Sunday, October 30, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - October 30, 2011

Yes, yes ... it's late for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. I have a valid excuse, though. Due to a freak (yet not major) snowstorm, my power was out from about 1:30 PM yesterday until almost 10 AM today. I didn't go out for photos yesterday, nor yet today as the power outage messed with various plans I had and I'm playing catch up now. However, just before the power died, I made this video and posted it on Facebook:

This past week was my last full week off from work and boy did I test that knee on a few days. On Tuesday I went to a work-related awards luncheon in northern New Jersey. It always surprises me to see windy little mountain roads and a country atmosphere in the state. I'm so used to densely populated and flat here. The leaves up there went from peak to nearly bare as we headed further north. As a side note: the storm whopped them with 18 inches of light fluffy snow. Since they had fewer leaves on the trees and it was a lighter snow, we suffered more here with our wet slushy four inches (or so).

On Wednesday, my brother and his wife came down from Albany and we met up in the city (NYC) for lunch at Katz's Delicatessen and roaming at large. I roamed at large a wee bit too much and could barely walk the next day. Ow! It didn't help that NJ Transit thought it wise to TURN OFF THE ESCALATOR and make folks climb the equivalent of almost four flights of stairs on a narrow single-file turned off escalator with steep steps to get to my bus gate. That after a day walking almost did me in. But after a day of rest on Thursday, my knee was workable on Friday.

Then came the snow and power outage. What a week! Make sure you click the "read more" link at the end of this post to see all the photos this week!

Color in da 'hood
This tree is always beautiful but one of the first to go naked in the 'hood.

Plainfield Train Station
From a very different angle. I actually took the stairs on the east bound platform on Tuesday. I would not have done that on Thursday!

Northern New Jersey
Yes, New Jersey.

Don't worry. I wasn't really close. I zoomed in on the NJ Transit train.

Yep, it's New York City
The Manhattan skyline minutes before my bus went under the river.

I'm SO confused!
Convoluted parking, eh?

Ted and his formal wear

LES in all its glory
The Lower East Side of Manhattan can be very colorful.

Meanwhile, in Plainfield
Whoops! I'm back in Plainfield! This new Blogger photo uploading is a horror to get them in order. This was at my corner as I waited for the NYC bus.

Send a salami to your boy in the army
They actually do still do that. Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side.

Eloquent to say the least!
What can I say? On an apartment building on the LES.


"I'll have what she's having."
The round sign over the bouncer's head marks the spot of the infamous deli scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally. Bouncer in a deli? Well, kind of. Katz's works on a ticket system. You get a blank carnival ticket upon entering. There are different stations for the sandwich cutters, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, side dishes, desserts, drinks, etc. As you go to the different stations, the person waiting on you marks your ticket and the running tally continues until you present the ticket upon leaving. If you lose your ticket (even if it's blank), they nail you with a $50 fee. But it's all worth it.

Best pastrami in the world!
This is the half of my sandwich I ended up bringing home. Melt in your mouth pastrami! I ended up making two good-sized sandwiches out of this half of one.

Spooky takeover
A ghoul in a display window with reflections of the surrounding buildings.

Not a chance, Buddy

Don't honk, American fascists!

Chelsea Market is celebrating Halloween


Chelsea Market

Dig them shoes!
I would fall over. Yes, really.

Little accidents get toy cop car response

Yesterday, Today

PABT commuter crush
It all comes back to me now. THIS is why I never plan to leave the city during rush hour! The line for my gate snaked past the corner and seemed to be never-ending. But, once it moved, we moved quickly. That is, until I had to climb the non-working escalator with my still healing knee replacement. (Ow.)

Why is that camera in my face?
Because I love you, Vincent.


Laurie said...

Hope you are going back to work on a part-time basis next week. One has to build up those working muscles!

Loved the pics this week. A little snow, a little autumn foliage, a lot of pastrami and a lot of Halloween. I think you covered it all.

Of course, ending with the handsome Vincent is perfect, and I'm so glad he wasn't wearing a costume. He's really to classy for that!

Becky said...

Jackie, wonderful pictures -- as usual.... and ending with the best of the best. Does Vincent realize that he is famous? Guess not since we haven't seen him wearing sunglasses inside. I loved the today/yesterday picture. It struck a cord within me.

I too hope you can work part-time for a while. Rest that knee for a while.

Sally said...'s too early for significant amounts of snow! Hope it all melts before you head back to work. You don't need to be dealing with slippery conditions as you return to your workaday routine.

The NYC photos are fun--a glimpse of life in the big city.

JOEY said...

Great video and pictures, Jackie.
So sorry to hear about the knee hurting and was surprise to see how much snow and so soon???
Hope you have a good weekend and please take it easy and a day at a time. Please be carefull out there.

Witt said...

Hi Jackie! Loved the picture of "leaves in da hood." One year I did a photo essay of all the fall leaves in my community up to 50 miles north. GORGEOUS!
Glad your power was "only" off for the hours it was. Hope you are resting that knee!
Happy Halloween!
Witt :)