Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Amazing Race "Unfinished Business" teams announced!

The official CBS TAR website is up although, at the time I'm writing this, the bios aren't yet posted. Not all of the teams featured in the promos at the end of last season are on the show. However, it looks like we're in for a good season nonetheless.

Here are my thoughts on some of the teams:

Margie and Luke - Oh my gosh. I hope he has matured and she has stopped mother henning him. I understand that the race itself is stressful and even more stressful for a deaf competitor. But, sheesh. Luke needs to rein in his frustration. He's very capable otherwise.

The Globetrotters - I know that many show fans object to "famous" folks on these shows. But fame and notoriety aren't going to win the race. Do things stupidly and you're out. That's what happened to this team -- they're not the brightest bulbs in the pack. But I enjoyed watching them and they're back.

Kynt and Vyxsin - I notice they're spelling his name as "Kent" now. Hmmm ... I KNOW it was "Kynt" before! I recall that I first thought they'd be unsuccessful in their season. True, they didn't win, but they fared quite well and were interesting to watch.

The Cowboys - The epitome of an alpha male cowboy hat wearing no matter what team. They're very good. But for some reason, I don't want them to win this one. Perhaps because they're such a threat on the "can do anything on a physical or mental" level. Physically, I think they're in better shape than the Globetrotters.

Mel and Mike - I recall this was another team I wasn't overly enthused about in the beginning of their previous season. I thought I'd detest the father. Instead, I adored the guy. I so hope they'll do well this season!

Zev and Justin - YAY! I bet they won't lose the passport this time 'round! As a person with an Asperger's connection, I would love to see them win. They were fun to watch, too.

I'm sure to be talking more about the casting before the show premieres on February 20. But those are the teams which really caught my interest at first glance. How about you?


Margo said...

I liked the Globetrotters and the Cowboys the first time around. We shall see what this new season brings.


Petals said...

Love the cowboys, they had such good spirit. And the singing ivy league boys were fun.
Margo, please throw me into the new Survivor pool! I hope I land on that hot med student (hubba hubba). lol

SueGee said...

Looking like a fun group with more likes than dislikes on the partners.

Sue on the left coast

Margo said...

Petals I have your name on my Pool Peeps list.


Anonymous said...

i always thought they should do a season with just first eliminated teams...kinda redemption for TAR

Anonymous said...

I have to root for the cowboys. I did last time and I will this time. They did so well because when a challenge was put in front of them, they didn't fuss, carry on, whine ... they just went at doing it until they got it done. It's truly the cowboy way, and these two (having met Cord personally numerous times) are genuinely as nice and friendly as they appeared on AR. Yeah, they need to win this one!

On a side note.. pretty funny... last time they were on, filming was right after Cowboy Cord proposed to his then-girlfriend. This time AR was filmed right after their wedding. :)

Petals said...

Ms Jackie & All,
have you heard/read the latest scuttlebutt about BB9 winner Adam going to PRISON for possession with intnet to distribute Oxycontin and also failure to file a 2008 tax return? Four years in prison, I believe the story said.

Kathy in NC said...

Scuttlebutt-Pt. 2

I know that Matt from BB9 was also arrested for being in cohoots with Adam and the drugs. Any word if he's gone to trial yet?

Survivor's Fabio was arrested for being under influence of contolled substance. Also said he was "hit" for a previous probation violation.

Also, as of December, Brendon-Rachel are no longer an item. She discovered he was sending private pictures (make that pictures of his privates) to other women and a female impersonator. Relationship lasted longer than I thought it would.

Petals said...

Kathy NC ~ No, I hadnt heard about matt from S9 (that season is a fog, cuz it was the winter odd one)
But also I'd totally forgotten about Brendan & Rachel! How funny that he was flirting with a tranny, cuz Rachel was always such a man!

Anonymous said...

Hi could you please but me in the amazing race pool and the survivor pool. Thank you Karen in Ca.

ML said...

Hi Margo, I put this on the Survivor post, too, because I still don't see my name on the pool list:( I would like to be in both the Survivor and Amazing Race pools please!

Anonymous said...

Margo could you pleas add my name to the amazing race and survivor pool please. Thank you Karen in Ca

DKNYNC said...

I'd like to be added to the Amazing Race and Survivor Pools. Thank you!

Lisanne said...

Is there a pool yet?

I would like to join both the Survivor and AR pools if it isn't too late!