Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jackie Watch

Good Morning Jackie Fans!

It's Sydney, your somewhat MIA fellow commenter (as of the last few seasons of TV at least--my new work keeps me really busy). Last time Jackie got her knee operated on, we all wanted to know how she was. Jackie has a desktop computer and it was going to be awhile after the surgery before she could get back to a sitting position at an apartment desk so I was able to pitch in on the blog from where I am in Houston to keep us all in the know.

The time has come for her to do the other knee and I will be writing a few posts to keep you updated until she can sprint, bend, run, to the desk herself (maybe even adding a little leap over Vincent). Commenter Laurie is going to be in touch with Jackie via phone, and will be letting me know how Jackie is doing so I can let you know. Jackie said she may e-mail or text us too, depending on how she's feeling.

Speaking of Vincent, he's off to kitty camp this morning, so Jackie can get to the hospital after what I imagine was a hectic Wednesday of preparations for her stay, as well as stocking the cupboards and tidying up, getting pillows on the couch and having books and the remote close by for ease when she returns.

Jackie needs to be to Somerset Medical Center by 9:30 AM to get checked in and be prepped. The surgery will happen at noon, and if you've been following along here, she's mentioned she's doing this with the same doc who operated on her other knee a few years ago. If you will please keep her, the docs and nurses in your thoughts and prayers, especially from noon-4 or 5 EDT, it would be much appreciated by Jackie, I'm sure.

She hopes to be there for a short time, probably returning home later Saturday or on Sunday, so sending cards to the hospital may not be a good idea unless you live locally and send them as soon as you finish your coffee this morning. But there is a link on the website to the hospital gift shop if you 'd like to send something to her room from there -- and you can leave all the notes you'd like here for her, as she will eventually be able to get back to her computer to see them.

I'll report back as soon as I hear something.


Dan said...

Thanks for the update Sydney. This is Dan Damon, a fellow Plainfield blogger, who shares her updates with the locals. I am pointing all readers toward the blog to leave their well-wishes. If there is anything I can do locally to help Jackie, drop me a line at plaindan at gmail dot com.

Thanks again to you and Laurie!!

Delee said...

Bless you, Sydney and Laurie for taking on the task of keeping us informed of Jackie's progress!

Prayers going up to guide the doctor and staff during her surgery. I hope she does get to come home over the weekend, as it seemed like Jackie was there forever last time!

Jackie thinking of you and wishing that you will be dancing and pain free shortly. Also just think with 2 new knees how far afield she will be able to travel to photograph more and more of her world to share with us!!!

Sydney said...

Thanks so much Dan. Will definitely let you know. Thanks for spreading the word.

And Delee, I was thinking, she would be able to have no limits on her "photo stomping" as she has called it....

SueGee said...

Thanks everyone! I was hoping this would get set up here or over on FB.

Prayers are being sent Eastward and many healing thoughts. I hope it was as routine a surgery as possible, and that you are back with us by the weekend!

Sue on the left coast

Sydney said...

Hey Sue - thanks for checking in. I know Jackie will appreciate those prayers.