Sunday, June 05, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - June 5, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic look back at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. My television heavy season isn't too far down the road, so TV fans be patient! If you're watching So You Think You Can Dance, I've been posting on that and I'd love to get your opinions. I watched (but did not post about) America's Got Talent this week and I'm happy to hear that The Glades is returning.

I've just had a lot on my plate and stressful stuff going on leading into the surgery. Stress on my job hasn't eased and throw in getting my apartment prepped, medical stuff, insurance stuff, financial stuff ... I might need a brain replacement next! Plus, the knee must be realizing it's on its last days and has been more painful than ever. Gah! But once I'm back home from the hospital, I anticipate lots of television watching! After all, it's not like I'll be able to go out jogging.

Mind you, I never liked the idea of jogging anyway. But that's beside the point!

This past Monday was Memorial Day. My father and grandfather were both veterans, but ones who made it home okay. We know not all do that. I salute all of our military men and women. I personally don't believe wars solve the problems of society these days, but I respect and thank those who serve our country.

I had my PAT on Tuesday. That would be Pre-Admission Testing at the hospital. I was poked, prodded and had all sorts of tests to make sure I'd neither die on the table or kill those around me with disease. My blood alcohol level is 99! Er, wait ... that would be blood oxygen level. There's a difference. That level is perfect and shows my heart and lungs are working well together. My blood pressure is perfectly normal. I guess the EKG, MRSA tests and all went well as I haven't had any phone calls from them.

This Wednesday I have my pre-op appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. That doesn't worry me at all -- we both know my knee is shot! I always worry about the other medical tests as there is diabetes in the family, early deaths on record, etc. I should take better care of myself than I do. But I seem to keep on kickin'! Except for the knees, of course.

After an extremely hot and humid earlier part of the week, we've had springtime glee for a few days now. I so love days in the 70s with no humidity! Yesterday was cloudy all day, a sprinkle here and there, but the 70s made it all worthwhile.

Onto this week's photos ... clicking on an image will open it in a larger window, then hit back on your browser to return to the blog.

Don't fence me in!

Some plant or another, usually weeds, grow in the crevices between the chain link fence and the wall at the Bridgewater Train Station each year. This year, it's this.

We need scratch and sniff!

I realize this is no work of art. But if you could smell it, you'd realize it's nature's artwork! I came upon this confederate jasmine hedge near the Somerset Medical Center on Tuesday. I was in heaven!

Sweet days of summer
the jasmine's in bloom...
-- Seals and Crofts, "Summer Breeze"

General Anesthesia?

Just outside the main entrance to the Somerset Medical Center I made note of this empty liquor bottle. My gosh, I hope they're not using that to cut costs!

I'll be in good hands.

Of course, they're the same hands I was in with the other knee, but now they have AWARDS. I'm still not keen on the coach (no, I don't have one) and group things. But one thing I learned the other day at my joint replacement class (I have a guide book, too!) is that all joint replacement patients get PRIVATE ROOMS at no extra cost! YAY! My health insurance doesn't cover private rooms, but this is indeed covered as they no longer have semi-private in the "Joint Surgery Institute." They say it's to cut down on the possibility of infection.

I say, "Well, then. Why do I have to eat my meals with the other patients and have group physical therapy?"

Pretty flowers of some kind.


A bird checks me out as I wait for the train at the Plainfield Train Station.

Another pretty flower.

Through the cracks

I took this one on West Union Street in Somerville, NJ near the hospital. It's like another world on the other side of the fence.

Plainfield early morning

The corner of Watchung and East Front Street early on Tuesday morning. I really wish the billboards would sport both Spanish and English, though. I can figure it out, but prefer to have translations. How am I going to learn Spanish by guessing what the billboards say? Not everyone in town speaks Spanish, Wells Fargo and T Mobile. I understand reaching out to those who do speak Spanish, but they could more easily learn some English just like I could more easily learn some Spanish if the signs were in both languages!

Gang truce?

The big news a week or two back was a gang truce in Plainfield. Now I see birds not of a feather flocking together. This could signal trouble for humans. We already know they've been conspiring against us! Bridgewater, NJ.

First stinkhorn sighting of the season!

Ah, those stinkhorn mushrooms are making their return to Bridgewater, NJ.

The next bunch of photos could be called ...

Bugging Out!

Color coordinated fly

Or, is it camouflage? East Third Street, Plainfield.

Bug on a flower in Somerville, NJ

Black wasp (?) in Bridgewater, NJ


Plainfield Train Station

Oh my.

Bridgewater Train Station

That gold shiny beetle.

Still about the size of a ladybug, still looks shiny metallic gold to the naked eye. But this is what it looks like close up and "magnified." It still has the clear force field around it, too. Bridgewater Train Station.

First damselfly sighting of the season

And he was kind enough to pose. I can't get a shot of these flying as they're really small (about the size of three bundled sewing needles) and they dart around. But once they grasp something, it's easy to move in for the shot. Bridgewater Train Station.

Are there any weeds/flowers without bugs on them?

This one looks almost like some kind of tick. I don't know.

Oh great

I sit on the bench and it's infested with a gazillion of these orange/black/grey creepy crawlers. Bridgewater, NJ.


No more bugs! For now, that is ...

New convenience store on North Avenue

Located in the old billiards parlor, this new store seems to have appropriated the neon from the closed XPress Mart a few doors down. It's been closed when I've gone by for the most part. One day I was laden down with packages and, sure enough, it was open then when I really couldn't stop! I've peeked in. It's big. It looks like the registers are behind bulletproof glass bringing to mind stores I've stopped in in South Philly.

I will have to pay it a visit. Maybe some ice cream after getting off the train on a hot day!

The fungus on the stump

This way cool fungus was growing on the tree stump in the edge of the cemetery behind the Friends Meeting House (Church and East Third, Plainfield). By the end of the week it darkened and shriveled.

Excuse me, Vincent ...

... do you think you could take up any MORE room? I don't think he's the biggest cat I've ever had. But when he stretches out like this, he could very well be the longest cat from toe to toe that I've had.

How was your week?


Delee said...

Hydrangea is the bluish-white flower. I love them. Jasmine is one of the best smelling flowers!

You can keep the bugs, with all the rain we have had the mosquitos are arriving. They were chasing me while I was out with Starry this morning!

Going out to dinner with my Mom's friend Barbara this evening and afterwards we will tour Penn State's Arborium (?). Can not wait to see the flowers and trees in bloom. Must remember to take camera. Took a mini-trip last week, only took a few pics. Was glad I did not see anything amazing as when I came home the card was in my computer! DUH!

After your last knee op and the clots will they start you on that medicine to prevent it or was that a one time thing? That is my big concern with your surgery this time around! Wish I lived closer to be of any help during your recovery!!!

Delee said...

Forgot to mention "The Glades", can not wait for season 2, since I watched season 1 at 3p on A&E over the past few weeks. I am hooked!

Next Food Network Star starts tonight at 9p.

Jackie said...

I've accidentally left my memory card in the computer on occasion, too!

As for the blood clot -- due to the major surgery and bleeding factor, I can't have blood thinners prior to surgery (or I could have uncontrolled bleeding). They do start them immediately after the surgery. Hopefully it was a one time thing. I guess I'll be finding out!

RiseandShine said...

Good Morning!
Glad you're getting time to get things ready for your surgery even if they are boring.
In a strange way your pictures highlight a problem I have every year until the light bulb comes on in my head. I use a popular mall store shower gel and body lotion (in matching scents) every day. I found their products work to keep my skin nice. However, I have to be hit over the head each year by insect bites to remember that they must think I am actually the flower or fruit I am wearing. Time to switch it up before I'm eaten alive!
Remember, I'm only a couple of counties away, not far in Jersey miles, if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

I had knee replacement surgery on April 25th and went to Inpatient Rehab on April 29th. I was released on May 20th. I am now in Outpatient PT and this morning I walked 3/4 of a mile on my favorite track, without my cane. I am getting better and better eveyday and I know that you will also mend rapidly.

Delee said...

Margaret, your progress is amazing! I am praying and hoping Jackie has the same this time around! She HAS to be ready for OBX and walks on the beach! Not the long dragged out mess it was last time!

Is someone coming in to care for Vincent or will he be on vaca too? I may have missed it if you mentioned it!

Jackie said...

Great progress, Margaret! Right now there are no plans for me to go to inpatient rehab and I hope to be in the hospital for only three days. At home the first few weeks, I'll have visiting PT and nurses, then to out patient PT.

Delee - Vincent will be on his own little vacation at Best Friends, a luxury pet motel.

Sally said...

The flower photos are beautiful and some of those bugs are pretty too--especially the damselfly.

Since the weather got warmer, my cats have been stretching out like Vincent is in that photo. Some days it seems like I'm always stepping over one of the cats blocking a hallway.

I'm impressed with how organized you are for your surgery already, instead of waiting until the last minute. And I'm glad the medical community didn't force you to have a coach.

Jackie said...

They can't force me to bring in my own coach, but they will foist one upon me. Hospital volunteers step in when people don't have coaches. But I'm not going to ask any friends to miss work just to be there while I'm in the hospital doing physical therapy. It's not like I'm having a baby or something.

Donna in AL said...

Are you saying your knee is on it's last leg? ;-))

Love the pictures!! except I'm not fond of bugs! I have a little white kitty now. I think he is going to be fuzzy and small though.

Anonymous said...

as always beautiful photos! love the dragonfly! if you need anything after your surgery let me know. i'm only twenty minutes away. -jeannemarie