Sunday, October 16, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - October 16, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by both in words and photographs I've taken. Unlike last week, I actually got out and about a bit this week. This week's weather was nice for the most part, but the pleasant autumn days will be turning cold soon enough.

I had yet another follow up visit with my orthopedic surgeon this past week. He took more x-rays ... still looking good. He's still concerned about the kneecap dislocation. I myself have noticed that my stability is increasing, so I don't think I'm as worried as he is about it. Yet I do think my gait goes wonky sometimes if I'm not being careful. Anyone walking in back of me might think I've imbibed. Uh-oh! I also still have some pain issues, usually after putting stress on the knee. But it's still better than pre-surgery!

Welp, I've not much more to say -- onto the photos for the week! Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window, then just hit back on your browser to return to the blog.

Ohh ... fancy-schmancy new city flags!

They might have been up for a while, but I just saw them this week. Corner of Watchung and East Front, Plainfield.

More photos after the jump

Autumn flowers

More autumn flowers

Not much growing season left

This little neglected garden on West Union Avenue in Bound Brook sported some green and even a few plump red tomatoes.

Others are preparing for winter

Church Street, Bound Brook

Yet the flowers are still growing

And the bees are still buzzing

(Although they definitely have a lot fewer choices for their pollen gathering!)

Black blister beetle A.K.A. oil beetle

This rather long beetle was scrambling through the grass alongside the sidewalk. So I shot him. Then I looked him up. Eek! If handled, they emit a poison which causes blisters which remind me of shingles blisters. I'm glad I let him run!

The squirrels are loving all the fallen acorns

More fall flowers

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

The church is getting a wash down. Oh ... and it's not an "inclosive community" -- the other sign reads "inclusive." Corner of West Union Avenue and Mountain Avenue, Bound Brook

Tree with a face

Well, this kind of creeps me out. East Maple Avenue, Bound Brook

All decked out for the season

The house with the creepy tree ...

If only patronizing it would work

Walk alertly!

Um. Okay. I took this shot in the bus I take to the orthopedic surgeon's office. After you request a stop, that's what you get. The regular town-to-town buses don't do this, only the style of the ones which go in and out of Manhattan. They're similar to a Greyhound bus sans the bathroom.

Never mind the dog

But keep an eye on that bird! East Second Street, Plainfield.

No Parking

I messed with this aged faded practically useless sign. East Second Street, Plainfield.

Reaching for the sky

These had to be well over seven feet high. I took the shot looking up over a wooden fence that was much taller than I am. This was taken on East Second Street, but the flowers are actually growing at the end of the ScottWay Homes on East Front Street in Plainfield.

One really full porch!

This is at the corner of East Front and Richmond where the woman decorates the lawn for every holiday and grows gorgeous flowers.

Trees are changing ...

Richmond Towers, Plainfield

Love the reds ...

Shh ... he's sleeping


Ed in Ohio said...

Jackie, You have an 'eye' for the camera. You always seem to capture some unique images. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and update.

Holly C said...

awesome pix as usual=)

RiseandShine said...

I love the red foliage you captured. I also love the fall daisies. My neighbor has a beautiful bush of them which grows in the space between our driveways. Makes me happy each time I get in the car!
I guess it's good that the knee doesn't hurt as much as pre-op, less pain is less pain, but I'm sorry to hear the kneecap recovery is going slow.
Have a good week! I'm looking forward to Wednesday because I can't wait to see how Ozzy reacts to the most recent tribal.(hee hee)

Sally said...

Great photos, Jackie. Fall is such a pretty season, with all the bright colors and crisp days. Even Vincent has an autumnal background this week!

Laurie said...

Hi Jackie,
Did you see the piece on Sunday Morning about New Jersey? It was pretty good and sure gave me a different view of your state.

Love the pictures. Fall is my favorite time of year and you always capture it so nicely. Loved all the mums, too. Vincent, of course, is a fine looking sleeper.

Jackie said...

I saw that, Laurie. But it was the only segment they didn't post a video of, so I couldn't put it up on FB!

When I first moved to NJ, I used to drive around exploring and was stunned that some areas reminded me of Vermont!