Sunday, November 20, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - November 20, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken.

Let's see ... what happened this week? I worked, came home, slept and ate.

There. That's all.

Well, I guess not quite all. But it's just been one of those weeks. My knee is running a bit tired, but I'm not in the constant pain I was in pre-surgery. I'm definitely walking faster as the days go on. That's a good thing. Pre-surgery it was taking me a half-hour to walk to the train station in the mornings. Now it's taking me fifteen minutes.

Once again the weather here has had its warm days and its more chilly ones. Tuesday night and all day Wednesday it rained. That brought down tons of the autumn leaves and made my power go wonky Wednesday evening. It went off a few minutes before 8 PM, then came back on after a less than a minute. I listened to my scanner to find that the police were dispatched for an arcing wire in my neighborhood, but couldn't find it.

Then, about midnight, as I was heading to bed, the outdoors lighted up. Huh? I looked out the window knowing it wasn't a thunderstorm. The power dimmed, came back, dimmed, came back. I turned the scanner on again. This time the police were dispatched for a blown transformer, but the power ended up staying on. Well, at least until I went to sleep, that is. Apparently there was an outage overnight, but I awakened on time to go off to work before the dawn. Thankfully my alarm clock is one of the atomic ones which automatically reset when the power returns.

That was my excitement for the week.

Of course, this upcoming week is Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a fine holiday! 

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a gallery doohickey. To see this entire entry and all of the photographs, you must hit the "read more" link!

Screaming squirrel

What he was screaming about, I don't know. But I could hear him a half-block away. Cleveland Street, Plainfield.

Where's the sidewalk?

My 'hood on Thursday morning after Wednesday's rain.

Traffic light is not

The power was back on in the neighborhood, but the traffic light was still out at Richmond and East Front. And, as per Murphy's Law, there was more traffic than I've EVER seen at that hour at that intersection. I scurried across when I had the chance. And I'm really not a scurrier with this new knee yet!

Scary for my knee!

Also Thursday morning, this is Church Street approaching East Third. It was hard to tell where the street, curb and sidewalk were. I really have to pay attention to where I walk. I know that particular sidewalk is full of heaves. But it was hard to tell in the dark with the leaves all over -- I used my flash on this shot. With the new knee, the reaction isn't quite up to snuff. If I unexpectedly step on uneven pavement or a branch or rock hidden by leaves, my balance could be off. And, if I fall, I can't really get up.


This very popular kitchen/chef supply outlet is always spiffy. I like how they hired the graffiti folks to do the images on the building and then let them constantly practice their art on the back of the building. Since Plainfield is an Urban Enterprise Zone, the sales tax is halved. If you're in NJ or even lower NY looking for anything for the personal or business kitchen, this is the place to stock up! Cleveland and East Fifth Street.

Beautiful Downtown Plainfield

Now, sometimes the train conductors announce "Beautiful Downtown Plainfield," yet I feel they're mocking us. Actually, where E&A is isn't too pretty -- it's an industrial sort of section. However, Plainfield does indeed sport some way cool architecture in the downtown area and has breathtaking mansions (not McMansions) throughout several historical districts.

Dawn dawns

At the Plainfield Train Station. And, attention Delee -- the receptacles at the right are the trash bins. Since 9/11 they've put clear ones in at the train stations to make any bombs less likely. The salt storage bins are either bright orange or yellow (dependent on older or newer).

Going to work

It's almost pitch dark when I leave my apartment for work. By the time I get to the train station, it's just shy of sunrise. Plainfield Train Station.

Coming home

Another day down. Note the orange salt bin. Plainfield Train Station.

Last hurrah of the leaves

The leaves on Church Street are almost all gone as I write this up. I took this shot earlier in the week before the rainy windy day.

Plainfield Train Station just before dawn

I'll admit it. I'm a sunrise/sunset freak. I'm just missing the sunset these days, but catching the sunrises.


Plainfield Train Station.

Red sky in the morning

Tuesday morning at the Plainfield Train Station. Sure enough, it was raining by Tuesday night.

Sunrise reflected

Also Tuesday morning. North Avenue across from the train station. I edited it to leave only the window in color.

'tis a bird

On a wire, but of course.

Let there be light and leaves

The train station once again.

Oh my

Saturday late morning by Pete's Fish Market on East Second near Watchung Avenue.

How do you DO that?

I'm sorry, but I just don't even see how this one car accident happened. First day in traffic? What? There is a parking lot entrance about fifteen feet away. BUT ...! Thankfully only a pole was hit and not a pedestrian. That pretty new KIA SUV is probably toast, though. Please note that Plainfield's fancy-schmancy holiday decorations are up in the background.

Some look this way, some look that way

Edited to mess with the background and leave only the men in color. Watchung and East Second.

Meanwhile at the train station

Then, after walking through the (stupid) car accident, I get to the train station and there's a fire engine with its lights flashing by the train station on North Avenue. No fire, mind you. Just the fire engine in the middle of the street.

Dandelion don't tell no lies

With the sunshine and the warmer days, these have reappeared. They won't last long!

Autumn in the darkness

My 'hood as I start off towards the train station. Taken early in the week, so there are leaves.

Whatchoo doin' with that camera?

Vincent doesn't want a photo session. He wants me to either carry him around, play with him or give him catnip. That's his "let's get this camera business over" look. Demanding, isn't he?


Delee said...

Thanks for the info on the trash cans...LOL!!!

We also have some smaller trees that are colorful and have hung unto bright reddish leaves. They are beautiful but look weird with all the others bare.

I am hoping for a strong northerly wind to blow my leaves away. I try to rake a little every day but then my neck starts to hurt. Scared of popping another disc.

Vincent looks like he has a comment to make in his pic. So cute!

Our sunrises have colored the sky a tad too, but then the day is nice. What's up with that?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

RSchnoop said...

A few things: great pictures, as usual! I particularly like your sunrise / sunset pictures, especially the doctored window shot. Plainfield owes you a debt of gratitude for showing all the beauty there that many people take for granted or just don't see. Yes, you are good about focusing on local businesses deserving of the support. Also, (and seemingly, nothing to do with anything) you don't want to know what a squirrel might be screaming about, other than it is a very haunting sound that you might hope you won't hear too often.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the compliments! As for squirrels who scream, I once witnessed one screaming because he had gone up the side of a house and apparently was scared to move up or down. This latest one might have been screaming as he felt he was stuck on that broken branch/ledge.

~~Silk said...

Our neighborhood squirrels scream at cats who are getting too close to something the squirrel wants to protect. Like the tree where a nest is, or a spot where they buried acorns.
(I have an adolescent squirrel who has buried the SAME acorn in a dozen spots in my lawn. Every time anyone or anything walks past the chosen spot, he comes back, digs it up, and reburies it in a different spot.)

You should get some kind of award as local tourism ambassador. I've often had the urge to go to Plainfield train station, and see if I could locate your photo sites, taste your recommendations. But right now, I think I'd be too depressed by the lack of a Roofus. Maybe next summer.

Jackie said...

They'll also scream if a hawk is nearby. As for Roofus, local blogger Bernice thought she might have spotted him and sent me a photo. Alas, not enough white on the legs, but definitely a possible spawn of Roofus!

~~Silk said...

Another topic: BB's Rachael was on "Beverly Hills Brides" on TLC last Friday evening, supposedly selecting a bridal gown. But it seemed more like she was just trying on dresses for fun. Most of her comments seemed to have to do with how well the dress displayed her chest. The saleslady even asked her if she really wanted to get married.

From her comments, it sounded like it was after the first, but before the second BB show.

JOEY said...

Hi Jackie
Loves all the photos and I agree about Sunrise/Sunset photos are beautiful.The Autumn leaves are really good and as for living in florida for so long , I miss out on that.

I want to take a few's moment and wish all you dear friends here a very happy and safe thankgiving day.
I hope you get to spend times with all your loves ones and know that both Joey and I are so blessed and lucky to be able to Join Jackie's blog here and to meet such great people.

I really am thankfull for all the support you have giving me throughout this very trying time we had through out the year.
I know Joey alway enjoy being here and enjoy the fun and laughter you each bring to him.

I am happy to report that we will get to try to take him home for a day and so he can enjoy Thankgiving with family and friends and if he can make it up steps maybe he will get to come home soon for good.
He still does not have his left side back and while with his right side working, he walk with crutches ( which he hate, Jackie will know what I mean) and drag the left leg, but he happy about it and we all are so excited about it.
I am really Thank full and so looking forward to his first time home. we are working to make it great for him.

Sorry for being so odd and silly but just wanted to share with you and say Thank you to all of you.
we love you and wish you all the best.
Thank you Jackie for all your great ways of how beautiful you are and Thank you for just being you.

Much happiness and Love alway
Julie and Joey

Sally said...

I agree that you're a great ambassador for the city of Plainfield, sharing it's grand old architechture, rich diversity, friendly people, neat shops, quiet neighborhoods, slices of life, and those beautiful light standards at the train station. Well done!

Cutting your walking time to the train station in half is impressive! And it gives you more time to take photos.

I think Vincent's demands are perfectly reasonable. Did you grant his three wishes?

Julie--thanks for the update about Joey. Hope you both have a very happy Thanksfiving--at home!

Anonymous said...

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