Sunday, January 30, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - January 30, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my off television topic reflection on the week gone by in words and photos I've taken. Unfortunately, due to the knee, pain meds for the knee and resultant icky feeling, I haven't gotten up the last Survivor cast post yet. I hope to remedy that later today.

The knee kept me out of work until Thursday. Then we had another 19 or so inches of snow into Thursday morning. So I ended up just working Friday and Saturday this past week. That was plenty. They're talking another big storm midweek. If it happens, I'm not going to be in again. Thankfully, I have plenty of paid time off available at work. But that doesn't mean I want to waste it all hiding from bad sidewalks in snow and ice!

My week itself has been so boring that I'm heading onto the photos. Yes, I'm going to fuss and whine some. No, there aren't any real works of art this week. Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Bike Two Undergoing Assimilation

The snow is getting the other abandoned bike at the Bridgewater Train Station. A third bike has shown up. I'll keep watching. This is just a different angle on the shot, taken from the ramp.


This is the sidewalk heading to North Avenue from the Plainfield Train Station. Look at that itsy crevice I have to pass through! The foot-trodden "path" is single foot file through snow as high as my hips. My knee is not working well. Why isn't this shoveled? Shame on NJ Transit and the city of Plainfield! Yes, I put the arrow there. Um, it's not really in the snow, only the photo!

No longer a luge run

At least this is shoveled. Mind you, the sides come up to my thighs. I haven't seen snow like this in the seven or so years I've been taking the train. Plainfield Train Station.

As if!

This No Parking sign obviously doesn't mean you can't shove snow there, eh? North Avenue with the train station in the background.

Gathering of friends

Some friends of an attempted suicide victim gather nearby where he was extricated from under the train/platform. While my heart goes out to loved ones of the person, you don't jump in front of a stopping train. That's likely to just mess you up for the rest of your life. The man, last I heard, survived. I heard it happen on my scanner when medics were saying he was unresponsive, but breathing and stuck under the train.

It's sad that so many people have been taking their lives this way. Of course, most jump in front of a speeding train, not one stopping at the station. But this doesn't just affect the family of the suicidal person. It affects the engineer driving the train, the conductors, the passengers on the train, bystanders ... and on and on. As guilty as I felt once when I hit two raccoons with my car, I can't imagine what the engineers feel.

Oh no, Elmo!

Onto somewhat lighter subject matter -- this evil Toyota owner has Elmo suspended fron his rear bumper! Elmo! What is this world coming to? Spotted on North Avenue in Plainfield. By the way, I saw that truck almost hit the Toyota as he slid parking on the edge of a snowbank. We need snow removal!

All that's left

The lone bird feeder post is all that remains. I am glad the family moved out before the homicide there but the birds and I miss them. The homicide has been solved and two suspects are in custody -- a father and son. The father, a roommate of the victim, allegedly killed him, the son hindered capture of the father.

I believe I was very right -- the murder wasn't gang related. The newspaper has a picture of the suspect and he was indeed one of the men I greeted every morning as I headed off to the train station. He was one of the worker men who would wait for rides in front of the house. In the photo, he's sporting a fading black eye and split lip. I'm just armchair detectiving, but think there had to be some kind of physical altercation between the man and the victim. Not saying it's an excuse, but the man is definitely not a cold-blooded killer. While we had a language barrier, he seemed to be a working guy probably sending money home to his family.

Pitch In!

A trash can is caught up in a small mountain of snow on North Avenue.

Now this is just silly

I mean, those socks with sneakers? Sheesh! Oh. And the shorts in the middle of winter, too. Bridgewater, NJ.

The sky is a hazy shade of winter

The sun, all but obscured in cloud cover, near the Plainfield Train Station. Remember, I can't get there from here because NO ONE SHOVELS THE SIDEWALK ON THAT SIDE OF NORTH AVENUE. I still have almost a block to go to get to the crevice path.

Um ... Post Office ... SIDEWALK?

The Post Office has effectively blocked the sidewalk on Watchung Avenue. Why aren't crews taking this stuff away? We still have piles from the Christmas blizzard!

Grate Ice!

Goodness gracious. East Front Street, Plainfield.

A tree grows in Plainfield

Perhaps hope for spring? A plant from one of the planters peeks out the top of a snow pile. I think the planter itself must be askew as the snow mountain is as tall as I am and I know that plant should top out at about four feet. East Front Street, Plainfield.

A Moment of Silence

A bench cut down in its youth. Apparently there's so much snow this year that the plow drivers aren't being careful at all. East Front Street, Plainfield.

But Judge, I didn't see any parking meter!

East Front Street Plainfield. Can we all say "snow removal," please?

Bus Stop

The sign post on the right is for the bus stop Manhattan bound. A lot of folks who live in town use it to commute to jobs in the city. How do they get from the sidewalk to the bus? Because no one cleared the street of cars, East Front Street is only a sliver of what it should be. In past years, they towed the cars as it's posted NO PARKING WHEN ROAD IS SNOW COVERED and did a better job at plowing. I know this year has more snow than usual, but not once have they plowed any street in town right! Yes, Plainfield, I'm talking to YOU.

In addition, crossing at the crosswalks entails either climbing over plowed snow piles or stepping in 6 inches of slush. Grr.

'hood V

Looking at my neighborhood through a V in the trees.


Even the Hulk gets hung up on the snow. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Out the window

Looking out at my neighbors' snow-covered trees. I can't help but thinking of the three that have fallen towards my building and the fact that they're not shoveling their walks this year. But the trees are pretty. (Told you I'd whine and fuss a lot this week.)

Snowy Post Office

I went out to run some errands Wednesday evening. It had snowed about four inches that morning. After I got home, the freezing rain started. Then it snowed more than a foot overnight into Thursday morning. Watchung Avenue.

Green Light District

This is another view of my neighborhood -- one of the three churches and some apartment buildings. Why a green light, I haven't a clue. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Watchung from East Front

Wednesday evening.

The Gnarly Tree

Out my window Wednesday morning during the initial snow -- huge flakes coming down.

Go in the Snow

Looking down Watchung Avenue from East Second on Wednesday evening.

Romonds in the snow

Wednesday evening. Quite a contrast from when I caught it reflecting the sunset. Now it looks dark and scary. East Second Street.

More Wednesday, more Watchung Avenue

Hey! I have pretty green eyes!

Then don't sit in bad light Vincent!

Oh, I do have a comment snow-removal related which isn't a complaint. My own apartment building, without its evil Ponzi scheme landlord in charge, has been totally cleared, both the parking lot and all of the walks, down to the pavement all season so far. Kudos to the receivership!

I also want to thank Dan and the Plainfielders who stopped by with well wishes after he posted about my knee.

How was your week?


Delee said...

Unfortunately, many cities "snow budgets" are gone and in this economy that is not great for those receiving all this snow. If you get more snow you may need to invest in a jet-pack to get to work.

Even though you were out and about in a limited manner, the photos show what a mess you are enduring.
I have not heard how bad this mid-week storm will be but if they are talking about it since Fri, then it does not bode well for us Easterners!

Pres O is supposed to come here, Wednesday. We will see.

Stay warm-dry and safe this week!

Bernice said...

Geez, Jackie, even with your bad knee you have been braver than I am in the aftermath of the storm! I have hardly budged off my block, which also has the apparently faddish pedestrian-mocking mountain of snow on the sidewalk by Lot 7. My best wishes to you also for a speedy recovery.

RyzandShyn said...

I'm glad your knee was feeling better enough to go to work for Friday and Saturday. That's a good sign.
I'm with you - if another big storm hits, I'm DONE trying to negotiate my way. Huge amounts of snow on the ground since Christmas has taken it's toll. I have no idea how people in places like upstate NY stay sane.
I live in a two family and have two spots for cars. I let my two kids park their cars there because they can often be out late. I take a street spot and walk (just 4-5 houses usually) up to our house. Problem is, when it snows, my car gets buried on the street. This last time the snow was pushed up against my car by the plows to the windows. I do shovel like a girl but even with help it takes hours, I tell you, hours to get it dug out. And then some ill mannered so-and-so puts their car there, like I dug it out just for them!
It looks like Plainfield and the entities within like NJT really don't give two hoots about the residents/customers. I'd be at my computer on an e-mailing mission.
I think I sound a bit curmudgeonly this morning. Maybe I'll lay back down and try getting up again :)

Sally said...

You've really been innundated with snow this year! It creates some pretty photos, but enough is enough!

Some of this week's photos look like you adjusted the color levels, leaving just one item in color (a no parking sign or red sweatshirt). Nature's version of photo shop, I guess.

Hope your knee isn't too much of a problem. That must really complicate your efforts to navigate all those unshoveled walks.

Becky said...

Gosh, Jackie. All that snow is a nightmare! How long until spring for you? Hey, Vincent! Such a pretty kitty. I am glad that Roofus is in a nice building. Hope someone is still feeding him.

Jackie said...

Delee - It seems that the upcoming storm might have snow/rain. I just pray no ice!

Bernice -- If I didn't have to go to work and had shopping right nearby, I wouldn't be out in it. I saw your shots. Horrible snow removal this year throughout the town.

Becky - February is traditionally the snowiest month. Throughout March and well into April, there could be snow. If the groundhog is smart, he won't come out at all this year!

Bernice said...

You know, when I scrolled down to the last photo and saw a round, white shape, I thought it was more snow. Surprise! It was Vincent.

Anonymous said...

Hey jackie,

Send some of that snow our way down here in GA. We'll melt it for you in no time. It was near 70here this past Sat. and Sun. Rain here today and the next couple of days which will be your next heavy snowfall mid week. Don't see how you folks manage all that white stuff.

Hope your knee is feeling some relief.

Zoetawny said...

Hi Jackie and all! It's me, long lost Zoetawny.

I've been sick with a bad virus since Christmas. It sure is holding on for a long time, and yes, I did have my flu shot. I can't even imagine how much sicker I would be if I hadn't.

I've been very concerned about you, Jackie, whenever I see the weather news on the east coast. I can't imagine navigating through all of the snow and ice with your fragile knees. You certainly are a trooper but I'm glad to read you're not being foolish and taking unecessary risks. The entire country has had a very severe winter this year. Ready for Spring? :)

I did finally finish a new Survivor graphic for the blog and will be sending it off.

Take good care and please stay safe all.


Zoetawny said...

Jackie!!!! OMG! I just read the previous post and read that you seriously did hurt yourself. I hope that you're healing and the pain meds are helping. I hope you can take it easy for as long as possible.

Now I don't want to complain about my back pain keeping me off the computer.

Spring is around the corner, really it is. ;)

Hang in there!

zara max said...

Your pictures are amazing. Here in the uk we have snow but not lke that and evertything grinds to a haul.
How your knee has healed now, I feel so sorry for you.