Monday, March 28, 2011

A Few Brief Notes

My review for last night's The Amazing Race is up on TV Squad. Please check it out! (And, no. I have nothing against deaf folks. As a matter of fact I have a deaf friend who could have run circles around Luke! And she's a SHE and even younger.)

I know there's a Presidential address tonight at 7:30 PM ET. I'm not sure it will delay television. But, if you're a fan of Dancing With the Stars, head on over to the new discussion post for this season!

I hope television isn't really delayed a lot. Jack Hanna is on David Letterman tonight and he's my absolute favorite guest on the show.

Oh. I'll also be watching Castle tonight. I love that one. Anyone else watching it?

Happy TV to you!


Becky said...

Jackie, excellent write up. I will try and get back to post a comment later.

joy n said...

It was a great writeup in spite of a couple of commenters who read inaccurate information into it. I knew what you meant, Jackie, as most people would.

~~Silk said...

I've tried to leave a comment on the TV Squad review, and despite logging in under AOL and Google, I'm not getting any confirmation that the comment "went". After several hours, the comment has not shown up.

Oh, well. What I wanted to say is:
"I agree that Luke is immature. But we have to give Marge some credit - in every case that he broke down in frustration, she urged him to keep going.

(Jackie - just a BTW - Ganesha is male, a god. That's a belly, not a baby.)"