Sunday, August 21, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - August 21, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic look at the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken. If you're looking for BB13 content, check out the post before this one and the one after it (once I get that one written!).

I've not had a good week. I realize the week before wasn't great either with injuring my knee and setting back the recovery. Well, this past week was even worse ... starting last Sunday afternoon. I had the most awful stomach virus I've ever had in my life. I'm still not quite over it.

I had to cancel my orthopedic surgeon's appointment I had for Monday. So I scheduled it for Friday as surely I would be better. Well, I lived through the trip, but that's about it. I was weak, sweaty and shaky all the time I was outside. The good news is that he checked out the knee without all of its swelling from the week before and declared it well enough to go back to physical therapy.

So I only left the house one day this week. I actually got a few decent photos (I think). Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.


Bees in a flower

I have no clue what kind of bees these are -- they're very small with green heads.


Hmm ... is that a vintage Rolls Royce sitting at the traffic light of Union and Mountain Avenues in Bound Brook? The driver is on the wrong side!

Why yes, yes it is.

I wonder what year it is?

Oh 49 Rolls

Thank you, sir.

Bingo neon

I keep trying to get a decent shot of this sign from the bus. It's on West 7th Street (if it's still West 7th) in Plainfield or maybe just over the border into Piscataway. I love old neon.

A pet peeve of mine

PLURALS DON'T HAVE APOSTROPHES. Unless Saturday is possessive, there should be NO apostrophe. Who started that apostrophe stuff? I see it all over the Internet. That was drilled into me in grammar school. You don't want to get me going on it's and its.

Sad closing

What? Two Fish and Five Loaves is closed? They've been a fixture for years in downtown Plainfield. I've had their fried whiting sandwiches on more than a few occasions. Sad.

Sprouting fungi at the base of a tree

We've had so much rain this past week that I'm surprised they're not sprouting on people who stay still too long.

A carpenter bee is looking at me!

Slithery creepy bug

As long as YOU are comfortable, Vincent!

I have this set-up next to my computer chair so I can elevate my knee(s). You see, if I sit with my legs down for any long periods of time, the healing knee swells and gets painful. Of course, Vincent thinks it means he can sprawl over both of my legs. He's lucky he's so darn cute!


Lorraine said...

Oh, I'm first !!! Jackie I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Must have been a miserable week for you.

I just want to tell you that your pictures are always outstanding and I love the little commentaries.

Have a good week.

WV: ofixe = Oh Lord please fix Jackie's knee.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie, glad you are feeling better. When it rains it pours, hope sun starts shining and makes you feel 100% soon!

jabifla-glenda said...

Glad you are feeling better and so happy to hear the news about your knee.

We call those bees "sweat bees"..don't know why. Just know I've been stung on the hand twice by them and my arm was swollen all the way up past my "bee" careful.

RiseandShine said...

Good Morning.
Sorry about that stomach virus. When you first mentioned your stomach was bothering you, I was afraid the pain meds had done some damage. Gatorade it up now. Also, there's that probiotic Acidophilus which puts the good stuff back in your digestive tract.
I was so soggy that I thought steam would rise from my skin when the sun finally hit it.
My eldest child, a son, is getting married in about 4 weeks. I'm very happy about the whole thing, but I'm starting to get nervous. Eek!

TerryinPA said...

the bee is just so amazing...I feel I can touch him and he would fly away...

JOEY said...

so happy to hear you are feeling better and your knee is doing better as well. Keep up the good work.
I will keep you in my prayer also.
Thank you

Becky said...

Jackie, glad to hear you are feeling better. And, yeah, Vincent is a cutie.

The bee comments remind me of when DD (darling daughter) was in high school and dating. As she and date were ready to walk out the door, he would look at her, point a finger and say "Be". It meant, "be careful, be good, be home early". After she left for college she would draw a picture of a bee at the bottom of her letters. It is still a special symbol between the two of them.

Sally said...

Vincent is very cute indeed!

I'm glad the last two weeks are behind you, and that both your stomach and knee are doing better.

That old Rolls is impressive: more than 60 years old and looking fine.

I agree with you about the misuse of the possessive apostrophe--very common and very annoying. It makes me want to grab a red pencil and start editing.

Becky, loved reading about your family's "Be."

monty924 said...

Great photos as always. I love reading your off topic for the week every Sunday, or should I say on Sundays. :) I agree that the use of the apostrophe is annoying.

Vincent is so adorable in any pose. I know how much healing company he is for you while you are recuperating.

Becky, that is a really cute story about your daughter. When they take those little things and keep them (remember them) into their college years it has to be a proud moment for a parent. Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart.

See everyone later at the pool party.

monty924 said...

Forgot to add that the vintage Rolls is an awesome capture. I love white cars and especially old ones. That was just a family thing. The vast majority of our cars (family) growing up were white. :)

I haven't had the TV on today and praying that nothing will delay the start of BB tonight. I have work to do after the show. :(