Saturday, September 10, 2011

Survivor South Pacific - Meet the Cast

Survivor South Pacific premieres this Wednesday night, just before the Big Brother finale. I guess we'll have a busy TV night, eh? It's time to take a gander at the cast through Jeff Probst's eyes --

Of course, he left out the two returning castaways -- Coach and Ozzy. I'm of two minds about this. I do NOT like returning reality folks in the games. I really don't. While I won't necessarily mind watching Ozzy once again as he's a cutie patootie, Coach just outright annoys me. Sigh. We'll see.

Once again, they'll be using the Redemption Island concept, too. Hmm.

Here are my quick takes on the other castaways:

Upolo Tribe:

Albert Destrade, age 26, currently residing in Plantation, FL. He's a baseball and dating coach, not the both at the same time I don't think. I don't know ... in reading his online bio he's coming off as way full of himself. Usually, if that's how they act on the show, I want them gone quickly. He ain't all that!

Brandon Hantz, age 19, currently residing in Katy, Texas. Surprise, surprise. He's Russell Hantz's nephew and he's an oil tanker crewman. He's very young for the game. He seems to want to redeem the Hantz name and let people know it's not a synonym for mean and nasty. Having his last name tattooed in two places on his body isn't going to help his case.

Christine Shields Markoski, age 39, currently residing in Merrick, NY. She's a teacher, a good thing of course. But, in reading her bio, she's coming off a bit too idealistic for me -- sort of like the world is full of sunshine and puppy dogs and winning Survivor isn't a case of deceit and backstabbing. Oh. And she says she "needs" the money. For me, in reality shows, that's a turn off. People who "need" money can't be wasting time being on reality television shows. I know I can't!

Mikayla Wingle, age 22, currently residing in Tampa, FL. She lists her occupation as a lingerie football player. Oh my. I didn't know you could make a living at that! She has also graced the cover of Playboy already at a young age. I'll try to keep an open mind about her until she does herself in with me. Oh. Did I say that?

Rick Nelson, age 51, currently residing in Aurora, Utah. He's a rancher and not to be confused with Ricky Nelson, son of Ozzie and Harriet. He compares himself with JT, but an older and better version. I think his physical game is going to be a good one. But how will he do with the younger folks? He's tried to get on the show 14 times before. Hopefully he won't disappoint me like Adam on BB.

Sophie Clarke
, age 22, currently residing in Willsboro, NY. Okay, we're talking a real small town gal. Her graduating class had 28 students? Sheesh, I had more than that in each high school class! She's a smart one and would like the winnings to pay for medical school. (Now, that might be worth the risk of going on a reality TV show!). I kind of like her bio. Let's see how tough yet likable she can be both physically and mentally.

Stacey Powell
, age 44, currently residing in Grand Prairie, Texas. She's a mortician. Well, that's different. Now, I want to like her just because she's an over 40 player. I know. I'm biased. But I feel I always have to cheer on those closer to my own age over the kids! What I don't like about her is that she compares herself to Vecepia. Oh geez, another Bible quoter on the show? Nothing against the religious folks, but I feel religion has no place on the show.

Edna Ma, age 36, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. She's an anesthesiologist. (Score 1 for me for spelling that right the first shot!). Oprah is her inspiration and her pet peeves are idleness, liars and deception. Um. Um. What is she doing on the show?

Savaii Tribe:

Dawn Meehan, age 41, currently residing in South Jordan, Utah. Huh. Two castaways from Utah this year? She's an English professor with six adopted children. Survivor might be easier than raising six kids! Y'know ... I think I like this woman. She's a show fan and seems to understand the ropes.

Elyse Umemoto, age 27, currently residing in Las Vegas where she's a dance team manager. She was once the second runner-up for Miss America, too. Okay, guys ... here's your eye-candy. One of her pet peeves is "pretty girls wearing ugly shoes." Now, that attitude is going to crash and burn on the show!

Jim Rice, age 35, currently residing in Denver, CO. A medical marijuana dispenser? Well, that's new and different! He thinks he's the most unique person to ever apply to be on the show. Yeah, right. I get the impression he's going to think he's the alpha male when he ain't nuthin' but the puppy dog.

John Cochran, age 24, currently residing in Washington, D.C. He's a Harvard Law Student although definitely not to be confused with Johnnie Cochran. "Call me Cochran." Being the geeky sort I tend to be, I'd like to see this kid do well. I bet his confessional segments are going to be good! Can he win it all? I don't know. But I think he's going to be entertaining while he's there.

Keith Tollefson, age 26, currently residing in Edna, Minnesota. He's a water treatment tech. Hey, he could be MY pool boy anyday! Hummahumma! Er, ahem. I got carried away for a moment. Jeff Probst didn't seem too keen on him for the win. I just hope he sticks around for my own personal eye-candy entertainment.

Mark Caruso, age 48, currently residing in Forest Hills, NY. He's a retired NYPD detective. That alone makes me want him to go far -- add in the age and I'd like to see a winner! He seems like he's going to be very likable, but I don't know if being a "morgue detective" for 20 years and being from Forest Hills is going to translate to roughing it on the show.

Semhar Tadesse, age 24, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. She's a "spoken word artist." @@ She's already reminding me of that past castaway who frittered all about some seasons back. She's an Oprah fanatic who's likely to find out she's no Oprah. I don't think I want to check out her poetry on YouTube. Next!

Whitney Duncan, age 27, currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. She's a country music singer inspired by Elvis and Jesus. Huh. Did the latter have a record contract? Oh, wait. Elvis inspired her to sing and Jesus saved her. Will he have to save her from the lows in Survivor?

So, there's the cast. Do you have any early favorites going in? What do you think of Ozzy and Coach coming back?

If you want to be in on the blog pool, please reply in comments or email
igorsant at aol dot com. Margo is kind enough to be running the pool once again. Let's give her a round of applause!


DKNYNC said...

Bravo Margo, you rock! Thanks for all your hard work.
I would like to be in the Survivor pool, thank you!

keith said...

I would like to be in the pool.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick post because I was just glancing and don't have much time:

Hantz nephew is an idiot for letting them know who he is. Expect him to be gone relatively early.

That's all for now, and ty Jackie

Oh, what pool? I'll guess I'll look to see what that means when I get back.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, like you, I hate having former contestants on these reality shows! Let's get new people and see what they can do. DL in NC

Jackie said...

Anon - As for the pool, each blog participant has a randomly chosen castaway to root for all season ... or, as long as the castaway lasts. There are no prizes, but the winner gets bragging rights until the next season! It's all in fun.

Sharon S said...

Thanks for the preview Jackie!

Margo -- I'd like a season ticket for the pool please. I missed out on spending much time this summer for BB, but I plan to be around Wed. nights!

Petals said...

Of course, I am in the pool (Ozzy, ozzy, ozzy).

And Jackie - you are right about that Keith! He is one tall drink of water, isnt he?? (he has the body of a tennis player. Wonder if he plays?)

Can't wait!!!

lynn1 said...

Margo, Please ad my name to the Survivor pool. You are really adding to our fun by being our pool lifeguard on all our favorite shows.
Jackie, I will have to watch a couple of episodes to decide how I feel about Ozzy and Coach being back this season.
I have to admit I enjoyed seeing Russell and Boston Rob last season.
I know lots of folks don't like either guy but I always found them both entertaining.

Becky said...

I am ready to keep on partying with you guys, so, please put me in the pool. Hope I last longer than Keith (was that his name?) on BB.

Pam said...

I would like to be in the pool also! Thanks!

Lorraine said...

Please add me to the pool too. Looking forward to this season.

And Jackie thank you for posting a little about each contestant. It will help me keep things straight.

Looking forward to Wednesday!

Lisanne said...

Not teaching night classes this semester so can actually join in the fun!

Please add me to the pool, Margo.

Jackie said...

Lorraine - Each of their names is a link leading to a photo and bio on the CBS website. They also have a video of each castaway there.

ML said...

Cannot wait for Survivor. This sounds like a decent cast. And of course, Margo, please add me to the pool! Thanks,

Margo said...

cool we already have more than 25 pool peeps. Mom & I will pick names on Tuesday after work. So the pool will close at 5pm Jackie time.


meb said...

Add me in Margo. I love the pools.. just makes it a little more interested to see how long your pick makes it. Thanks for doing this again.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be in the Survivor pool this season.


Dora M said...

I would like to be part of the pool.

Buzzmaam said...

Please include me in the pool!

Teri said...

Please add me to the pool,

Anonymous said...

Hi Would you please add my name to the survivor pool. Thank You Margo

Karen in Ca.

Anonymous said...

The countdown has begun as Survivor Episodes are returning for another season with more excitement and fun. Not a single fan of this reality series can miss any of the episode so watch “Survivor: South Pacific” online.

Jennasmom said...

Jackie, I think we share the same opinion of Keith! lol

Jennasmom said...

I want in the pool, Margo! And thanks so much for doing this for us. You're the best!

Anonymous said...

I would like to be in the pool, too.

Thank you.


SueGee said...

My computer died over the weekend so I finally got a chance to look at the group - and that is how I like to start a season, know just enough to not be biased. I'm too old to remember all their names anyhow!

I sent Margo an email to be in the pool again -

Now lets keep our fingers crossed my new computer can keep up with the chatter on show nights LOL!!

SueGee on the left coast

monty924 said...

Thanks Margo for doing the pool again. I think I requested in on an earlier post but if not, count me in too.

Looking forward to Survivor. I can go back to one night a week and relax after my summer obsession. :)

Margo said...

**Survivor Pool Match ups**

Upolu Tribe
Albert - Jennasmom, Margo
Brandon - Zoetawny, Keith
Christine - JOEY, Ed
Edna - Glenn, Monty 924
Mikayla - Rbennie, Becky,
Rick - SueGee, Auntie Leigh
Sophie - Jackie, Delee,
Stacey - meb, Sharon S
Coach - Donna in AL, ML

Savaii Tribe
Dawn - PDXGranny, lynn1
Elyse - Buzzmaam
Jim - Pam, DKNYNC
John - Caraleigh, Nana in NW,
Keith - Terry in PA, Dora M
Mark - Lisanne, Donna in FL
Semhar - Sydney, Laurie
Whitney - Karen in CA, Lorraine
Ozzy - Teri, Petals

Did I miss anyone??


Pam said...

Thanks for setting up the pool Margo! Can't wait for tonight.

ChicMc said...

@ Margo,
Please include me in the Survivor pool.


Thank you :-)