29. SueGee (in the left coast)
30. Sydney
31. Terry in CA
32. Zoetawny

If you aren't on the list and you want to be, please email me thru my profile and I'll throw you in!
Pool ends Friday at 9pm left coast time.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Well, Jackie, I agree that TAR is not the best place for a birthparent and adult child to get to know each other. I speak from experience as a happily reunited birthparent. This is a very emotional event and takes time and tenderness ... even under the best of circumstances. I wish them luck but I wish they would have waited to do this.

~~Silk said...

"An 8-wing buck"? Is that a local Kentuckyism?

joyn said...

Brook is a talkative girl, isn't she? She didn't seem too sympathetic when her friend got smashed with that melon either.

Another beauty queen....sigh.

Can't wait to see the Princeton boys in action.

Thinking Chad and Stephanie will be the "fighting" couple this season.

Hope the reunited mom and daughter make it thru this in a good place inre to their relationship.

monty924 said...

****Totally OT*****

If my blog friends could send prayers my mothers way, I would appreciate it. This blog has healing powers in more ways than one, and our prayers have worked healing powers many times over the years.

Mom has been in the ICU for two days, on a ventilator. The vent came out tonight... or rather last night, but she is definitely not stable, out of the woods, or ready to come home.

Will probably miss blogging Survivor this week with you. My priorities are with my mommy, and I know many of you understand.

It's nice to spend a night in your own bed, even it is only for a few hours. I'm lucky to have a large family who all fill in for each other, standing watch, while one or the other goes home to get some rest. Resting not in an ICU waiting room on a hospital recliner while another sibling sits at her bedside.

My watch will begin again shortly, but for now... I'm going to bed in my own bed.

Thanks for any prayers you can give. Monty

joyn said...

Monty, you and your mom are in my prayers today. So sorry to hear that she is ill. Keep yourself rested and strong.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Monty, your mom and your family are in my prayers.

ML said...

Monty, my heart and prayers are with you, more than you know.

RBennie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom Monty. She is in my prayers. Please keep us posted when you can.

Becky said...

Monty, my prayers have been added for your Mom. Please keep us posted.

Donna in AL said...

Oh my, Monty, you certainly have many prayers coming your mom's way. I'll also say prayers for you and the rest of your family.

Jennasmom said...

Praying for your mom & for you. Please keep us informed & remember we are here for you.

Margo said...

Monty - I am sending healing peaceful thoughts you and your Mom's way.

PDX Granny said...

Monty, you couldn't have said it better when you said this blog has healing powers. It has been proved over and over again. Your mom is surrounded by the prayers from Jackie's group, as are you and your family.

This is a hard time for you all. I pray for healing for your mom, and calm, restful peace for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

The birth mother/daughter will be an interestingt team to watch. Though probably should have picked an easier route to get to know each other.

The couple that has been together for such a short time will be entertaining because I expect major drama between each other and the other teams. He comes off like a jerk, and she a bit flighty.

The two young singers from Princeton ARE SO YOUNG. You aren't going to tell anyone we're from Princteon? Why? You know who thinks Princeton's a big deal? You! Princeton is a great school, and I applaud your scholastic achievements, but no one would consider what school you attended a threat. It will be more interesting to me to watch them failing at trying not to sing or talk about Princeton every time the camera is on them. They are just so young! My mom will love these guys.

The Home Shopping celebrities. We are here to show that we are more than... Than what? Home shopping celebrities? Whenever anyone announces that they are there to prove something... I stop listening. Put up or shut up. And you don't need the money? Okay, I say TAR immediately takes the money off the table for them. You can play, you can win, but no money. Let's see what their reply would be to that.

The Dad and the beauty pageant contestant. The Dad will be much more fun to watch than the pageant girl. I do not watch pageants. I do not think much of them. Again, put up or shut up. I am not impressed by a sash. And talking about how 'hard' it is being MISS whatever does nothing to endear you to me. If you were to enter and win a contest that didn't provide scholarships, and prizes and was not based solely on looks, I would be more impressed. In the meantime, if I really want to watch a pageant (which I don't), I will watch Miss Hawaiian Tropic. At least, there's no pretense involved in it.

Rereading my comments, I realize how snarky they sound, but my first reactions remain the same. What's a reality show without entrants that bring out this reaction? I look forward to the next batch of racers!


RBennie said...

Well no instant favs for me out of this first group. My inclination is to root for the birth mom/daughter team, but running the Amazing Race together as a way to get to know each other just totally boggles my mind!

ML said...

Hahahaha oh Ben, I love it. Just what I needed about now. Snarky? No, mockingly malicious!

meb said...

Monty... I'm so sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. I hope it gives you comfort to remember, that when Jesus walked among us on earth, He took special care to nurture those who were sick. I pray that He will hold your mom close now as she makes her way to healing. And I want you to know that I'll be holding you close, too, in my thoughts and prayers.

Brent McKee said...

I can't watch any of these videos because I'm Canadian. Sigh.

Sydney said...

(((Monty))) I hope you will see this as I am adding it a day or so after you wrote. I really got the sense from what you wrote of what you and your sibs have been through. I totally understand.

A ventilator sounds scary. I guess her getting off of it means good things, even if she has yet to stabilize. I am sending love and healing her way and your way, and wish for you that you find continued strength. If you have others in the family who can trade off, it means so many good things. You have a support system, you are not doing it all alone. And of course, you have us :-) As is evidenced by how many have jumped in with their prayers.

xoxoxo Please check back in to let us know how you are. We'll be checking back in to see too!

monty924 said...

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers this week. They pulled me and my mother and family through some very hard days. We gave her a fighting chance with the ventilator and the rest we left up to God.

She's with God now and we will always share a special day now, together. 924

Peace to my blog friends and thank you again for all of the prayers. They gave me three more wonderful days with my best friend. God bless you all!

Buzzmaam said...

Monty, I'm so sorry about your mother. I just lost mine last week. I miss her...

I hope the thoughts and prayers of your family and friends give you comfort and strength.