Sunday, December 19, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - December 19, 2010

It's Sunday morning once again. Huh. Funny how that goes, eh? It's like we have a Sunday once a week or so. But ... since it is Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by both in words and photos I've taken.

Once again, the weather here wasn't all that conducive to taking photos. I can't really use my gloves when shooting and need to keep the camera bundled up a bit in the cold so that the batteries don't die too quickly. For the majority of the week, the temperatures were below what they should be and we had fairly heavy winds as well. Grr.

Although we've had all of this super-cold weather, with the exception of a light dusting of snow one night, we're probably looking at a not white Christmas this year here. But I'm sure the temperatures will be seasonably cold!

I've been way swamped at work and I'm looking forward to actually having a weekend off next weekend as much for rest as for the holiday itself. Well, maybe not as much, but ...! I'm also working a shortened 4-day work week, so that will be nice. I'm tossing around the idea of heading into the city either Wednesday or next Sunday. However, it will all depend on fatigue levels and how cold it is. If it's like it's been with gusty winds and extreme cold, I may just stay in.

Things are still quiet here with the rowdy neighbors (Greta Garbo's Home for Wayward Boys and Girls) gone. I've noticed that the hallway smells like real home cooking once again instead of Chinese food. I hadn't connected that odor with them, but it must have been. With the heat on, all windows closed, I now come home to the smells of good dinners cooking, cookies baking and such. It's almost enough for me to want to knock on the door. "Remember, you invited me over sometime. I smell cookies, so now is the time!"

Onto the photos I've taken this week. I have nothing all that artsy for you, but I do have one special shot. I'll put that one up first. Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Here's the money shot of the week (for regular blog readers, at least) --

Look who I found ...


It's been months since I've seen him and I was sure he was gone for good. Of course, he can't get up on the roofs anymore as they tore down the building he used to access them. Although I've peeked in the old Budget Car Rental office building where he was holed up on and off, I haven't seen him in ages. Well, there he was on Saturday morning, looking healthy, clean and almost a bit chubby!

This was taken through a dirty and frosty window and he zoomed away shortly after I got the one shot. Also, the reflection of the rocky gravel-ish parking lot shows. I didn't see the grey cat that I previously saw with him, but I'd bet he's there too. So he's still around and obviously being fed. Yay! Gavett Place, Plainfield.

When the cat's away ...

The birds have taken over the Chotola apartment building! Actually, they're not always there. With the temperatures so cold, the morning sun heats up the front of the building a bit. You know Roofus wouldn't have put up with this! North Avenue, Plainfield.

Just a light dusting

Not long after sunrise on Tuesday morning, the snow hangs in there on the eastbound track of the Plainfield Train Station.

Free parking, free commentary

Folks from The 'field will get this one. The seasonal free parking bags are covering the meters and one city administrator got her termination notice effective on Christmas day, a week before she was scheduled to go on maternity leave. I'm basically an observer of politics in town, but this one's gonna be a brouhaha for sure.

PS: I should note that I edited the photo to add the words in black print.

Squirrel Claus, please bring me nuts.
I've been good.

And this pizza from the Dumpster is frozen and icky! East Front Street, Plainfield.

Two in the bush ... again.

I don't really want one in my hand. He'd probably peck me! East Front Street, Plainfield.

A killing frost?

Without a doubt, the light dusting of snow murdered these bicycles at the Bridgewater Train Station.

The 'hood shot

Even though all was coated with snow when I peeked out at about 11:30 Monday night, the wind blew most of it away before I headed out to the train station in the morning.

But the street is half-closed!

No, not due to the dusting of snow. Further down, back past my apartment building, it looks like there was a water main break or something. I didn't notice it the morning of my shot (because I didn't walk that way!). But walking home that way after dark I noticed several huge, perhaps 3-feet, 2-feet high, piles of chopped up ice and ice all along the one side of the street.

Oh. And there's a cute bunch of little PSEG flags marking something. They're gathered in a group, so maybe it's just a meeting. The shot above was taken at Richmond and East Front Streets.

Ice, Ice Baby

Okay, can you tell the real icicles from the radioactive NJ corrosion icicles? I know, they're not really radioactive. They're stalactites, I know. But I prefer to think of them as radioactive as they're around all summer. I know I don't like them dripping on me! Under the Bridgewater Train Station overpass. Yes, they did some woodwork under the bridge. But that doesn't stop the radioactive icicles!

Furious wind-driven snow flurries

Westfield in the Trader Joe's parking lot Monday evening.

I love my Westfield Trader Joe's!

Of course, if there was a Plainfield one, I'd love it more. I've heard rumors and innuendo, but nothing concrete. It's a different shopper-base, but I think they could do decent business in town. Unlike Wegman's (which I adore, too), the prices are more reasonable and they don't need a ton of space.

Oh my

One of the Westfield Train Station Christmas trees was so battered by the wind that its lights started slipping down. It's a wonder they weren't blown off. This was Monday night when all of a sudden the temperature must have dropped twenty degrees and we had wind gusts over 40 MPH.

Pink is the new Westfield

I have no clue why the street has a pinkish hue. I blame that store. East Broad Street, Westfield.

This is just sad

To be fair, the bottom half of the window lights up sporadically, but rarely top and bottom at the same time. North Avenue, Plainfield.

Much better

Finally I got a shot of the home kitty-corner from the other elaborately decorated house on the corner of East Front and Richmond Streets. This is the one that was always either off or it was daylight with the kids waiting for their school bus.

The "rude" light is at it again

Not quite the holiday color scheme -- Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

Skritch-scratch time

Vincent likes to have his chin scratched, behind his ears scratched, being petted, etc., etc. He has really turned out to be a great companion. I'm glad he chose me.

Stop back later for the big Survivor season finale blog party! At least, with TV Squad not assigning me the reviews of the show, I don't have to worry about being up for half the night writing up a three-hour show.


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
WOW to see Rufus, that's really great. Did my heart a smile.
I really love Trader Joe's too.
They offer many well made, tasty things, and time saving too.
The picture of the parking meter sign made me want to know more. I google-newsed it. What an Ebenezer Scrooge move! I think you're right....brouhaha a-comin'.
All is well here. Been busy getting ready for Christmas and having fun doing it. I took Friday off to give myself a three-day weekend, and it's proved to have been a smart move.
Looking forward to the Survivor finale even though I can hardly believe how tribal turned out last week..D.U.M.B.
Merry Christmas to all!

Delee said...

Roofus, where have you been? I agree he does look in top form. Bless whoever is keeping him fed!

The parking meter cover has to be a joke. Granted she may be near giving birth but to publicly fire her like that. Hmmm???

Great pics around the hood. I poke around a Trader Joe's when in DC and I do enjoy the walk around!
Does yours have a huge selection of wine and beer?

Trying to finish packing, weighing do I take this or not. Do I take 3 pair of sandals or one! Will the weatherman be correct this time? Will the TSA want to frisk me? Do I wear my jewelry or carry it in my backpack? Decisions decisions!

Jackie, I hope you make it into the city, I know I am selfish but want to see your pictures of Christmastime NYC!

Merry Christmas to all and enjoy whatever you choose to do!

Not really rooting for anyone on S, but if I was it would be Fabio or Holly. They sure are long shots!

Delee said...

Oops forgot to mention Vincent, you did get super lucky when he picked you. Now if he could find a choice mouse for his Christmas present! HaHa

Iowa Gal said...

YEAH Roofus! YEAH Vincent! YEAH Jackie! So happy to see Roofus is doing a-ok!

Thank you, Jackie, for keeping us informed and entertained! The best to you & Vincent in 2011!

Bernice said...

I missed a great Westfield shot yesterday! Five guys in lederhosen with alp horns (those horns so long the ends rest on the ground)were playing Christmas and Hanukkah songs in front of the bank at Broad and Elm. And where was my camera? Back in Plainfield, on the table next to the computer, where I left it after downloading photos. Oy vey!

Jackie said...

Delee - The firing wasn't really announced on the bags -- I did that, I confess. But it's certainly public enough!

Bernice - Wow! I wish they were there when I was there ... that would have been such cool photo fodder. What a time for you to leave the camera at home! I'm wondering how the group would go over in Plainfield.

SueGee said...

So glad to see Roofus after such a long time! And even though I have never been in your part of NJ, I felt the cold in those pictures LOL!

My Trader Joe's is just up the street and I absolutely love what they sell in there. They seem to cater to their customers and fine tune each store to carry more of what the customers want in that area.

No work for me for the next two weeks so maybe I can stay awake for the whole Survivor 3 hours tonight! What a bunch of losers this year. Not sure who should win..

Merry Christmas to Vincent!! And to you too Jackie!

joyn said...

What a delight to see a Rufus picture this Sunday morning! a nifty Christmas present to us. He looks healthy and, yes, chunky. What a great shot, with pretty frost patterns surrounding his beautiful face. It's a relief to know he is alive and looking SO handsome. It'a probably the best shot of him you've ever gotten because he wasn't far away and he wasn't moving. Thanks for scouting him out for us. I've missed those pix immensely. And a big thanks to whomever is taking obviously good care of him.

Vincent also looking happy and healthy and very content. You are both lucky to have discovered each other.

We've had plenty of snow around here, mostly left over from last week, and it will still be here on Christmas, I'm sure. We have piles of it and none of it has melted away. Too cold!

Rochester is the home of Wegmans and everyone loves their stores. It is a bit expensive though, so I only shop there for special items or sales. But there's one only ten minutes from my home, so it is convenient.

What a nice extra Christmas present to have peace and good aromas in your home again.

Looking forward to the Survivor finale and am kind of rooting for Fabio. Mostly, I don't want to see Sash win anything.

Sally said...

Roofus! Alive and well! What a great way to start the week. And what a beautiful, artistic photo.

Gotta love a blog post that's book-ended by cats: open with the elusive Roofus and close with the handsome Vincent.

Your killing frost comment made me chuckle. Poor bicycles. And that's another good photo of those lovely light standard.

Are the residents of those two elaborately decorated houses playing a spirited game of "Anything you can do I can do better"? It'd be hard to pick a winner.

Interesting situation with that city administrator being fired. I read the article you linked to, then a few other articles and Plainfield Dan's blog posts. Now I want to know the rest of the story. Hope it doesn't involve an expensive lawsuit for the taxpayers to fund.

Becky said...

Jackie, I feel like I just got a Christmas gift when I opened your link and saw Roofus! I was afraid that he was gone for good.

An Vincent, what a love he has turned out to be. I have to fight myself to keep from scrolling down first thing to see the weekly picture of him.

See you at the Survivor party tonight.

Suzanne said...

Good to see Roofus, Jackie, Thanks !

Laurie said...

Yes! Seeing Rufus is a Christmas Miracle!

mammaroos said...

Oh Jackie I was so glad to see your picture of Roofus I was wandering what happened to him since you hadn't posted a pic of him in a while again your Sunday post is awesome :o)

Anonymous said...

yay roofus!!!! lol
debi in calif

monty924 said...

I agree with Laurie... seeing Roofus to begin the week is a Christmas miracle. And Becky, I admit that I always scroll down to the bottom of Jackie's Sunday blog to see Vincent first, then I go back and read the rest and view the shots from her week.

I didn't even have time to read the blog yesterday when I got home late for Survivor, but I saw Joyn's post about two roofus' in one day and I knew Jackie had spotted him. What a nice sight to see indeed.

Lars said...

Aww Roofus, great photos..

Its hot in Tx-