Sunday, September 19, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - September 19, 2010

Yes, indeedy ... it's Sunday, time for my weekly reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. Alas, I have no really cool people commentary for you like I did last week with the jury adventure. This past week was the Big Brother wrap-up and then a minor collapse for me. I'm still not used to getting up way early and staying up much too late as I did for the last three months.

I'm in a bit of a television lull right now as far as shows I write about. Since this is a Sunday night without a show I must watch for either the blog, TV Squad or CliqueClack TV, I'm going to head into the city for at least a few hours. While the Feast of San Gennaro is going on in Little Italy, I believe I'll skip that -- it's a big crowd and much too many tasty fatty foods.

Instead, I'm going to take two cameras (count 'em, two) and head to Central Park. Every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, there's the Skate Circle going on. When I last attended, I didn't have digital cameras and I skated. The absolute last time I went there, I pulled a groin muscle. I think it's a lot safer to go armed with cameras instead of skates! It's definitely great photo and video fodder and entertaining whether you skate or not.

Oh, I'm talking roller skating -- both old school quad skates (like mine) and inline. They have a section of the park set up on Skater's Road with a DJ pumping disco music and it's a grand ol' party. Today's weather should be perfect for observing and skating. Roller skating and skiing addictions are probably why I have knee issues today.

Ack! It's been 29 years since I saw the Simon and Garfunkel concert in Central Park, then the next year at the now-defunct Shea Stadium? I cannot be that old!

This past week not only was the end of Big Brother, but it was indeed my birthday. I want to thank everyone who sent donations to the blog and cards -- hopefully I'll get my personal thanks out to everyone during the week. It's not that I'm not appreciative; I just tend to get overwhelmed a bit with covering the show and working full time at the same time.

Let's see ... what else? Oh, I know! On Thursday, late in the afternoon, it all of a sudden got black as night outside and a tremendous, yet brief, storm passed through. I had to quickly jump up and close the windows as rain was blowing in sideways. That same storm intensified as it passed through Elizabeth and Bayonne, then hit Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens ... and spawned tornadoes. Yikes! It only lasted about ten or fifteen minutes.

Onto the photos I took during the week -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window. I've been trying all week to get monarch butterflies (now in migration) or this egret which I see daily from the train, but no luck. It's been too windy to focus well on the butterflies and the train motion keeps making the egret a blur. I will get them!

Don't distract me while I'm texting!

She probably resents the actual human interaction. Folks are so addicted to texting every minute. I'm glad I have a "dumb" phone and texting takes more of an effort. I don't think I want to be in touch with the world every single minute. I don't know who these folks talk to and text at all hours of the day. Plainfield Train Station.

Hiding behind the flowers

A home on East Second Street in Plainfield is currently hiding behind a wall of flowers.

A call and a cup of joe

Again, at the Plainfield Train Station. I found all the lines in this shot eye-catching.

Uh-oh. They're plotting.

Obviously a summit meeting of the pigeons while atop the Chotola apartment building on North Street in Plainfield.

I will puff my neck up and threaten you!

Usually the puffed-neck routine is a mating thing. But this particular pigeon seemed to be using it to intimidate his fellow birds of a feather. Plainfield Train Station.

Whazzat? It's a CAT!

I spotted this feral (?) cat in a church lawn on East Front Street in Plainfield. It's really not a good place for a cat to roam as it's a main drag street in town. Although it looks like he's looking at me, he's staring elsewhere and could care less about the human with the camera. What's he staring at?

I am NOT a rabbit. I'm a statue!

Yep, there's the cat's target -- a rabbit almost the size of the cat, frozen in place on the church lawn. The rabbit seems to know the cat is staring at him and, while I got a bit close, I didn't want to make him bolt. I didn't want both the rabbit and the cat to run into the busy street in rush hour. I still think it's great that we have wild rabbits in my city neighborhood. They're much cuter than opossums.

Working for a living.

Three men await the train in Plainfield. For some reason, I believe two might work together and who knows what the third does?

Feeding time?

I wish I had this camera with its ability to zoom in the Roofus the Cat days on this roof. I can even pick up the details on the paint from the train station platform. North Street in Plainfield.

Birds not a feather together!

I guess available food destroys their need to segregate themselves by type. Either that or they're working together to take over the world. Gulp! North Avenue in Plainfield.

I didn't do it!

No, I didn't break the windows, but it makes for good photo fodder. In an alley off of Watchung Avenue in Plainfield. I like decrepit.

Every rose has its thorns ...

After the rain, a rose on East Front Street glistens with raindrops.

The Plainfield Police Department memorial.

Here's the memorial, still from across the street, but this time in the daylight. It's interesting to see folks pause to read it, even those who probably can't read in English. It's an attractive and well designed tribute. It would be great if no more names are ever added. Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.


My allergies have kicked up in the past few weeks. I blame stuff like this. Note the bug. Why does there always have to be a bug? I mean, if I'm deliberately shooting the bug, it's one thing. But sometimes I want no bug in my photo.

Okay, NOW I'm shooting a bug!

I believe it's a stink bug. That's their defense -- they stink when you smoosh 'em. They don't stink when you shoot 'em with a camera and they do pose well.

The stinkhorns also use the smelly defense

I've noticed they lose their reddish-orange color as the season goes on. Still, a huge bunch will pop up overnight and droop as the day wanes on.

Do you have anything for me?

Vincent, albeit a bit fuzzy in this but I like his facial expression, would like food, a toy, or just a shoulder to drape himself over. He often reminds me of a toddler, standing on his hind feet with his front paws up in the air expecting me to pick him up. Silly kitty!

How was your week?


Dojoreese4 said...

Hey, whatever happened to Roofus?

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
Minor collapses happen. I always feel like I'm wasting time during them which kindasorta negates the restful nature of the collapse, but I'm becoming more Zen about it.
I sometimes think my college aged child spends more time texting that he does actually talking. I fear his children will have huge thumbs and tiny mouths.
Thursday's storm was a quick gusty thunderstorm here in Bergen County. We had a scary tornado warning storm one August night. Never saw anything like it before, frightening.
Vincent wants "uppy"? I love it.
Beautiful Sunday to be out and about...enjoy. I have to play chores catch-up since I did NOTHING Saturday.

joyn said...

I am almost relieved that BB is over so I can only imagine what it feels like for you.

Jackie, why aren't you doing the Survivor reviews over on TV Squad any more?

Photos are great.

Vincent looks healthy and handsome as always.

I guess Roofus is lost to us permanently.

Those birds are still at it. Have to keep an eye on them.

Jackie said...

Dojoreese4 - I don't know. He just disappeared some months back.

Joyn - They apparently wanted their person who does the interviews with the cast offs doing the reviews. So now they're California time, won't get posted until the next morning and I have an income source lost. I will be doing The Amazing Race there and Big Bang Theory on CliqueClack, though.

joyn said...

That's disappointing to hear, Jackie. She doesn't have your sense of humor, Will miss that over there.

meb said...

Vincent does look as tho he's saying "inquiring minds want to know!"

Your pix are wonderful and I too, wish we could have gotten an even better look at Roofus. I'm believing that one day soon, you'll look up, and there he'll be! Yep, yep, yep!

I want to say thank you again for all you do for us Jackie. I'm looking forward to Survivor.

my wv: waizati That's really what Vincent's look meant: Wai zat?

SueGee said...

Thanks for another Sunday morning photo "Off" topic. I too refuse to have a "smart" phone because I prefer my emails and facebook full size LOL.

I will just not click on the AOL TV reviews anymore!! So there! Always loved your take on the castaways et al So I guess we have to wait another week for TAR to start so I think I will go for the new series on HBO about Prohibition and Atlantic City.

Sue on the left coast

Sally said...

Enjoyed the weekly week in review. I was wondering whether that NYC storm affected your area--it received a lot of news coverage here in the midwest. And Vincent standing on his hind legs to get a lift--too cute!

TV-wise, I'm excited that NCIS is starting its new season this week. That's my favorite show.

Margo said...

Here are the teams.

The Hoff & Kym - Sydney
Florence & Corky - Rbennie & Witt
Rick & Cheryl - Becky
Brandy & Maks - Merrilee
Kurt & Anna - ML
Michael & Chelsie - Monty924
Audrina & Tony - Donna in AL & FL
Jennifer & Derek - Nana in NW
Margaret & Louis - Gaylos
Kyle & Lacey - MEB
Bristol & Mark - Margo
The Situation & Karina - PDXGranny

If I missed anyone lest me know!!

Margo aka The Lifeguard

Sydney said...

HI Jackie -- Glad you had a rest. I thought TAR was tonight but actually, it's the night for Boardwalk Empire. I have wondered about Roofus too, many times. Maybe he's gotten adopted by someone... I hope so. He looked healthy and made it through the winters just fine...

I am catching up on Project Runways too.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

I love the skating video and I'm sorry you can't do that anymore. Clearly that is a lot of fun!

I enjoyed your week in photos. You have such a good eye for "interesting" and it's wonderful that you share it with us.

Hi Vincent!