Sunday, January 09, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - January 9, 2011

Yep, it's time for my weekly off television topic look at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. I realize I haven't been posting much ON topic as of late and I apologize. Television shows are finally out of the repeat season, so things should be changing. I wrote up my CliqueClack TV review on the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, but forgot to post about it here. (Oops.)

I watched the People's Choice Awards, too. I was a bit disappointed that Neil Patrick Harris won the best actor in a comedy over Jim Parsons. I really like NPH and think he has talents beyond HIMYM. But I thought it would be great if Parsons snagged this one. The awards show itself didn't rock my world. Queen Latifah, someone I often enjoy watching, was getting on my nerves.

Today's CBS Sunday Morning will have a segment on New Jersey by Mo Rocca. I like his sense of humor and here I am in Jersey. So I'll be watching that. I haven't checked to see what's on in the evening yet. It's odd to have no BB or Amazing Race on, isn't it?

Outside of television, there's life in the fast lane. Er, well ... perhaps life in the slightly slower lane for me. Our snow from the big blizzard is still gathered in piles all over and it snowed both Friday and Saturday. All those days brought us was what they call "nuisance snow." It's enough to make the roads a bit slippery, but not really enough to plow. While it is a nuisance, it's a pretty snow -- making things go all Currier and Ives on us. Black ice at night and early mornings has been an issue, though. Thankfully I haven't fallen. I've seen more than a few people go down!

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window:

Oh, Christmas tree ... isn't your time up?

This is one of the trees outside of the Plainfield Police Department, still with holiday lights and a covering of "nuisance snow." I edited it to leave it in black and white except for the tree lights itself. You might want to beware of the dude carrying the brown (yes, it's really brown) paper grocery bag and wearing no shoelaces. That's how they come out of the city lock-up.

No, I don't know that from personal experience. Sheesh!

Winter blues

I realize that this shot isn't really much. But the blue in the sky was so great that I had to share it. Of course, we do have some more of that pesky pretty nuisance snow going on, too. Bridgewater Train Station.

Cast to the curbside

I always find it a bit sad after the holiday when the trees which provided such a centerpiece for the festivities are thrown to the curb. East Front Street, Plainfield.


Looking at houses on East Second Street via East Front Street as dawn arrives.


From in front of the TD Ballpark in Bridgewater.

YOU tell him he's not welcome to flock with us!

At least birds aren't falling out of the sky here.

Don't you hate when that happens?

A lone glove on the pavement at the Bridgewater Train Station. I always prefer to lose a whole pair rather than just one. At least, if I lose a pair, someone who needs them might pick them up and use them.

Pssst ... wanna buy some real NJ snow?

Despite really warm temperatures and a bit of rain last Sunday, the snow piles remain. After one day of warmth, it got cold once again. Church Street, Plainfield.

They really shouldn't sleep near me!

Often people fall asleep on the train and then take it out on the conductor when they miss their stop. That's not the conductor's job. There are piped announcements, plus the conductors usually make their own announcements of each stop. Not only that, but there's a lighted panel in the front and rear of each car which tells you the next stop. I personally can't sleep on the train. I'm worried that people would take photos of me and put them on the Internet.

Ahem, PMUA!

This was the fifth blocked sidewalk instance I encountered one morning on my walk to the train. I don't understand why they don't just block the driveways with the empty bins. After all, the owners have to take 'em on back anyway. By the way, PMUA is not to be confused with PUMA. One is an elegant cat with big teeth, the other is black and smelly in the summer. (PMUA is Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority.) East Front Street, Plainfield.

Just after sunrise

I edited this one to leave only that upper floors and glorious sunrise reflections in the windows in color. North Avenue, Plainfield.

Um, okay.

There's no grass to be found at Richmond Towers on East Front Street where I shot this sign.

Say what?

I guess the new landlord/receivership/whatever is having trouble finding tenants. I came home to this on my building last night. There are also studio apartment vacancies going on. On my floor in my wing of the building, the only empty apartment is where the Riff-Raff moved out next door to me. That's a two bedroom. I wouldn't mind if it stays vacant for a while!

Plainfield Train Station lamps

As a light nuisance snow falls.

Saturday evening

With the latest light snowfall. Plainfield Train Station.

"Dive Naked" and he carries a cone.

Oh my. Parked in Bridgewater. I don't really want to see the diver, um ... driver. (I obscured the license plate on purpose.)

Snowy morning

Approaching the train station from East Third Street. I don't know why I walked this way. It's not like I can continue to walk on the sidewalk once I cross the street to North Avenue. Why not? BECAUSE NO ONE EVER SHOVELS THE SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF THE TRAIN STATION ON NORTH AVENUE.


And, so I walk in the street

North Avenue in Plainfield where I have to walk WAY out of my way to get to the train station. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE SHOVELS THE SIDEWALK!

Yes, this really bugs me. I fell once trying to walk on ice there. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Supremo in the snow

Yep, we're talking the nuisance, not the blizzard. But it did make the roads and sidewalks slick. East Front Street.

Look! A train in the snow!

Plainfield Train Station, wait ... make that two trains.

Phew, they missed each other!

She's dead, Jim

This bike has been at the Bridgewater Train Station for weeks now. It's in good shape. Well, except it's probably rusting in the snow.

Bigfoot lives in New Jersey!

See! Photographic proof! I have big feet (10 ... they keep me from falling over). I'm even wearing my big clunky, yet highly practical, snow boots and don't have my heel backed all the way up to the start of the toe in the footprint. Yikes! I hope it's not Naked Diver, although it might explain the cone.

Bridgewater sunset

Whazzat? An alien ship?

Oh. It's a train. Never mind.

I don't know why my camera did that in these shots, but I thought it was cool. This was at the Bridgewater Train Station just after sunset on Friday evening once the snow stopped.

I know you're up there. I'm ignoring you.

Fine, Vincent. Refuse to look at the camera just because you think I don't spend enough time with you draped over my shoulder. You may think you're a lightweight, but you're at least 12 pounds now! My right shoulder is starting to droop!

How was your week?


Delee said...

There have been some beautiful sunrises...even sky in morning, sailors take warning! Wonder if your first shot was the one I saw the other morning?

Where I live, snow removal from sidewalks is super strict. 24 hours to clean and if not fined. When the students leave town they must notify their landlord that no one will be there to shovel. Lucky me, no sidewalk!

The picture you do not like I find interesting with the beauty of the sky against the austerity of the concrete structure.

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
You got some beautiful shots of the sky this week in it's colorful glory.
The nuisance snow was beautiful but it did really mess up walking around with it's slushiness and refreezability. Balancing even one bag of groceries while walking makes me look like a circus act.
My week was ok. Getting back into the swing of school is always difficult for my students, but the group I have right now did pretty well. I did pretty well too :).

Becky said...

Great pictures as usual, but my favorite was the Winter Blues. Sorry, Vincent, but you came in second this week. Hope you and Vincent have a wonderful week.
We had a heck of a storm come in at 4 AM. It sounded like someone was trying to break our windows. Both DH and I woke up at the same time -- and our youngest dog jumped into the bed with us (she is terrified of storms and only gets in our bed when the one comes through -- or someone sets off fireworks). A lot of hail, thunder, lightning and rain. None of us got much sleep after that.

Sally said...

I like the Winter Blues photo too: the strong horizontal structure and the vertical lines, softened by the trees, against that beautiful background.

The b/w photo of the train station lights is great too--reminds me of an atmosphere shot from an old movie.

That footprint is huge! Have there been any reports of Sasquatch visiting New Jersey in a spiffy pair of snowboots? Or maybe Shaquille O'Neal was in town?

Jennasmom said...

Great pictures, Jackie! But it sure looks cold there! I bet Vincent is happy to be an indoor kitty!