Sunday, October 09, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - October 9, 2011

It's Sunday morning time for my weekly off television topic photo post. I don't really have any photos I've taken during the past week. Yep, you heard me. After I returned home from vacation, I kind of became a hermit. I think that I only went out Thursday evening for dinner and a Trader Joe's trip with a friend.

Most of the rest of the week I've spent with my knee elevated. I swear it took three days to get the swelling down. I guess I really did overdo things with both the knee and the lack of stamina post-surgery issues. However, I'm up to snuff once again and should be out and about more.

Since I took a gazillion photos on my vacation, I don't lack for photo fodder. I also put together three videos ... enjoy!

Fox-tailed squirrel

Unfortunately I spooked him, so it's not the best of shots. But check out that glorious tail!

Wild horses with cattle egret

The cattle egrets often sit atop the horses to eat flies and other insects. The horses seem to appreciate and accept them.



Walking stick bug in the grass

I haven't seen any walking sticks since I was a child!

Looking out over the Currituck Sound

Flowers on a power pole

Pelican flying low over the ocean

Osprey nest atop a power pole

Rough surf

As a storm approaches

Neighbors heading out during high tide

Cool. I found investment property!

What can I say? It was there in Kill Devil Hills.

Sunrise with which I took editing liberties.


HUGE spider has a meal.

Tanning, I presume.

Reflection and its bird

Vincent wanting out of boarding!

He's a real happy kitty now. I think he purred two days straight.


Russ Schnoop said...

The ghost crab & horse videos are the best. The other one sounds like the waves are washing over your microphone at times. Also, it is extremely cruel to show one of your little ghost crab buddies within a couple frames of one of it's cooked and plated, distant relatives. Lastly, Vincent knows that he's got the good life when he's home with you.

Jackie said...

That was the wind in the mic. A huge storm was moving in, but I loved the desolate beach!

RiseandShine said...

What a beautiful beach you guys had at your door!
Glad to hear the knee responded to your hermit therapy and that Vincent is happy to be home.
I had my son's dog staying with us while he and his bride went on their honeymoon. She howled so happily, so loud, and so long when he came to pick her up that we couldn't even talk. All she wanted to do was go home, so they went.

Laurie said...

Love all the pictures and seeing things through your lens. You capture real beauty ... even in the investment property.

olddoc said...

As one who could never draw a straight line I appreciate your beautiful still life shots both as is and edited. But, was the water really purple even oy to deep water in "Sunrise". The Sunset should be wallpaper for every computer.

Jackie said...

Doc - All I did with that one sunrise photo was sharpen it a bit and resize down to post here. The sky behind me was a gorgeous deep almost nighttime blue and it reflected on the water.

Cathy said...

GREAT photos & videos! Love the ghost crab video! Thanks for sharing!

JOEY said...

Wow, Jackie, you really are talent with the camera and the videos are so unique and are so refreshing to watch. I was able to show Joey the videos and He loves them all and made me replay the crabs 2 times as they made him giggle alots, which is about the best thing He can do now. We loved the sunsets and your humors as well. This was the best day He has had in a long time, Thank you so much for this gift you share.
Joey is out of I.C.U. But still having problems as well. While his right side has recover, his left side is still paralyze and his speech is hard to understand as he has only one side of his face working , like a stoke victim would be, but he is in therapy during the day and working hard to escape as he want to say, from hospital and bad food. He did have a set back awhile back and had to have surgery to reduce pressure on the brain but now he is doing better. In time, He will get better but they say he will never be the same again. I hope to get him home for his birthday in december but he has to walk first.
Anyway, this is about Jackie and not him, We think you are wonderful and we alway look forward to sunday blogs as they are like a walk in the park or enjoying the fresh air even with us being in this room 24 hours a day, you make it a way for him to get an eye on the out side. Thank you so much.
Sorry to go on so long but wanted you to know how much your works is appreciated and how it touch someone who can not get out or do much.
Thank you

monty924 said...

I know Vincent missed you while you were away. What a lucky boy he is to have a home with you. Hugs

Will miss the TAR party. I'll have to catch up when I get home tonight. Have fun...

Sally said...

Wonderful photos thia week, Jackie! I especially like the view of Currituck Sound. And how do you manage to spot all those insects?

Bet Vincent is very happy that you stayed home so much this week. Once again, all's right with his world.

Julie and Joey: I was glad to see the update and learn that there's progress. Stay strong Joey, and be sure to listen to everything Dr. Julie says!

Aaron said...

Nice pictures. They really grabbed my attention.

artzstuf said...

love the pix.. Good eye and great subjects and locations. keep doing it. Could sell some at fairs. Good luck.

Rastreator said...

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