Thursday, June 02, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Los Angeles Auditions

The auditions are onto Los Angeles. Will we be mesmerized by talent once again? I won't be live blogging each and every audition, but I'll surely mention those who make an impression on me. Please feel free to share your thoughts in comments!

Sexy and provocative was up first. A sure bet to Vegas.

The next guy, DC, was fantastic -- a street style done incredibly amazingly! Woot!

It looks like LA hit the jackpot of dancing machines. You know that that means FAIL is up soon.

Not yet, though. Hero MacRae, a Japanese import (female) is a popper/locker sort, amazing! Straight onto Vegas. Who cares if she can waltz or cha-cha?

Previous dancer Janine's sister is up next -- Alexis Mason. Contemporary style, done very well. It's not my favorite genre of dance. I tend to lean a bit towards street dances. She's through to Vegas.

I love Patty Ann! The women this season should rule! She's another street style popper/locker. Two sisters, one on the heavy side, put on a tremendous audition. After choreography, both made it to Vegas.

Next week will be Las Vegas with 160 hopeful dancers looking to make the dream.

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Donna in AL said...

I was impressed too with the street/popper/robotic dancers. I was so surprised they sent them straight to Vegas. I would think with their dance being of the type that is strictly solo, they would want to see how well they could adapt to something different. Most of the dances they will have to do is so far from their auditions....