Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Amazing Race - Nov. 7 Episode Blog Party Post

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Football AGAIN -- the show is delayed here on the East Coast. Once it starts, as it airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this post with major happenings. Later tonight (or at least by morning) my show review should be posted over on TV Squad. But the real fun will be during showtime right here in the comments area. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Football is STILL on here as I post this, so we'll be running more than an hour late.

Finally, 9:07 PM ET and we're about to start. This is beyond annoying, CBS.

1. Nat and Kat -- also won $5000 each
2. Brook and Claire
3. Nick and Vicki
4. Gary and Mallory
5. Jill and Thomas
6. Chad and Stephanie must go back and pay cab
7. Michael and Kevin - 2 thirty-minute penalties -- cab leading and taking a cab.
6. Chad and Stephanie - although a 30 minute penalty, they're doing better than Kevin and Michael
7. Michael and Kevin -- eliminated.


Becky said...

Hey, Jackie. How are you and Vincent tonight?

Jackie said...

We're fine. I just wish TAR would air on time for a change. Mondays are my early day at work -- I have to be up by 5 AM after watching the show, then writing it up for TVS.

I have never liked football.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Wow, I'm surprised it's this late. That's just wrong. Hope it starts soon so you can get some sleep!!

Anonymous said...

I gave up trying to watch TAR on my east coast channels, TiVo can't tell when the game is being extended!! I feel for you Ms. Jackie.

If you ever want Girl Scout cookies, look me up in Feb for pre-orders and delivery is 2-3 week of March. My daughter made the mistake of wearing her Brownie vest into a grocery store, when we left there she had orders for 75 boxes!!!

CA girl from TX

Merrilee said...

Yay! TAR is just about to start here in Texas!!

SueGee said...

Gee maybe I will have a chance to drop by when you are actually chatting for a change!

Rained pretty much all day here and I have a cold (again) so I have been laying low.

Loved your pictures Jackie, and glad you won (but I think if you make the cover picture you should be a grand prize winner!!)

Sue (on the left coast)

Oh and I thought the CDS would be referring to certificates of deposit - heh

Delee said...

Bad enough we have a time change, now this is running so late! Just starting here!

Sydney said...

howdy everyone... it's finally starting. I still have the last two eps tivo'd and haven't seen them yet if you believe that. That just says how waaaaay too busy I've been. :-)

Merrilee said...

I didn't think it would ever start with all the commercials. Look, MORE commercials!

Sydney said...

Jackie, I feel your pain.

Delee said...

Considering it is really 10:10pm as our bodies have not adjusted YET!

Sydney said...

... in a race around the world. Funny how he says that the same every time.

Merrilee said...

Nick the dick strikes again!

Becky said...

Chad isn't being a sweetheart either.

Becky said...

It is great watching Mallory and her father.

Good father and son finished.

Sydney said...

lol merilee

Sydney said...

Um, the ornament hardly looks like the building it's supposed to represent... did you all think so?

Sydney said...

My husband is saying you can't have a taxi tell you how to go.... those guys just took off after their taxi leading the way. Do you think the fact that they;re not IN the taxi will work out?

Merrilee said...

Sydney said...
Um, the ornament hardly looks like the building it's supposed to represent... did you all think so?

not even close!

Jackie said...

GAH! Michael and Kevin didn't read the clue thoroughly and are letting a taxi lead them -- they're going to be penalized.

Merrilee said...


They can't hire taxi.

Anonymous said...

I have *always* hated the fall season of TAR because the show is pretty much always running behind.@@ Put TAR on another night in the fall please. Oh, btw, I luv football.

Merrilee said...

Isn't only one team at a time allowed up there?

Anonymous said...

Merrilee - -

Nor can they have anyone lead/take them to the location. They can ask for directions.

Becky said...

Nick is being ugly again! I will be glad when he and Chad are gone.

Becky said...

How many times do players not read ALL the clues! Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Becky said...

Looks like more than one team didn't take time to read the clue all the way through.

Merrilee said...

OOOOHHHH! DRAMA quick, someone get the popcorn!

Sydney said...

wooo - BOTH of them!

joyn said...

So sorry to see Michael and Kevin go. I liked those guys a lot.

Nat and Kat have some spending money for those trips they've won.

I never liked football either!

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Pool Standings

Brook & Claire -Jackie, ML, Lynn1
Chad & Stephanie -Zoetawny, Dusty, Donna in AL
Gary & Mallory -Monty 924, RBennie, Lars
Jill & Thomas -Laurie, Buzzman, JennasMom
Nat & Kat -meb, PDX Granny, Delee
Nick & Vicki -Becky, Karen in CA, dla

First Place Finishers

09/26: Jill & Thomas - Laurie, Buzzman, JennasMom (XpressPass)
10/03: Brook & Claire - Jackie, ML, Lynn1 (Trip to Hawaii)
10/10: Connor & Jonathan -Sydney, Nana of the NW,Lisanne (5K each)
10/17: Nat & Kat -meb, PDX Granny, Delee (Trip to Belize)
10/24: Nat & Kat -meb, PDX Granny, Delee(Trip to Costa Rica)
10/31: Jill & Thomas -Laurie, Buzzman, JennasMom (Trip to Brazil)
11/07: Nat & Kat -meb, PDX Granny, Delee (5K each)


09/26: Ron & Tony -Terry in CA, joy n, Merrilee
10/03: Andie & Jenna -Margo, Sally, Caela
10/10: Non-elimination round
10/17: Connor & Jonathan -Sydney, Nana of the NW,Lisanne
10/24: Katie & Rachel -SueGee, SharonS Ben
10/31: Non-elimination round
11/07: Michael & Kevin -Donna in FL, DKNYNC, Brent

meb said...

Kat and Nat are really good. I just may have another chance at this pool party.

Poor guys... first they read the clue wrong and dad can't get up enough oomph to throw that thing. If they'd gotten it immediately, they may have been able to wait out that hour and still be in the race.

How did those girls read it wrong and get back in time to come in second. That was fast.

OK... til next week.

Kathy in NC said...

I was surprised that Nick & Vicki didn't have to do a Speed Bump since last week was a non-elimination and they were in last place. I know Phil didn't mention it last week, but I was still expecting some extra task.

joyn said...

I wondered about that speed bump too. If they did one, it wasn't even mentioned. If they didn't do one, it may possibly have had an effect on their placement.

Also what's with only giving a partial number of teams leaving times at the beginning of the show? I see that at bunchup times it wouldn't really matter what time they've left the pit stop, but this wasn't one of those times. Just wondering.

Jon said...

I agree. What about the speed bump? It's a little fishy and unfair as well. Something seems odd....

joyn said...

Just read on Reality TV World an article about that speed bump.

Nick and Vicki weren't required to complete a speed bump task due to production problems which had impacted several teams during the prior leg. The "glitch" led to numerous delays for several of the racers. The article does not say what the specific glitch was, but commented that it was not because of online rumors that reported they had been told incorrectly that one of their answers were wrong in the Classical Music task.

That would also explain why not all the "leave times" as they left the pit stop were announced.

Jackie had mentioned in her TV Squad post (I think) that she was surprised that this non-elimination came so quickly after the last one. Guess we sort of know why now. Apparently, it became a necessity to do so.

christina said...

Why are there so many commercials? Especially during the holidays!!! This is ridiculous!