Sunday, July 24, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - July 24, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken. If you're looking for BB13 news, check out the post before this one and (likely) the post after it later on today.

One good thing about having knee replacement surgery is that I'm not hiking back and forth to the train for work during this monstrous heatwave. I HATE sweating, especially when my forehead is sweating into my eyes and on my eyeglasses!

I only ventured outside the three days I had to this week -- follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Monday, physical therapy Tuesday and Friday. I wore my typical post-op using public transportation clothes, bulky gym shorts and a t-shirt, along with my sympathy crutch to get the buses to "kneel" and so folks let me sit. For my PT trips, I even wore a sweatband, something I really can't get away with commuting to work.

The kindnesses of strangers when you have a big shark bite surgical incision on your knee continues to surprise me. Two different people I don't know in my building have offered to carry my trash bag out to the Dumpster when they saw me. A woman who didn't speak English had her young daughter bring me a small bottle of water at a bus stop. At another bus stop, a car stopped to go into the bodega and the woman getting out asked if I needed anything.

But then there was the NJ Transit bus driver who not only didn't kneel the bus, he didn't even pull to the side at any of his stops! That was early on Tuesday morning. I won't schedule PT at that time again. I took my time getting on and off the bus. Oh, too bad he had to wait, eh?

My orthopedic surgeon is very pleased with my knee and its progress. I go back in four weeks ... well, three weeks and a day now. My physical therapy is going very well. He hasn't measured the bend since my first visit, so I asked him for the latest. 125 on my own! YES! It still wants to have its good days and bad days, but I know how bad things could be and I'm very happy.

I have another grocery delivery lined up from Peapod tomorrow. Fruit! Meats! Vegetables! Yes!

Here are the photos I've taken this week -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window, then hit your Back button on your browser to return to the blog:

Flowers in a fence

I always like man vs. nature themes. Flowers and fences fit the bill. This was on Maple Avenue in Bound Brook where most of the flower photos this week took place. There's a wild garden run amok with flowers right alongside the sidewalk.

Bee on a flower (part one)

Singular flower vs. fence

Flowers along wooden fence at the back of said garden

Pinks and yellows

Will be closed some days

Sign in a window on East Front Street in Plainfield.


Oh. He's friendly.

This is Barney, a dog I met in the park across from my PT in Scotch Plains.

Rainbow in the fountain

Scotch Plains

My physical therapy hangout

I edited this to leave only the flowers in color. Scotch Plains.

It was a rough chase, but I caught him!

Anyone have tree handcuffs? A Scotch Plains police officer stands by a fallen HUGE half a tree on Tuesday morning.

Bee butt

Nifty little plant

Bee on flower (part two)

Green sneaks

These were sitting in the parking lot of my apartment. They really didn't look too worn. I just don't know.


Vincent continues to enjoy me being home. Where I am, he is. It's like me and my shadow.


meb said...

Good morning Ms. Jackie. You got this posted early this morning.

It is great to see that there really on nice people around isn't it.

Are these pictures ones you've taken prior to the knee surgery? They are absolutely beautiful... we don't have a flower around anywhere. With no rain and the heat, they're 'long time passing'. It's good to see a few bees around. Just aren't many around anymore.

Enjoyed seeing the rainbow in the fountain and now I can envision where you are when you say you're going to Physical Therapy. Neat!

Barney was cute and as black as Vincent is white..

Thanks for the Off Topic. Enjoy your day and stay out of the heat!

Jackie said...

The photos were all taken this week. All of those flowers are near my doctor's office.

meb said...

The colors are beautiful Jackie. You sure can take a great picture. Makes me want to print and frame.

auntlisa3 said...

Jacki your flower pics are masterful (is that a word?).

Jennasmom said...

Good Sunday morning, Jackie! Great photos! But the one I just love was the green sneakers. What went through my mind:

- Some mom is probably looking for those expensive shoes she just bought the kid

- They smelled so they threw them outside to air out

- Some kid took them off playing and of course has no idea where they left them

As you can guess, we've spent a lot of time searching for my kid's sneakers.......

Sally said...

It's good to hear that so many strangers are exhibiting kindness!

Nice that Barney introduced himself. Could Vincent tell you'd been around another animal? My cats always know.

That "nifty little plant" reminds me of some of those scientific diagrams of atoms and neutrons or chemical reactions.

And once again this post was educational. I had never heard of kneeling a bus before, so I googled it and now I know.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Sally - Yes, Vincent sniffed all around at me after I came home smelling like dog!

As for the kneeling buses, all NJ Transit buses can kneel and most have a lift for wheelchairs (which I don't need). The kneeling works on a similar principle as low rider cars ... but the bus drivers don't bounce the bus up and down!

Becky said...

Wonderful pictures!