Thursday, January 13, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island -- Cast Quick Takes Part 2

The official CBS website for Survivor: Redemption Island is up and running. However, the show doesn't start for over a month, February 16th to be exact. Since we have time, I'm going to break down the cast posts by groups of five with my personal quick takes. Please let me know your impressions in comments!

The much beloved Margo has offered to run the blog pool once again. Remember, there's no wagering, per se. You'll be assigned a castaway to cheer on and bragging rights if that person is the sole survivor. You can sign up for the pool at this link. Margo rocks, doesn't she?

Okay, time to delve into five of the guys ... er, that's figuratively delve, mind you.

Name (Age): David Murphy (31)
Tribe Designation: Zapatera
Current Residence: West Hollywood, Calif.
Occupation: Defense Attorney

David -- I think this guy might present us with an interesting cerebral game. After all, he's a defense attorney. He's used to seeing through people's lies yet acting like he's in their corner. I'm not too keen on how smart he thinks he is, though.


Name (Age): Grant Mattos (29)
Tribe: Ometepe
Current Residence: West Hollywood, Calif.
Occupation: Yoga Instructor

Grant -- White boy, blue eyes and hair mats, er ... dreads. Ex-NFL player, current yoga guru. I think he's going to pose a physical threat simply by taking off his shirt. Eye candy for me, but he could definitely have a target on his back once merge is near.


Name (Age): Matt Elrod (22)
Tribe Designation: Ometepe
Current Residence: Nashville, Tenn.
Occupation: Pre-Med Student

Matt -- No hair mats on this Matt, but he initially reminded me of "Fabio" from last season. That was until he spoke and I noticed he's a pre-med student. Definitely a pretty boy. I can't help but wonder if some showmance is in the works.


Name (Age): Mike Chiesl (31)
Tribe Designation: Zapatera
Current Residence: Del Mar, Calif.
Occupation: Former Marine

Mike -- I think I'm in love. I hope he does well as I'd like to watch him all season. 'Nuff said.

Name (Age): Phillip Sheppard (52)
Tribe Designation: Ometepe
Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif.
Occupation: Technology Executive

Phillip -- Now, this is a 52-year-old who looks to be in great shape. I don't know how well he'll work the social game. He just has this look in his eyes like he's scrutinizing things.

What are your opinions on this group?

Stay tuned for the next installment!


joyn said...

Wow! Some good lookers here. David already turns me off. Surprised he didn't mention he was head of Mensa or something.

Phillip, I'm reserving opinion on for now. Seems a mite cocky. Maybe not.

I agree that Mike seems like a dreamboat. I love nice guys.

Thanks for the link to Margo, Jackie. You made it a lot easier to get there.

chris said...

Mike is so cute, I am with you on that Jackie
Lets hope Russell the troll does not target him to get rid of him early!
I love my Boston Rob!