Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Amazing Race - Oct. 31 Episode Blog Party Post

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Football AGAIN -- the show is delayed here on the East Coast by about a half-hour. Once it starts, as it airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this post with major happenings. Later tonight (or at least by morning) my show review should be posted over on TV Squad. But the real fun will be during showtime right here in the comments area. Everyone is welcome to join in!

8:24 PM and it's finally starting here. Other areas started on time (see comments).

1. Jill and Thomas - trip to Brazil
2. Brook and Claire
3. Michael and Kevin
4. Nat and Kat
5. Chad and Stephanie
6. Gary and Mallory
7. Nick and Vicki -- non-Philimination leg!


Merrilee said...

Yay! we are starting on time!

Sharon S said...

it's on time here in CT...

hi everyone...

Merrilee said...

Looks like all the teams are on the same train to some place in Russia

Merrilee said...

I lied- we are going to stolkholm then to russia

Lisanne said...

I am so used to it starting late I missed the into :P

Merrilee said...

This is why I could never do the Amazing race, as I would get lost before we even left the place we were at!

Sharon S said...

these are hard tasks

SueGee said...

I really like it when they bunch them back together. Makes it more exciting and harder for one team to really run away with the whole race. I think it was the first season where the third place team was almost a whole day behind the finishing first & second teams...

Sue on the Left Coast

Becky said...

Hey, I finally made it! AOHell was giving me trouble getting on line.

I agree, Sharon, these are hard tasks.

Lisanne said...

wow, I have a headache just watching the music part

Becky said...

I feel sorry for Stephenie. Dump that jerk, gal! Can you imagine what a PIA he will be when you are no longer in the early stages of dating.

I like it when the racers see the humor in a task.

Sharon S said...

me too Becky...he's not a healthy person for her to be around

Jackie said...

I'm running a ways behind everyone else due to the delay. But I'm glad it looks very bad for Chad ... and Stephanie.

Becky said...

And then Stephenie threw the shovel so that Mallory would have trouble. So, I don't like her either.

I think my team will be last. I have to say about Nick... he apologized for his bad behavior to Vicki and swore it would never happen again.

Not like Chad who is still a horses patoot!

Becky said...

Oh, good!

Sharon S said...

have to say, Mallory was really a trooper about the manure -- she could have whined a lot more than she did!

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Pool People:
Brook & Claire ... Jackie, ML, Lynn1
Chad & Stephanie ... Zoetawny, Dusty, Donna in AL
Gary & Mallory ... Monty 924, RBennie, Lars
Jill & Thomas ... Laurie, Buzzman, JennasMom
Michael & Kevin ... Donna in FL, DKNYNC, Brent
Nat & Kat ... meb, PDX Granny, Delee
Nick & Vicki ... Becky, Karen in CA, dla

First Place Finishers

09/26:Jill & Thomas - Laurie, Buzzman, JennasMom (XpressPass)
10/03:Brook & Claire - Jackie, ML, Lynn1 (Trip to Hawaii)
10/10:Connor & Jonathan ... Sydney, Nana of the NW,Lisanne (5K each)
10/17:Nat & Kat ... meb, PDX Granny, Delee (Trip to Belize)
10/24:Nat & Kat ... meb, PDX Granny, Delee(Trip to Costa Rica)
10/31:Jill & Thomas ... Laurie, Buzzman, JennasMom (Trip to Brazil)

Anonymous said...


Did you hear the news?

Next year Amazing Race will finally be in HD!!! Not sure if it means TAR 18 in the Spring or TAR 19, in the fall, but still, HD for the show that will benefit the most from being in HD!!!

'CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler confirmed the switch when she told The Hollywood Reporter’s magazine, “Yes, yes, yes. We are doing Amazing Race in HD next year. I just announced it, there you go.”'

Anonymous said...

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