Sunday, July 03, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - July 3, 2011

It's Sunday morning. That means it's time for my weekly off television topic photo post (and I'm even doing it this week). Those tuning in for the Big Brother 13 posts can check the ones previous to this one (and probably after it). But this is my time to take a look back at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. By the way -- I can't keep that one Julie Chen video to stop autoplaying -- you have to either pause it or just hit the time link at the end of this post to bring up only this post!

I've actually been getting out this week for more than a short walk outdoors with the visiting physical therapists. On Monday I walked to the local bodega -- perhaps a long city block distance-wise. And back, of course. My walks outside are taken using a single crutch although I'm walking without any aids inside my apartment. I can walk for some distance without a limp, something I couldn't do prior to the surgery.

During the week I made a few more walks to the bodega, but my big adventure was on Friday. My friend Barbara dropped me off at my surgeon's office for my post-op follow-up x-ray staples removal visit. That went fine, the doctor's really happy with my progress, as am I.

I decided to be brave going home. I've really needed to hit up an ATM which hands out more money than the bodega's machine and wanted to say hello to some of the downtown folks. So I walked to the bus stop from the doctor's office (one of those one long block distance walks).

Not bad. I took some photos on the way. Uh-oh. I missed the bus and it was 45 minutes until the next one. Hey, there's a bench, I'll be fine. Alas, there was no shade and the temperature was near 90. Wah! I covered my knee and its new steri-strips from the sun. At one point I felt quite sick, whether from the medications I'm on or the heat, I don't know. I hadn't thought of bringing any water.

But the feeling passed and the bus came. Despite the fact that it was crowded (heading to NYC on a holiday weekend), I found the only double seat not occupied and claimed the whole thing with my crutch and stretched out right leg. No one challenged me after seeing the obvious knee (and crutch). There were standees. I didn't care.

Once I hit town, I stopped in to say hello a The Corner Store and the Plainfield Donut Shop in addition to getting a fortune some money from the local bank ATM. I then took a taxi home, sitting in the front seat as it was either that or sprawl across the back as they have practically no legroom in the back!

So, my visiting medical people visits have ended. Yay! Thursday was the last in-home PT visit. I still can't seem to get really away, though. The director of the hospital's joint surgery center called me while I was waiting in the doctor's office and the Bluecare nurse (can you guess what insurance I have) called me while I was on the bus ride home!

No more days of Vincent sucking up to the medical types! He would stand next to the PT and watch as I went through my paces. I know she was counting but I thought he was just thinking I'm crazy! He did succeed in getting on the shoulder of PT and you'd think that their visits were all about HIM!

Everyone, including myself, is thrilled with the knee's progress. My last measurement was 105 degrees range of motion. Of course, that was while sitting in a chair. I expect a bit less at the out patient PT next week as I know he does the measurement while I'm on my back. I'm still having sleep, concentration, lack of appetite things going on, but that's to be expected -- a mix of recovering from the surgical trauma and the meds. But even with those issues, this is a thousand times better than the other knee's TKR recovery!

Now that I've thoroughly bored you to death with knee talk, it's time for this week's photos. Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new winfdow, then hit you back button on your browser to return to the blog.

What? More knee?

Um. Yes. After showing the gory photo earlier this week (or was it last week?), I thought I'd show you the latest. These are my steri-strips in lieu of the staples. My knee is still very swollen and a bit more in this photo than other times as I took it after my big outing to the doctor's on Friday.

The bruising right around the knee is down. But I'm still black and blue all down the inside of my leg, especially on that side of my calf and down below my ankle. These strips fall off on their own and I'm already trimming flapping edges. My next doctor's appointment is on the 18th. They'll be gone by them!

Plainfield High School Marching Band

Since I was home and the parade goes right by my apartment, I stepped out with my one crutch and a camera for a while. One young man whom I don't really know -- we've said hello a few times in the building's hallway -- insisted I take the chair he brought down. That was so nice of him! As I had a seat, I ended up staying outside until the end of the parade although I missed the beginning.

Drummer for Jesus

This guy was actually pretty good! Alas, the "Stop the Violence" message wasn't heard in town. By afternoon the was an armed robbery at a bodega with three people shot, one fatally. Sigh. No, it wasn't my local store, thankfully. But, what a shame on a day when everyone seemed in such good spirits.

She posed for me!

Since this is Plainfield, the 4th of July parade tends to be not all fife and drum. There are so many different cultures here that the West Indian and Latin American cultures are a huge part of the parade.

In all her glory!

Mmm ... Italian Ice


In addition to the usual Black Cowboys on dancing horses, there was a Latino contingent of horse riders. Neat. I love horses but haven't ridden one in a couple of decades.

Speaking of Black Cowboys on dancing horses ...

These guys are in the parade every year. The horses do sidesteps and other fancy choreographed moves. Seeing them always brings back the child in me!

The Pollo Campero float

Delinquent vs. obediences? Hmm ...

Belly dancers?

These hat/belly people were dancing to a Latin beat.


The parade is over -- onto other stuff ...

Where's that GPS when I need it?

While waiting for the bus in Bound Brook, I spotted this guy with a dilemma.

Ah, this way!

I know it's not really safe up there for the squirrel, but his chances would be worse trying to cross the busy street.

Nifty old car!

Along with a cute driver! Mountain Avenue and Union in Bound Brook.

Does that hole go all the way through?

This tree is on Mountain Avenue in Bound Brook, in front of the old cemetery there. My knee wasn't up to crossing (then crossing back), but I'll check it out the next time.


These webs are covering the bushes at my doctor's office. In the sunlight and at the right angle, they're pretty.

Wrong angle, just creepy.

Bee in the clover!

Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Day Lily

Also on Berckman Street.

Some kind of lily

Berckman Street.

The physical therapist's assistant.

Vincent is definitely liking the fact that I'm home more. Although I still haven't gotten a full night's sleep, I'm taking many naps. Guess who's right there/on me? As long as he doesn't stand on the surgical leg, I'm good with it. I've actually felt stable enough to carry him around some on my shoulder. Happy cat.

How was your week?


Delee said...

The pic of Vincent is one of the best you have taken...if you ask me. He seems to be in comtemplation(?) on solving a problem!

Glad you were able to be out and about! What fun to watch the parade pass by and how nice of the young gentleman to offer you his seat! Some parents still do raise their children correctly!

Last time we were worried for weeks about the outcome of your surgery, thrilled so much better and improving speedily!


RiseandShine said...

So glad to hear you got out and about without too much difficulty.
I was thinking that maybe part of your sleep, concentration, and appetite disturbances could also be "change of routine" related as well as surgery/med related.
I mean, not being out and about and as busy at work as you are normally.
I was down the shore for the week. Lovely. Relaxing. Nice to have had some days with all my kids there. Funny how they were underfoot and always together for what seemed like forever, and now it's a treat to have them all together.
Delinquent vs. Obediences is for sure a hmmm...but I guessing the float was meant as a positive message to youth. As I've mentioned, I always seem to have several 9-11 year olds from Plainfield in my class. Happy to see that.
With my laptop speaker on low, I've been wondering if I've been so excited for BB that I was imagining I heard Julie's voice when visiting here. Whew, lol, glad to know it was really her :).

Sally said...

Gotta love a parade! And how convenient to have it go right by your apartment.

Great to hear that you're continuing to do so well. And since you already have an irregular sleep schedule, covering the BB live feeds might not requite too much adjustment to your schedule.

Love the "therapist's assistant" title for Vincent. What a little socialite.

Becky said...

Jackie, I am happy to read that you are doing so well after your surgery.

I have been checking out your Sunday pictures each week and in Calvin's and my opinion, Vincent is the star every week!

Becky said...

BTW, if anyone does a BB pool, I wanna play... pretty please with sugar on it!

JOKATS said...

Hey Girl, Sooooo happy this knee is going so almost makes up for all the trouble the 1st knee gave you (ALMOST)!! I am treating you to Chinese delivery for BB opening night (ck ur Paypal) & make sure you share w/ Vincent (did you wake him up for this week's picture????) Sending best wishes & warmest regards for continued speedy recovery!!!!! <3 Jo

Jackie said...

Why, thank you JOKATS! That was so nice of you! I'll feast Thursday night!