Sunday, September 25, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - September 25, 2011

My new friend Ralph, the ghost crab
It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. As an on television topic reminder -- don't forget ... the new season of The Amazing Race begins tonight 8 PM ET/PT! C'mon by the blog party!

Okay, most of you know I'm on a trip. Mind you, my neighbor (who has machetes and is far more likely to use them than I) is watching my apartment. So, no funny business.

Getting to the Norfolk airport was a nightmare on Friday. The weather caused all kinds of airline delays and cancellations. My own planned route -- Newark, Detroit, Norfolk -- got discombobulated. The flight out of Newark was running so late I'd miss the last Detroit to Norfolk plane. So I was re-routed through Atlanta instead. They promised me my checked bag would be rerouted too.

They lied. My checked bag went to Detroit and missed the last plane of the night to Norfolk. Grr. I couldn't wait for that plane to come in Saturday afternoon, so they did deliver the bag to the house here (with its TSA approved lock and the nifty yellow zipper pulls ripped off).

But all is cool -- met up with Laurie, Margo, Marge, Ann, Ruth, Elaine and Delee. Despite the rainy day here, we ate well and goofed off well! I roamed the beach despite the rain. My photos aren't that great because, while I made sure to keep my camera lens away from the raindrops, my eyeglasses didn't fare as well. Haf the time I couldn't see what I was shooting! But the rain stopped during the evening and I KNOW I'll have plenty to shoot during the week.

Here ya go ...


Nuff said.

Gate Gourmet


Rain, fog and plane

The fog was so heavy that the airplanes taking off soon vanished from sight. Once I was flying and saw the sunset above the clouds, that was striking -- a deep shade of red over the floor pillows of clouds. No photos as I didn't have a window seat because I was on a plane going to Atlanta instead of my original flight.

Virginia cool 'shrooms

Laurie pointed these out to me by the parking lot of the hotel we stayed at Friday night.

From the same area

'Shrooms from the side

Note Santa runs the locksmith

The sign adjacent to this decrepit business said something about super security. Maybe the Claus ... I don't know. This is in Virginia. I think. Maybe North Carolina.

Corolla NC 'shrooms

I suppose it's okay if you carry it in the open.

Wet bird


Why ... it's a herd of pelicans!

Don't tell me it's a pod. I don't want to hear it. I like herd.

Vincent at his Best Friends

Whenever I bring him there, the big monitor flips to photos they've taken of him. Sniffle. I miss him! But they do treat him well there.


Laurie said...

Good morning! The pictures of the mushrooms turned out great as did all the others. I'm sure we will see sun at some point this week. So far, I am enjoying the look and feel of the stormy Atlantic!

Terri Boyle said...

Good Morning, Jackie! Hope you are enjoying NC. Love seeing the pics and catching up on what you and the crew are up to.:)

Jennasmom said...

Wish I was there......sob, sob

Becky said...

Jackie, hope all of you have a great vacation. Looking forward to hearing all about the trip with pictures.

WV: plgught -- sounds like something one would say with all the flight delays and such.

QuixoticElf said...

Enjoy your trip! Always love you photos and thoughts!

Sally said...

Hope you're in the sunshine now...but I like your overcast photos.

I initially thought your "Wazzat?" photo was of some mysterious footprints on the sandy beach. It took me a minute to realize the herd of pelicans was the same subject.

Some airline routes make me shake my head. Flying from Newark to Norfolk via either Detroit or Atlanta must nearly triple the distance you need to travel. But you got there--enjoy!

monty924 said...

Great photos despite the weather. I especially like little Ralph and agree with Sally on the pelicans in flight. I thought it was tracks in the sand at first as well. And don't get me started on crazy air travel. My best friend flew to Orlando from Columbus, but first had to fly north to Detroit before heading south to Orlando. Doesn't make sense.

Hope the weather clears and you all get a few days of sunshine at the beach. Enjoy your rest, relaxation and each others company for the time you have. Cheers to the group!!

RiseandShine said...

Geez! I would think that it would be easier to get there from here, like one plane ride directly south.
Those mushrooms are amazing. Fun to see the pelicans, they look kinda prehistoric in flight.
Hope everyone has a happy, relaxing time, Vincent included.

TerryinPA said...

Please tell Laurie I LOVE the sandpiper Jackie!!!