Sunday, November 27, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - November 27, 2011

It's Sunday, time for my weekly off television topic jaunt through the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. This past week was a shortened work week for me due to the Thanksgiving holiday. However, unlike many office workers, government and factory workers -- I worked Black Friday and Saturday, too. My days off were Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thankfully, unlike some unlucky folks in retail, my workplace is closed on Thanksgiving. (Yay!)

I continued my pledge to not shop on either Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday. On Thanksgiving, I think it's horrible for the stores to open and the employees don't get to spend the holiday at home when they're already in a busy busy season. Sure, I realize that police, fire, health care workers, etc. have to work the holidays. However, they're not under the major business crush of retail workers. 

I don't shop on Black Friday because I don't like large crowds of crazy people. I don't care how good the bargains are. I know folks who buy so many things they don't need just because "they're on sale!" -- my budget really doesn't allow for that kind of craziness. 

That said, I do have intentions of going into the city for some of the holiday sights photo stomping this year. My knees are feeling well enough and I haven't done it in a long time due to knee pain. I'll probably go in on a Wednesday as it isn't AS crazy there mid-week. But not this coming Wednesday as Justin Bieber and President Obama are both in town and the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting is going on. That's crazy.

After a rainy start this week, the weather turned glorious for the holiday and through today. It's even been in the 60s! I'm loving it! My windows have been open and a light jacket or sweater is all that's needed to make my work commute.

Vincent and I had a nice quiet holiday at home. He got his Fancy Feast Turkey with Gravy, licked the gravy off and begged for more. I made a mini-feast for myself and have lived on leftovers ever since. I hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving holiday!

Enough rambling ... time for some photos! Clicking on an image will open it larger in a gallery doohickey thingee.

Patch of dawn

I realize I posted this one on my Facebook wall this week, but I was pleased with how it turned out. I edited it to leave only the patch of dawn in color. Plainfield train Station.

Like early autumn deja vu

With the warmer temperatures and sunshine the latter part of this week, the mums have returned. Alas, I fear they won't last too long now. I guess we can't stave off winter forever. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Boots on a porch

No, they're not MY boots! I don't have a porch either. Edited to leave only the boots in color. Berckman Street, Plainfield.


Lamp in waning light

Plainfield Train Station as I headed home on Friday.

Roses last glory

Berckman Street, Plainfield.


Samsh? Whazzat? Apparently folks who live on Berckman Street have a new food truck business. Every evening when I walk home by them, they're inside it cleaning the interior. They may not be able to spell, but they do keep a clean food truck!

Oh. SANWSHES (de bacon)

Now I get it! I'd like some cholate chocolate, please!

'Tis the season

The house at Richmond and East Front Street in Plainfield is ready for Santa! She's the person who plants such gorgeous flowers all summer long, too. Yes, she has caught me taking photos of her lawn and doesn't mind!

Ho Ho Ho!

Poor Santa got buried in snow as high as his sleigh last year and couldn't leave the lawn until March!

Plainfield, Plainfield, Plainfield

Yes, the Plainfield Train Station. Well, the main train station, that is. There is another one in town -- Netherwood -- in the Netherwood Historical District. But the main one is better for me. I have a lot of train station photos this week. I hope that's okay! Obviously, this shot was edited to leave the Plainfield signs in color.

Cycling train rider

Yes, you can take bikes on the train as long as you're not taking a peak hours train to Newark or New York City. I'm tempted to get my bike going (it has two flat tires), but I don't like the low platform at the Bridgewater Train Station. I don't want to lug it up and down the steep train stairs. The Plainfield station is accessible and the train entrances are level with the platform.

Goose in flight

A gaggle of geese flew directly overhead, so I snagged a shot. I would LOVE to see the black vultures local Plainfield blogger Bernice caught in her neighborhood -- check them out! Now that I know they're around, you know I'll be on the hunt (camera-wise) for them!

Almost sunset

Friday after work at the Plainfield Train Station.

Pretty skies

Also Friday near the train station.

Plainfield Train Station

And, oh my, there's the Plainfield Train Station itself! (Also Friday after work.)

My own private 59 bus!

As I get out of work later on Saturdays, I ALWAYS take the bus from the train. If I have purchases to carry, I'll even take a cab. With the robberies that have been going on, no way am I walking across town to get home. The 59 gets me a short block away. My monthly train pass covers the bus, so it's free for me ... kinda sorta. 

However, the bus itself can have its own rough crowd. It's heading to both Newark and Elizabeth and sometimes has its share of drunks and ne'er-do-wells. There was NO ONE on it (except the driver) last night. Wow. The driver told me it was my private bus. Now I want it every Saturday night!

Back from the dead

More mums on East Front Street.

This week's Plainfield gas price

What's the price of gas where you are? By the way, New Jersey only has full serve -- self serve is against the law. Don't ask me why.

NJ Transit, the way to go

Heading to work on Saturday, Plainfield Train Station. At least the engine part is on the front end. On the weekday early train I've been taking, it's in the back and I have to watch what car I get into. It's always the last two open cars to get out in Bridgewater. Yet, if the diesel engine car is in the rear, it seems like I'm in the wrong car. They're like Push Me-Pull You trains! They can go either way with the engine in either the front or the back.

Two Buck Chuck

Since it's up to $2.99 a bottle, it's really Three Buck Chuck these days. I went to Trader Joe's in Westfield on Tuesday night with a friend. It was pouring rain and the parking lot was a nightmare. Oh. Two Buck Chuck -- Charles Shaw wine -- is the house brand. I'm not overly keen on wine, but it seems popular. On the other hand, I have picked up the house brands of beer and lager. They're excellent, especially for the price. Hiccup.

Five Guys, no customers

After Trader Joe's, we hit up Five Guys Burgers and Fries. For the first time since I've been occasionally stopping there, there were NO customers other than us! The staff even gave us separate bags for the free peanuts! I think we were probably earlier than their dinner rush. Plus, did I mention it was pouring?


Heading to the city in the early morning. Not me. I was heading to work. I'm talking them. Plainfield Train Station.

Train in the rain

The sun should be rising. But it's raining instead. Plainfield Train Station.


The tractor trailer was actually backing up in fear of becoming a convertible as the express NJ Transit train zoomed overhead in Bridgewater, NJ.

End of the journey

One day of work scratched off the week.

Remnant of autumn

One lone tree remains with its leaves on the eastbound side of the Plainfield Train Station. Edited to leave said tree in color, the rest in black and white.

My new ducky boots

Ain't they cool? I have no porch to set them on, though.

Dark damp dawn

It's pitch dark although the sunrise is due in ten minutes. Grr. Cloud cover and rain. Oh well. You didn't want sunrise photos anyway, right?

Pick me up! PICK ME UP!

THIS is what I get greeted with when I come home from work. He's standing on his hind feet. He wants me to pick him up and carry him around on my shoulder. Spoiled, I say!

How was your week?


Delee said...

Glad you took the bus with so few people about. Some who would never think of committing a crime are struggling with Christmas coming! So many act like it is everyday, dangling their purses and purchases.

Those are some cute duck boots! Look comfy too!

Gas here is $3.35 down from $3.39 early last week! Getting gas in NJ is a treat for me, the price is lower and having them pump it. When you think about does create jobs, you pump someone is out of work!

Wish I could come and tramp to the city with you! Maybe someday! Can not wait to see your pics when you do!

Great stations pics and really like Almost Sunset!

Vincent is a treasure!

lynn1 said...

Great pictures again this week.

I am with you about avoiding shopping on Black Friday. We used to do it but I would rather have a root canal than fight the crowds.

Gas here in my area of Louisiana is $3.01 for brand names like Exon,Shell & Chevron but $2.99 for Racetrack, TA & a few other brands.

Al and I are headed back to Alabama to celebrate my Mother's
88th Birthday tomorrow. She has Alzheimer's and has recently had a few TIA or mini strokes. She is going strong all things considered.
We spent Thanksgiving day with her but had to come home due to Al's work schedule.
In the month of Nov. I have made 4 trips to Alabama...thus far.
I am feeling the effects of the frequent long drives and short but emotionally draining visits.

Hope everyone has recovered from all the Thanksgiving feasting.

I hope I will be able to watch TAR tonight but I am sure I won't be able to post.

SueGee said...

Great pictures as usual! I don't go out on Black Friday either! Someone actually tried to rob some people in the local Wal Mart parking lot and one of the shoppers ended up shot!

I did some shopping online and then participated in small business Saturday shopping. I like that idea best!

Gas is still pretty high here, with regular hovering around $ 3.65 for self-serve.

Sue (on the left coast)

Becky said...

Jackie, I love looking at your pictures. It sounds like you and Vincent had a good Thanksgiving.

I checked your site last week before we left town but didn't have time to post. I just want you to know how thankful I am to you for providing a place for us to gather during the reality shows.

BTW, gasoline is $3.04 here.I think it should be cheaper! We have five or six refineries in our town that make gasoline.

Sally said...

I envy your pre-Christmas trip to New York. I was there once in mid-Decemmber and it did seem rather magical. It's great to hear that your new knees are allowing you to resume some activities you'd been avoiding.

A friend and I have a Black Friday tradition of shopping in non-profit thrift stores. They're not crowded, often have neat items at bargain prices and provide services for local people in need. It's always a fun day for us.

Great photo of Vincent. Isn't it wonderful to be loved by a cat?