Friday, October 21, 2011

Survivor South Pacific - Returning Castaways Ozzy and Coach Observations

Remember now, returning reality "stars" on some of my favorite shows aren't necessarily my favorite casting choices on said shows. I've seen these people already and, in some cases like this, I've seen them more than one season. Folks are dying (figuratively, not literally I hope) to get in on the more popular reality shows. So, why do we keep getting retreads? I don't really care if the producers "like" someone. They tend to like the contestants I tend to want to throttle. That would be figuratively, of course.

Case in point: Coach Ben Wade ...

Let me make this perfectly clear -- in his previous two seasons on Survivor, Coach Ben Wade did absolutely nothing to endear himself to me. He was whacko, wore odd clothing, had feathers in his hair, thought that he was "all that and the bag of chips," did poorly in competitions often whining about his back while all the time being under delusions of CIA (whatever) grandeur. 

When I heard he was returning this season, I prayed his tribe would pull a Redemption Russell and vote him out first. I had trouble facing the prospect of being annoyed by him for more than an episode, two at the most. But then something happened ...

Coach no longer seems to be playing the character this season and, instead, he's actually playing the game. He's doing better in challenges and not whining. He's not acting as whacky as in both previous seasons and ... get this ... he's kind of likable. Surprising, I know. 

Sure, every now and again, I see brief glimpses into the "old" Coach. But, for the most part, he's strategizing fairly well, thinking ahead, showing quasi-solid leadership abilities, and exhibiting a very shrewd understanding of both the game itself and his fellow castaways.

I can't believe I'm putting these words to paper (maybe because they're on my monitor, maybe I'm just being figurative once again), but if he continues in this vein, I won't mind if he wins. Yeah, you can hold me to that.

Then there's Ozzy Lusth ... 

In his first season on the show, I really liked Ozzy. He was the Jungle Boy who could jump up palm trees, swing from vines, spear a slew of fish in one outing. While his social game wasn't always the best, his work ethic endeared him to all. His good looks didn't hurt him any either. His abilities allowed him to remain after all of his tribe got the boot. He lost to Yul Kwon, an athletic thinking man kind of dude.

In his next outing (Micronesia), he realized his social game was lacking and worked a bit more on that aspect. However, he made the classic Survivor blunder of being voted out while possessing the hidden idol in his pocket. So, you'd think in this third shot he'd continue to work on his social game and not make any more stupid blunders. Not quite so ...

First off, with his Jesus hair, he seems to have developed a Jesus attitude. Nah, not that Jesus had an attitude, more like those who worship him. Nothing wrong with worshiping Jesus, mind you. But it seems like Ozzy thinks he's worthy of some sort of castaway worship because of his past deeds on the show. Okay, Nature Boy ... it's not happening for me.

He's still not playing a good social game, perhaps worse than his first outing on the show. Even his work ethic has slumped. He'll go out get a fish or two, then nap while the others are working. He has temper tantrums when things don't go his way or his minions don't bow or kowtow to his every whim. He found a hidden idol and, knowing that he's irked his whole tribe, he told them he has it in a fit of anger. Sheesh.

When I heard he was returning to the show, I really didn't mind. I enjoyed watching him in the first two seasons he was on. But now he irks me as much as the "old" Coach, but in a different manner. He's not entertaining me. He can go away.

There. I said it. (Sorry, Petals.)

Your thoughts?



Petals said...

LMAO. I love ya Jackie. And you are right.
I, too, am a Coach fan now, although I don't know where his big Christian attitude came from; in the past, he never mentioned his faith, and now it is all he talks about.

My Ozzy...*sigh* A true Scorpio, I am standing by my man. So far, his looks have redeemed his actions, for me anyway. My jaw actually drops sometimes when I see him. And that swan dive! But I absolutely was not proud of his latest tantrum, or his performance in the challenge, and his subsequent tribal ass-kissing made me cringe.

Thanks for the Survivor surprise - it is too a stretch from Wed to Wed.

Delee said...

I too was upset to see Coach and his antics were to return. I am surprised at how different he seems this time. Likeable is not a word I would have linked to Coach, but he is proving that wrong. I kind of miss the feathers though!

Ozzie hmmmm what to say? Other than I just like looking at him. Ahhhhh! Eye candy! Not sure what his approach to the game is this time, but he needs to watch his back and play the idol!

Laurie said...

Well, I hated the Coach and didn't know Ozzy before this season. I can't say I'm crazy about either one of them this season. That may have more to do with my dislike of bringing back previous players than anything about the 2 men themselves.

Coach is doing a better job this season but I still see the old pompous side of him show up too often.

Ozzy is fine eye-candy and I look forward to the swan dive when I see this week's show tomorrow. Other than that he just makes me think of any other long-haired, good-looking stoned dude I've known over the years. Just a little too laid back and cool while others are doing the work.

So, I'm saying I'd like to see both of them go and have the rest of the people play the game without the experienced "leaders" there.

SueGee said...

I have to agree with all of you. Ozzie has really let his past success get to his head and Coach seemed to learn from it! I know or have met several that have been on the show, and they all kept telling me that Coach was a really nice guy, so maybe it was the editing on his previous shows? And Ozzie, they say,
is trying to stretch that 5 minutes of fame further!

SueGee on the Left Coast

Holly said...

Totally agree with you Jackie! I found myself thinking "I actually LIKE Coach this time around"! He has definitely toned down his annoying "Dragon Slayer" crap and is actually "coaching" his tribe and bringing them together. I have found myself rooting for the blue tribe in the challenges.
Ozzy...well you nailed that one on the head too! It is not endearing seeing him laze around and act like he is king of the tribe. I loved it when he was blindsided and lost his little snuggle bunny! Wake up and smell the coffee aren't all that!

HDMI review said...

Ozzie hmmmm what to say? Other than I just like looking at him. Ahhhhh! Eye candy! Not sure what his approach to the game is this tim