Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tragic News

I just found out that longtime blog community friend Jeannemarie Ahrens passed away last month. She has been an active commenter on the blog for several years. In one of my last contacts with her, she was offering to give me a ride to my surgeon's office as she's from the area.

I'm not too sure what happened, but I do recall that she was being admitted to the hospital yet again. For those who might not remember, she had been having horrible infections from a cat bite (her own cat) since last summer. On her Facebook page, I noticed that someone has taken in her cat.

What a shame. She was really a nice person, the kind of people I've met through my online experiences over the years and had gotten to know. I was missing her presence, which is why I looked into her absence. Rest in peace, Jeannemarie. 

Her obituary ran in the Star Ledger.


Anonymous said...

So Sad! I feel bad! I still miss Joyce also!

lynn1 said...

Jackie, Thank you for letting us know.
Jeannemarie seemed like such a friendly outgoing person.
I always enjoyed her comments.
She will be missed by all of us who "knew" her from Jackie's blog.

chacha said...


Petals said...

Yeah...that was rough news. This is a hard time for me, I lost mom last year at the holidays. Jeannemarie was such a sweetheart, always something inspirational to say. Effin sad, man.

Joe in NY said...

such sad news. She will be remembered.

monty924 said...

So sorry to see this. I remember jeannemarie and her comments very fondly. RIP to a dear blog buddy

Bejeweled said...

Yes, I just found out as well. I am an old friend from my single days. I shockingly found out when I received an e-mail from her sister telling me she had passed. Still can't believe it. Could a cat bite be so fatal or did it lead to something else? It should have not been her time since she was so young to leave us. She was a good friend...and greatly missed.