Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Amazing Race 19 Blog Party - 10/02/2011

The show is running about 24 minutes late here in the NYC area. If it's on time in your area, feel free to jump in on the comments! My updating of this entry is going to be a bit sparse tonight. I'll definitely include the two eliminations. However, while I was away on vacation, my little cable digital box doohickey on my TV near my computer decided to stop working. So I'll be watching my TV in the other room and checking in during commercials. (No, I don't own a laptop. Sigh.)

Are you ready to race?

Gah! Ethan and Jenna arrived 10th, Philiminated.
Ron and Bill last, Philiminated.


Becky said...

Hey, Jackie -- and others who arrive.

Welcome back!!! Are you rested yet? When do you go back to work.

Jackie said...

I'm still on vacation lag ... exhausted! I really didn't spend much time sleeping while I was away. I'm not due back until Nov. 2. I might need that time!

Becky said...

Good. Take all the time you can. Your body could probably use it.

SueGee said...


Looks like there is plenty of room in the pool tonight!

Two friends (married couple) auditioned for TAR locally here yesterday. Can't wait to hear what happened.

SueGee on the Left Coast

Joe in NY said...

Hi all!

Becky said...

Hey, Joe and SueGee. Jackie, was it fun watching the shows with a group last week?

Sharon S said...

I know they blew it with the "giving all your money" part, but did the older couple do an extra task yet?

Becky said...

Sharon, yes they did.

Sharon S said...

Wonder where my brain was! What did they have to do?

Becky said...

They had to untangle the rope before they could do the first task.

Sharon S said...

ahh...thanks :)

Sharon S said...

wonder where everyone is tonight?

Jackie said...

Yikes! Where is everyone?

Becky - It was interesting watching as a group.

Becky said...

Boy, this was a ruygged leg! Glad that Ma and Pa are safe.

You really can't call either of the two teams "losers". It sounds like both teams have a handle on what is really imp[ortant.

See you Wed. Hope the crowd is larger.

Sharon S said...

Sad to see the two teams that left go, but there isn't a team I really "hate" this season -- yet anyway. I could do without the brother and sister, but hope to see them grow in the process.

monty924 said...

Just got home so I still have to watch it back on the DVR. Good thing I taped the next show too. Sad to read that E&J are gone :( I was really rooting for them.

Good news is, my pool picks are back in the hunt. Yay!

Laurie said...

I missed the party and I can't see the show tonight. I'll have to catch it online later. Now I have to look up who went home. Too early to know who is who.

Justene said...

I can't believe only 3 of the 11 teams read it. I can't believe the Vegas showgirls were one of the three. I can't believe how poorly the Asian woman reacted. That's all from the Left Coast.

Jackie, glad you're back.

Jennasmom said...

Just now got to sit down & watch the show. Disappointed that Ethan & Jenna left so soon. But my pool twins moved up from next to last! I may stay in the pool a little longer!

When will these teams ever learn to hang on to clues and to READ carefully?

Nickelpeed said...

I was so disappointed that Ethan and Jenna got eliminated. I was trying to figure out what they did to get so far behind, aside from losing their clue. I don't like Jenna, but I do like Ethan. Too bad.

Not sure who I'm rooting for; but I am glad that the Grandparents are still in the game. They made a great comeback.

I thought it was great that the people you least expected to read the sign, read it. Go figure, the two long haired dudes read it! LOL


tbc said...


I totally agree. My husband and I were laughing that the first people to spot that clue were the "dude" guys!!

I was disappointed about Ethan and Jenna, too. They seemed just fine though.


Margo said...

Where was everyone?? I know I was out to dinner with my family.

The money sign looked pretty prominent on that table to me. The teams who did not read it were just stupid.

The answer to the question about watching as a group is that people make much more noise than Vincent while Jackie is trying to concentrate and blog. : )


Margo said...

**Pool Update**

Amani and Marcus - Nana in N G W, Tammy, Jackie
Andy and Tommy - Caela, DKNYNC, meb
Bill and Cathi - Pam, Auntie Leigh, Monty924
Ernie and Cindy - Brent McKee, Becky, Delee
Jeremy and Sandy - Donna in AL, Zoetawny, DoraM
Justin and Jennifer - Rbennie, Lynn1, Margo
Kaylani and Lisa - Donna in FL, Laurie, ML
Laurence and Zac - Ed, estelle, JOEY
Liz and Marie - SueGee, Jennasmom, ChicMc

So Long..Farewell..Auf Vederzen…Goodbye
Ethan and Jenna - BuzzmaKaylaniam, Lisanne, Sydney
Ron and Bill - PDXGranny, Glenn, Terry in PA

Margo aka the Lifeguard