Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - July 17, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic photo post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. If you're looking for Big Brother 13 live feeds updates, check the post before this one and, most likely, the next post coming.

I'm still not really mobile enough to be wandering senselessly about, so my photo taking has been limited to trips I need to take -- basically back and forth to physical therapy. However, this week was the big invitational photo exhibition at the Plainfield Public Library, so I did have my first social outing since the surgery.

My knee held up pretty well for the opening and I was able to rotate between sitting and standing. After I got home, it was a bit angry with me so it was back to icing and elevating.

The opening itself was exciting. I've never been in a position like that with folks in person complimenting me on my work like I really know what I'm doing! My shots looked great professionally mounted and displayed. The other two photographers -- Paul LeGrand and William Monroe -- had some fantastic photos, some I definitely wished I had taken! They had a nice spread of snacks and beverages. I even broke down and drank about an ounce of Chablis, but stuck pretty much to lemonade and water.

Other than that, my week was very routine. Doing the BB13 posts, taking care of the knee. It's still doing well, but definitely has its good and bad days. I actually slept a full night a few nights ago, but I'm back to scattered sleep once again now. I'm pretty much down to only taking pain medication for my physical therapy, an occasional one at night hoping for sleep.

I had my first Peapod grocery delivery on Monday and was very pleased with the service. So I'll be going that route again. I'm really not up to walking around supermarkets. The ice cream I ordered via Peapod was still frozen, so that was a good test of freshness for me! The produce I ordered was also in nice shape, as if I had picked the items out myself.

This coming week I head back for a follow-up visit at the surgeon's office tomorrow and my PT is down to twice weekly (instead of thrice) because my health insurance only allows 20 visits per calendar year. Since I'm ahead of the game, so to speak, this will spread the visits out for a longer time. I also received an invitation for a joint replacement reunion dinner at the hospital in August. Um, okay. As long as I don't have to be a patient, I'll go.

More paperwork is coming in from work, the short term disability folks and bills, too. When I pay off the surgeon charges and the anesthesia people, I'll hit my out of pocket maximum for the year. So, with the exception of co-pays at PT, any medical bills will be covered. Of course, I'm not expecting many billing things from this point forward (surgeon aftercare visits are included in the surgery charges), but if any arise, they're covered. The last time with the blood clot, a lot of charges were yet to come at this point. This time, not so much.

Once again, I've bored you enough. Onto the (few) photos from this week:

Pictures at an Exhibition

Gotta love that

Freedom is not free.

But it is another word for nothing left to lose. This is the clock outside of the Scotch Plains Municipal Building.

Cool blue car

He saw me taking photos and even smiled and waved. He was waiting at a red light on Second Street in Scotch Plains as I goofed off on the bench outside of CVS.

Little yellow flower

Slightly larger red, pink and white flower.

Scotch Plains time capsule

"Italo Americans"? Hmm. Scotch Plains is a lot more Italian-related than nearby Plainfield where I live. Or is that Italo American related?

Statue in honor of Christopher Columbus

This is in the little park I while time away across from my PT in Scotch Plains. That's the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria (did I get those right?) in the palm of the hand.

Vincent in the window

He's not thrilled because the air conditioning is on and the window is closed. But he still sees squirrels and birds to watch!

How was your week?


Delee said...

Happy your outing was a success! Will there be another write-up in your paper. If so link it for us!

The reunion sounds different. At least it is a free meal! Hope some do not moan and groan about how hard it has been!

Vincent grows cuter and cuter! Bet he misses his PT visitors to pester!

RiseandShine said...

Glad to hear you were able to enjoy the exhibition gala. That really must have been fun.
The few families I know from Scotch Plains aren't Italo Americans(WTheck?), so that's something new to know about there.
Hope your sleeping improves. No fun dragging around tired in this heat.
Vincent should have his own photo exhibition since he poses so well.

meb said...

I would have loved to see your photographs displayed Jackie. How great was that!

I'm glad you're having your groceries delivered .. at least for now Jackie... you don't want to over-do!

The blue car, the flowers, the time capsule, and most of all Vincent were fun to see.

Enjoy your Sunday... and thanks again for the timely posts of the happenings in the house.

my wv was 'sters' ... I guess it's too obvious to point out that they are 'ham's

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your exhibit! Your photography is so honest & always tells a story.
Glad your knee is healing well this time. Your weekend is much more interesting than the Big Brother house.
Lynda K

Sally said...

I'm glad your knee cooperated and you were able to particpate in the opening for the photo exhibit. Opportunities and honors like that don't come along often.

Once again your blog was educational for me, as I had to google Mussorgsky.