Saturday, September 17, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - September 18, 2011

My apologies for getting this up late today -- first Blogger didn't want to let me post photos, then I ended up making breakfast and watching Sunday Morning on CBS. Well, at least it's still Sunday morning and now it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken.

I do need to touch a moment on television, though. The recently ended (yay!) season of Big Brother will go down in my records as the worst or, even giving it some credit because I enjoy watching Jeff and Jordan, perhaps a tie with BB9 as worst. I watched the after finale interviews. Ho-hum. Keith wants everyone to know he's single and looking. Adam is still delusional that he's some great game player. Jeff and Jordan will be moving in together -- they're just not sure where or when. Rachel and Brendon are supposedly getting married this weekend as per TMZ. Y'know ... I don't really care. I'm just glad the season has been put out of its misery despite the fact that they're claiming higher ratings.

My week was, for the most part, uneventful. I'm trying to get ready for my trip to the Outer Banks next week. I bought new travel-sized stuff to put in my good old quart bag to get through TSA checkpoints at the airports. I know from my last trip that the knee(s) are going to set off alarms, so I'm expecting extra scanning or pat downs.

I "graduated" physical therapy this past Friday. No, not because the knee is all healed. It's more because I ran out of the allowed visits per calendar year on my insurance. Since the kneecap dislocated and attention has had to be paid to that, I didn't do half the things I did in PT with the previous knee. I'll probably be returning to use the exercise equipment in October. I didn't have the knee replacement only to be dependent on a cane or wear a brace.

On Tuesday I have another follow-up visit at the orthopedic surgeon's office. Those have been coming every two weeks since the dislocation, too. I suppose I should be worried about the knee while in the Outer Banks, but I'm not planning on stressing it a lot. I won't even attempt to climb up to the top of the lighthouses. I am tossing around the idea of renting a bike down there for the week. The rental bikes are sturdy and may let me go off exploring more with my camera. I'm mainly thinking heated pool, hot tub, hammock on the deck, and relaxing. Oh. And FOOD.

I didn't really get a lot of great photos this week, but here are some:

Ban the scan!

I can only think they mean the TSA scan at the airport. Newark is supposed to change from the scan which puts out "naked" images to one which shows gingerbread men cut-out type images. But I don't know whether the latter will be in place when I go through security. Last year the scanners weren't so prevalent and I ended up going through a pat-down each time.

Nature's beauty

These shrubs/small trees bear off-white blooms well into the summer, then turn to this in the early autumn.

Scotch Plains 9-11 Memorial Flag

Benches dedicated to the three lives lost in Scotch Plains on 9-11


The memorial

Won't be around much longer

Replacing the H

Interesting -- I never thought about the neon tubing having to be specifically made for the signs. John's Meat Market, Scotch Plains.

Flower in the park

I took this from inside the gazebo at the little park in Scotch Plains

Cat nap
Vincent at rest after a big meal.


Delee said...

Let's get EXCITED!!!
You need to rent a motorized scooter and zip around the island! I am worried about all the stairs to the beach! At least you can rest at the top since there are benches there!

I am going to miss the flowers also and your wonderful shots of them!

Anonymous said...

Please tell us (for those us us who don't know) what & where is the Outer Banks Thanks,Jackie!

Jackie said...

Delee - I can do stairs. Not fast, but I can. And, at least this place isn't a gazillion stairs like the Texas house!

Anon - The Outer Banks of North Carolina -- it's this couple of hundred mile long strip of barrier islands along the coast with the ocean on one side, sounds on the other. When you see hurricane reporters standing around Kill Devil Hills ... that's part of the Outer Banks.

Janice said...

Jackie, I was thinking it was about time for your vacation at the Outer Banks!! I know you're definitely looking forward to it!

Will you be able to post pictures while you're there? Does the house have internet? I sure hope so, if not, we're gonna miss ya!! But when you get back we can't wait to hear all about it.

I am same as you about this year's Big was just so-so; hope next year is better and has some real standout personalities in the house!!

Have fun at the beach!!

Becky said...

Have a wonderful vacation. It is great to get away every now and then.

What shows, if any, will you be posting about while you are gone?

Jackie said...

The house does have a computer, but I'm not sure if it has the right memory card slots or software I need for posting photos. So, we'll see. Unfortunately, I don't have a laptop so I can't bring my own programs.

I should be getting posts up for The Amazing Race (Sunday 9/25) and Survivor (Wednesday 9/28) during the week. We'll probably all be watching at the house!

Lorraine said...

You can tell I'm a Michigan gal because I had no idea what the Outer Banks was. I was thinking maybe Australia. Thanks for enlightening me Jackie. Have fun.

RiseandShine said...

Have great vacation Jackie and all the gals who are going!
My eldest son got married yesterday up at Skylands Manor/Castle.(it's also site of NJ Botanical Gardens-Ringwood, NJ)). We stayed there overnight. Nothing like waking up in a castle in the! You would have loved the photo ops on the grounds. Gorgeous.
Beautiful wedding, over-the-top reception, great people, good times. A new family begins, so nice, I've been smiling for days.

monty924 said...

Jackie, hope you and all the girls have a blast and relax the nights away on the vacation. You've earned some peace and quiet and I know the Outer Banks are beautiful.

Cheers to the girls and have a great time!

Sally said...

I think maybe the reason BB had good ratings this year is that there was so little else of even mild viewing interest. And I'm sure I wouldn't have even watched BB this year without this blog.

I knew neon signs were crafted to order, but I didn't know that individual letters could be replaced--thought words were one long tube.

Have a great vacation, Jackie and everyone. Will Vincent be off to stay with those caring folks at that great boarding kennel?

JOEY said...

Have A Great vocation and a much needed break from the stress of the bb house.
Hope you get to enjoy a lots of fun and happiness during your vocation.
Take care and be safe and much loves and happiness always

Ed in Ohio said...

Bon Voyage!!