Monday, September 13, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua Premieres WEDNESDAY!

Survivors ready? The new season kicks off Wednesday night 8 PM ET. Looking at the cast, there are plenty of both teams I think I'll like. Of course there are a few who could leave right away, too! I'm posting the video with Jeff Probst's assessment of the castaways. I usually like his take on them and, after all, who would be more of a pro for analyzing them?

I'll probably be handling the blogging of the show a bit differently this season. I'm not doing the reviews for the show over on TV Squad (but I will be doing The Amazing Race there - premiere date 9/26). I'll definitely be having the usual blog party posts for commenting here and I might go a bit more with a live blogging aspect during them instead of lots of notes taken and major bits in the post. Right now I'm undecided.

The esteemed and lovely Margo will be running the blog pool for the show. I imagine she'll be along shortly with the list of pool participants. We have a big cast this season and it looks like it's gonna be a good one. You know my heart is with the older tribe, but may the best castaway win ... and the rest be thrown to sea ... or something.


La Flor --
Alina Wilson, age 23 from Downey, CA, an art student.
Ben "Benry" Henry, age 24 from Los Angeles, a club promoter.
Brenda Lowe, age 27 from Miami, paddleboard company owner.
Chase Rice, age 24 from Fairview, NC, pro race car jackman.
Jud Birza, age 21 from Venice, CA, student.
Kelly Bruno, age 26 from Durham, NC, medical student.
Kelly Shinn, age 20 from Mesa, AZ, nursing student.
NaOnka Mixon, age 27 from Los Angeles, PE teacher.
Matthew "Sash" Lenahan, age 30, NYC, NY, real estate broker.
Shannon Elkins, age 30 from Lafayette, LA, pest control company owner.

Espada --
Dan Tempe, age 63 from Watermill, NY, real estate executive.
Holly Hoffman, age 44 from Eureka, SD, swimming coach.
Jane Bright, age 56 from Jackson Springs, NC, dog trainer.
Jill Behm, age 42 from Erie, PA, ER doctor.
Jimmy Johnson, age 67 from Islamorada, FL, former NFL coach.
James "Jimmy T" Tarantino, age 48 from Gloucester, MA, commercial fisherman.
Marty Piombo, age 48 from Mill Valley, CA, technology executive.
Tyrone Davis, age 42 from Inglewood, CA, fire captain.
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, age 48 from Fromberg, Montana, goat rancher.
Yve Rojas, age 41 from Kansas City, MO, homemaker.


Lifeguard Laurie said...

We saw Jimmy Johnson on TV yesterday so at lease we know he "survived"!

I think this will be a very fun season to watch!

Margo said...


Joy N
Margo's Mom
Donna in Al
Nana in NW
Auntie Leigh
Terry in PA
Donna in FL

Mom and I will pick at 10 pm Jackie time ~ 2 hours from now so if ya wanna play let me know ASAP. My email is

Justene said...

41 is old? Sigh.

I note that there is no one bet 30 and 40.

Jackie said...

They made the division line at 40. I prefer to think of them as older (than the kids), not old.

You're right, though. No 30-somethings. Weird. But at least it's more diverse than BB12 was this season in age and more.

joyn said...

This looks like a great group of contenders! Two more days! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I am so anxious for this to start. I'm rooting for Jimmy Johnson (even though I am not a Cowboy fan). However, I do not think he'll go far. In an interview he says he's not there to win because of who he is. I just hope he goes far anyway.

Can't wait.


Dusty said...

Margo please add me to pool for Survivor and for the Amazing Race... pertty pwease with a cherry on top!!!! :-)

ML said...

There are no 30 somethings because they had to have a clear division between the ages. Someone 37 may feel closer to someone 43 than 29 for example. This way there isn't anyone closer in age than 10 years, and in this cast it is 11 years (30-41). Ok enough mathematical analysis. This is reality tv for goodness sake.

Online Tv said...

it was really great news i am waiting for the Nicaragua Premieres from long time.. thanks for the info...

Margo said...


I have added Big Ed and Dusty to the names previously listed.

The Pool will officially close at 12 noon Jackie (eastern) time.

email me or post it here if you want to be added. After 12 the official pool is closed but you are welcome to join us and pick your favorite. Go Jimmy T !!

Margo aka The Lifeguard.

Margo said...

Only 1 hour left to join us in the pool. I bought extra floaties this year so no one is gonna sink to the bottom. I got several of those floating chairs with the cup holders so we will have no spilled Margarita's in the pool this year.

As with every pool
No Running
No Spitting
No Name calling (Survivor name calling is ok just not your fellow posters)
Bathing suits are NOT optional
No Horseplay around the pool

We don't want anyone hurt ya know.


Margo said...

OK The Pool is now closed.

The teams are as follows:

Espada Tribe: (Olies but goodies)
Dan Lembo - Sydney
Holly Hoffman - Merrilee
James “Jimmy T” Tarantino - SueGee
Jane Bright - PDXGranny, Big Ed
Jill Behm - Delee, Monty924
Jimmy Johnson - Ben
Marty Piombo - Jackie
Tyrone Davis - SharonS
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohloff - Gaylos, Auntie Leigh
Yve Rojas - Jennasmom

La Flor Tribe: (Young-uns)
Alina Wilson - Lisanne
Ben “Benny” Henry - Laurie, Dusty
Brenda Lowe - Lynn1, Margo's Mom
Chase Rice - Terry in PA
Judson “Jud” Birza - ML, Zoetawny
Kelly Bruno - Catonine, Rbennie
Kelly Shinn - MEB
Matthew “Sash” Lenahan - Nana in NW, Donna in FL
NaOnka Mixon - Margo, Donna in AL
Shannon Elkins - JoyN, Becky

If you don't like your pick - it is all Mom's fault.
Margo aka The Lifeguard

Margo said...

That is supposed to be Oldies but Goodies

Anonymous said...

A couple of the contestants BENRY and DANIEL struck me as possibly interesting to watch if they stay around.

I can't believe I pulled Jimmy Johnson in the pool. Well, I guess I need to go out today and support my player by buying some Extenze. (Cough) Er...NOT that I need it.


monty924 said...

Thanks, Margo and tell Mom she did good. I'm thrilled to be on the Oldie tribe! :)

Jill the ER Doc could be interesting to watch this season. I just hope the tribe of younguns don't run over the oldies.

RBennie said...

Thanks Margo. I'm curious to see how well my pool pick does. I got Kelly Bruno and she has a prosthetic leg.

Brent McKee said...

Margo, stick me in the pool.

On the whole I favour the Older team over the Youngsters (maybe because I'm closer in age to them), but if I have a person that I'd reallylike to see win, it might be Kelly Bruno, who is an amputee.

joyn said...

I was planning on rooting for the "oldies but goodies" and probaly still will. But in the meantime I'll just have to "suffer" with Shannon. Margo, PLEASE thank your mom for me.

That is one gorgeous hunk of 30-year-old. (I think I'm suffering the vapors here.)

Jeff says he needs to pay attention. Well, I'll pay lots of attention for both of us.

He owns a pest control company. My dr is an occasional pest. Wonder if that would count?

Brent McKee said...

Okay, I missed the part about when the pool closed. No sweat no strain, please make sure I'm in the one for The Amazing Race. That's the important one.

joyn said...

That dr should have been dh. Oh, those vapors!

joyn said...

Guess I'll have to share (petulantly) with Becky. LOL!

Margo said...

Sorry Brent but now you can jump on Catonine & RBennies floats and help root for Kelly. I'll make sure Laurie gets you on the TAR pool. I think we still have over a week before it closes.

ML said...

Zoetawny and I got the surfer dude! I hope he's as likable and fun as they say. Thanks, Margo's mom. This will be refreshing because I can actually root for him. I threw in the towel on day 1 of BB; I got Rachel in the pool :(

lynn1 said...

Hey Margo's Mom. Thanks for choosing me as your team mate.
I am old enough to be Brenda's Mom and then some! (Yikes)

It seems like Brenda is a smart cookie and I think she will do well on Survivor.

Margo's Mom I 'll see you at the pool tomorrow night.

SueGee said...

Thanks Margo!! I am an oldie mouldy myself LOL

Sue Geeee

Sharon S said...

oooh....I got Tyrone! Someone my own age with a cool job. Hope he shows us late 60s babies can do this!

joyn said...

Jackie, why won't you be reviewing the Survivor show over on TV Squad?