Sunday, February 13, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - February 13, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my off television topic look back on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. I believe I've either become a zombie or I'm just winter weary. While we had our first week of winter without measurable snow, most of the week was bitter cold. I think it's getting to me. I could go for a really long winter nap ... wake me up in the spring!

Er, well. I can't do that. I do have to keep the bills paid and a roof over my head. And cat food. I can't forget the cat food.

On the home front, they've been rehabbing the apartment next door. Much of the work is being done at very odd times -- 7 AM, midnight. This was the apartment where the riff-raff were living. Now, they weren't there even two years. Before they moved in, a rehab of the unit was done. The tenant there before that was a super and he painted and put in new kitchen cabinets when he moved in. I have a feeling the riff-raff must have trashed the place. Why am I not surprised?

Meanwhile, I think my kitchen cabinets date back to at least the 70s and my bathroom fixtures could have used replacement before I moved in. I've been here 10 years. But, then again, I don't want maintenance workers in here ripping things apart while I live here (especially if I'm not home). While things seem better under the receivership, the workers seem to be day laborer types. I'd worry about Vincent getting out and my belongings if they were in and out. All of my things work, they've just seen much better days -- about 40 years ago!

There hasn't been much going on in my life lately. It's because of both the weather and the fact I'm in some sort of winter funk (or I've become a zombie). Things are firming up for the autumn vacation. I'm still working on a date for my right knee replacement. Oh. I had some interesting news this week on a personal artsy endeavor, but I can't go into it until I know more. It's good, though. I just need more details before I blab.

Along with my slump, my photos are a bit "eh" this week. Often it was too cold or too windy or I was running too late to really stop and look for the shots. I have high hopes for next week when we should be flirting with the 50s and maybe even a 60 degree temperature. Hopefully I'll get myself in gear so I'm not rushing to make my train!

Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window --

Look! Grass! Geese!

Well, the geese never leave. I'm not sure why they're year-round residents here. But the grass is something new this week. In areas which get most of the daytime sun and with only the standard snow pack, some patches have gotten down to the ground despite frigid temperatures. We have had a lot of sun this week. Although there are more places which still have snow cover way above my knees, as well as the HUGE snow piles, it's nice to see these actual earth bits here and there. Bridgewater, NJ, on Saturday.

Saturday, 15 minutes before the geese shot

Yep, snow. It's not measurable as it was just a squall in high winds. At one point, I couldn't see across the street. Watchung and North, Plainfield, NJ.

A cone exiled

Amidst a pile of snow, this cone must have been voted off the island ... or something. I hope it's not there to warn us that there's a pile of snow about 15 feet high and 30 feet long. I think we'd see that, don't you? North Avenue, Plainfield.

More typical than the geese shot

This is also Saturday morning, just before the snow squall. This lawn doesn't get lengthy daytime sunlight exposure. You see how high the snow remains. East Front Street, Plainfield.


The sun has been melting the snow off the roof at the Plainfield Train Station -- the result being these almost identical "snowcicles."

Pretty until they fall on your head

On and about the yellow line (which you need to stand behind!), it's snowcicle suicide, like lemmings into the sea.

From another view

Now, if it were really WARM, all the snow would slide off in large batches and not slowly sneak on down.

Time stands still as does the water

In winter, everything seems to freeze frame at times. Bridgewater, NJ.

Shame on Union County College!

On Friday morning, I saw this on East Second Street. At first I thought a truck accidentally dumped snow. That one big chunk of ice and snow had to be at least 20 inches wide. It could cause an accident.

When I went past the corner, I saw two men from the college chopping at the snowbanks and throwing it on Church Street.


NJ Transit got its act together and chopped the ice/snow never shoveled sidewalk to the Bridgewater Train Station. Yes, I noticed they threw some of it in the street, too.

NJ Transit also put up a new sign

"Watch Your Step." Well, geez ... since you have barely shoveled the station all winter, we have no choice! I can only guess that someone must have filed a claim for a fall which set in motion the ice chopping and sign activity. Now if they'd take care of the North Avenue walk in front of the Plainfield Train Station.


A green apple sits alone in Bridgewater. Weird, I've photographed an orange in the same place in the past. Perhaps fruit just materializes there or, as in Star Trek, it gets transported to that spot.

Oh no!

This either Spelling Notebook or Writing Journal was just sitting there on the sidewalk on East Front Street. Now someone's daily journals might be misspelled!

Luge run part two

This walk in Vest Pocket Park on the East Fourth Street side of the Plainfield Train Station hasn't been shoveled all season. It looks like someone might have touched it up a bit after the sun melted parts of it. But, trust me, it was snow-covered until this week. When the sun came out, it melted down to the pavement. When night came, it froze over. LUGE!

I normally wouldn't do this, but ...

I find it funny. Yes, it's a ca-ca photo. This is what happens when a herd of deer decide to use the sidewalk and nibble at the grassy edges. I've noticed that deer and rabbits prefer shoveled areas as the snow cover is way too much. Since the snow went all icy on top, the rabbits are on it again. But the deer sink. They prefer the sidewalk. Bridgewater, NJ.

Move along clouds

Morning clouds gave way to brilliant blue skies nearby the Plainfield Train Station.

No, I didn't put them there

Notice how icy and dirty our snow cover is. Perhaps we do need new snow? Um. Nah. The wind blew these all over the place at the intersection of East Second and Berckman in Plainfield.

Y'know ... I can see that camera

Yes, Vincent. I see you peeking at me.

How was your week?


Delee said...

I am with you, Jackie, let's go hibernate. This winter is just dragging on. Hope the forecasted temps are true. Would love to see something other than ice and snow!

Bernice said...

Hi Jackie, The word verification is "gobition," as in ambition to go. Like you, I feel my go-bition, or get-up-and-go, has got up and went, as per the folk saying. Even a trip half a block on foot is too much of adventure for me when ice is involved. Thank heavens for seed and garden catalogues! Spring is coming, so they say.

Sally said...

Wonder what made the transit people finally shovel that sidewalk. But at least they finally did.

The good news here: our temperatures are actually above freezing today--first time since New Year's Day. That's 42 days of frigid temps. No wonder staying home has been so appealing.

Very cute photo of Vincent. And I'm eager to hear more about your new artsy endeavor.

RiseandShine said...

I see grass too, good old Water Cycle at work again. Of course, my side of the street faces north, so we're still snowed in solid.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, one of my favorite days of the year...pitchers and catchers!
I don't know how much longer I could have waited.
An artsy endeavor sounds like just the thing to do while waiting for spring. I'm excited for you.
Have a good week, watch out for the ca-ca!

joy n said...

I am also so tired of this winter. We've had milder than usual ones the last three years which makes this one all the more hard to live with. More than average snowfall with none of it disappearing yet. But we are expecting 30's and 40's this coming week which is a blessing compared to what we've had. I'm going to jump for joy when I see the first sprout of a green leaf this spring. If you see one Jackie, please take a pic of it, if only to give us all some hope of this coldness and iciness ending.

Sounds like the drama of that next door apartment is never-ending for you.

Love the photos, especially the one with the green apple. I vote for the Star Trek theory.

Hope you and your pals have a grand time in NC on your vacation. Will look forward to any pictures you might provide.

Vincent looks adorable this week.

ML said...

I always enjoy your pictures of Vincent. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Vincent from my two kitties!

Zoetawny said...

Hey Jackie and all!

I'm joining the "zombie club" but for different reasons than a dreary winter. ;)

We're getting more rain this week. Too bad my doggies don't use a litter box. I wish CA drivers would learn how to drive the freeways in the rain.

Just popped in here after getting home from work to let you know I sent you a new Survivor graphic for the blog a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't look like you've read the email yet or so AOL says...just letting you know.

My husband is secretly thrilled that Russell is back on Survivor. I think he got hooked on Survivor just to hate on Russell. LOL I've always been a Rob fan, not sure why. Oh, wait...maybe it's because he's Italian and I thought he was so cute. Rob's "Dennis the menace" grin won me and Amber over.

It's time to head into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Zoe's pawing on me telling me it's dinner time. I would like to know what my husband has against take-out of any kind but he has no reply when I ask him. I wonder what would happen if I didn't feed him? LOL

Take good care all!

Anonymous said...