Sunday, November 14, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - November 14, 2010

Welcome to my weekly off television topic look back on the week gone by in words and photographs I've taken. Later tonight, we'll have The Amazing Race blog party going on -- everyone is invited to join in with comments! Hopefully the show will air sometime around the time it's scheduled. The football delays are killing me. On Mondays I go into work an hour earlier than the other weekdays and work later. I'm up before 5 AM and don't get home until past 6 PM. When the show ends at 10 PM and I have to write it up late, I'm all groggy for my busiest day on my "real" job.

Enough whining, I guess. In other news, the weather this week has been glorious! The daytime highs have been in the fifties and even a few trips into the low sixties. It's been cold at night, most nights below freezing. The skies have been clear, too. I call it absolutely perfect!

Unfortunately the crime scene hasn't been as pleasant where I live. A 17-year-old boy and a 23-year-old man were fatally shot on the other side of town from where I live -- two homicides only about 24 hours apart. Both murders happened in broad daylight. Now, not to worry about me. I'm just about the least likely demographic in town to encounter this kind of violence.

I think if I were young, black and male, I'd seriously consider agoraphobia as a way of life. That or getting out of the west side of town. I myself live on the east side. I still won't wander around at night, but consider my own neighborhood quite safe.

In general, now that the dark is coming earlier, where I travel on foot is safe enough because I know many of the shopkeepers, residents and probably some of the criminals, too. They're not going to go for me and I also have doors to run to if needed.

In yet other stuff, I hear that New York is now clamping down on those FourLoko energy/alcohol drinks. I bought one to see what the fuss is all about. I can see why they're dangerous for the college kids and such. But for me? Um, well ... I took all day to drink the can (on my day off, mind you). I'm not a huge drinker.

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Where does the time go? When I was a child it took an eternity to get to the holiday season. I'm going to have to dig out Vincent's Santa suit for a new shot soon!

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Nighttime is the right time?

Well, I'm not sure if it's the right time, but it was indeed nighttime. This is the corner of Watchung and North Avenues in Plainfield by the train station Saturday evening.

Berries and barren branches

They're not barren of berries, of course! But the leaves have all vanished and the berries have taken over. Since I never see birds nibbling at these, they might be poisonous.

Pants on the Ground Again

This is a grown man. This whole look makes 'em look so silly. Yet I'm sure he thinks he looks cool. Blech. North Avenue, Plainfield.

Golden Leaves by the Golden House

Although the colors have peaked for the season, we still have lots of golds and scattered reds still ... along with some green. In another few weeks, there will be a ton of raking ahead. This is in my neighborhood. East Front Street, Plainfield.

So, California had a "missile" sighting, eh?

I have THREE of them! It's actually the same as the California mystery one -- contrails. The air was so dry here that clouds were evaporating before they formed. These three extremely short contrails were caught in the waning sun at sunset. Normally the contrails go a lot longer. These almost seemed like small brilliant scratches in the sky.

Losing my religion

A tattered well-worn paperback edition of the New Testament is perched atop a garbage can in front of Union County College at Church and East Second Streets in Plainfield. No, it's not mine, nor did I put it there. It just was.

"That's me in the corner,
That's me in the spotlight,
Losing my religion ..."
--"Losing My Religion" by REM

Morning Sun in the Alley

This alley can be a bit intimidating at night. I've seen denizens of the night there, drug dealers in the shadows, etc. But the dawn's bright sunshine makes it go gold. Off of East Front Street, Plainfield.

What's that? Is it food for me?

No, squirrel. It's a camera and I just shot you! (If I had food on me, I would have given him some.) Right outside my apartment building door, Plainfield.


But no vampires.

Satellite News Truck Setting Up

He's parked by the police station. This was the day of the first homicide. I saw the scene from the train as we passed by, a gazillion police cars and a news helicopter overhead. But no one except this one truck was hanging out at the police station. On East Fourth looking towards Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

Birds Hiding in Plain Sight

They think I don't see them.

Still some color at the train station

Looking towards Watchung Avenue from the Plainfield Train Station.

Autumn flowers

They just planted these last week. I don't think they're going to last long with the nighttime temperatures going below freezing most nights. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Autumn hangs in there

My 'hood again, but I don't live in that building (nor the one from earlier). East Front Street, Plainfield.

Next Station

This train coming from Newark is just about empty. Bridgewater Train Station.

Wired Hawk

Bridgewater, NJ

Black and White Lamps

Looking towards Gavett Place from the Plainfield Train Station.

This one even looks evil!

Unlike that cute fluffy almost Christmas card bird I shot last week, I bring you a European Starling. Killer beak ... and just check out those claws! Run for your lives!

We have crabs!

No, I don't have crabs. Pete does. Pete's Fish Market (which does have great fish) on East Second Street, Plainfield.

You saw squirrels and birds
and didn't bring any home?

Hmmm ... there's nothing wrong with Vincent's eye. Both of his eyes are usually the same size. I think he did this just for attention. Or, he wants me to sing the Vincent Song to him.

How was your week?


RiseandShine said...

Good Morning!
The weather has been beautiful although I'm betwixt and between in my wardrobe choices...dressing too cool one day and too warm the next. It's been lovely to let my class outside for recess. They've been engaging in the time honored tradition of playing in the leaves, some of them for the first time in their lives. Fun stuff, took some great pictures for the memory scrapbook we give them when they leave.
Terrible about the recent homicides. It has piqued my concern for the Plainfield kids who have left the program and returned home.
Your "Wired Hawk" caption got me giggling. They are a common sight now in neighborhoods, yet I always watch them soar and scream. Magnificent, really.
I have no idea where the time goes.
It really does fly by when you get a little older. I guess the good thing is that it won't seem long then until that second week in January where you can really notice that it begins to stay lighter out longer. I hate the dark of late November and December.
And the beat goes on...have a good one!

Delee said...

We have had the same temps here. Not one flake of snow that I have seen.

Our small town has had 3 armed robberies in the last few days. Times are tough BUT! One Subway near me was hit twice. I always said if I was going to do a robbery it would not be for the cash in a drawer. Why go to jail for $50? Be safe, Jackie and all out there!

Vincent as always is darling. My leaf raking is almost done except a stubborn oak tree across from me, so I am not doing my front yard! Usually into Dec before the oaks are bare, this is a good year, as I am out there in the cold raking those darn oak leaves!

Sally said...

Love the photo of the berries! Good composition and such vivid colors, with nary a cloud in sight.
And your lovely light standards at the train station are equally striking in black and white.

Those daytime murders are unnerving and very sad. I'm glad you take time to assess your travel routes and safety measures.

Our weather has turned. We've had a lot of absolutely beautiful weather in recent weeks, but the last few days have been gray, wet, cold and windy. Just what I picture when I think of November.

Kathy in NC said...

Thank you for another great review of your week. Always love your pictures. You capture such amazing details that I just overlook, ignore, or take for granted.

One question - What is pictured on the hoodie of Mr. Macho-Pants-on-the-Ground? Almost looks like ladies' handbags or purses.

Zoetawny said...

Hello all!

I'm long overdue to check in. I have a major back problem and can't sit at the computer for even five minutes. I really miss being here to read and comment. Figures the one thing I love and need to ease my stress and anxiety is not an option right now. :(

I hope everyone is doing fine and feeling good.

Your photos and comments are amazing as usual, Jackie. Of course Vincent is always my favorite. My apologies for no new graphics coming your way. I want to avoid surgery at all costs so I'm following the doctor's orders.

BTW, my husband is addicted to TAR and Survivor now after years of giving me a hard time for being a fan.

Take good care~

mammaroos said...

Jacqui I keep meaning to ask you about the cat that always sat on the roof top do you still see him. Your pictures are always the highlight on sunday evening right before Tar I read about your week. Thanks :o) anyway just was wandering about the cat