Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life Interrupted

I will be hosting (and participating) in the big blog party for the season premiere of The Amazing Race tonight starting at 8 PM ET. Be there or be square!

However, I will not be putting up my weekly photo post this morning. My apartment has been undergoing painting and kitchen renovations for the last few days. I took it upon myself to move all my furniture away from the walls as well as get everything off the walls. He finished the painting yesterday and I just collapsed. I still have to move everything back (or rearrange!)

He has to come back tomorrow although I'll have to be at work -- new bathroom sink and medicine cabinet, possibly new tiling around the tub. If they're going to do all that, they might as well give me a new toilet and tub, too!

The bathroom sink replacement is my own doing. The night before he first showed up, I leaned on it and it fell off the wall! I scrambled to catch it before it ripped the water lines out of the wall and then strained about 15 minutes to get it up on its brackets. When I finally got it up there, I noticed the big S pipe underneath disconnected. I asked him to fix the pipe and he told me he'd get me a new sink in a vanity. Yay! But, in a way, boo as under the sink was Vincent's litter box. The bathroom is tiny. I have to come up with a new place for it.

Between moving my whole darn life of stuff, straining with a deceptively heavy bathroom sink and helping the 4'10" Ecuadorean contractor dude move the refrigerator ... I'm hurting all over. And I have so much yet to do moving things all back. Sigh.

But do come back tonight for the show! 


Jennasmom said...

Will miss our Sunday photos......but I wish someone would come paint my house! lol

Take it easy moving that stuff back!

Jean said...

Please be careful. We don't bounce back as quickly as we used to.

Petals said...

Will be back this evening for the TAR event. Lucky you, getting renovated; but not so lucky, having to participate in the manual labor :(

Are there little Vincent-prints in the wet paint? hehe

See you tonight! :)

Donna in Alabama said...

Rearrange while you're having to move it all back! It will be like a new place with freshly painted walls and everything moved around!

You could put a kitty door on the vanity for Vincent's litter box! LOL

I'll be back for TAR tonight but I'll probably do my usual lurking.

Jackie said...

Vincent was confined to the bedroom for most of the action. I did have one rough point yesterday when the contractor went off for lunch leaving me with glue all over the kitchen floor and no access to my refrigerator yesterday. I ended up finding a Chinese restaurant online for delivery.

Margo said...

Oh my you need to take care of yourself. I hope you find someone to help you put your stuff back. Take care Miss Jackie!!


Jackie said...

Thanks! I'll be putting everything back myself. But I won't be under deadline to do it as I was for gathering everything in the middle of rooms! I'll probably be living in severe to slight disarray for a few weeks ... severe at the moment. I can't remember where I stashed the landline phone cord, so anyone calling me needs to call on the cell. My computer wires, etc. are in a jumble and I still have to get my speakers going. I'm also taking the opportunity to deep clean the backs of things I haven't moved for ten years and the floor underneath them which has basically only seen a dust mop for years.


Holly said...

well you must have been feeling like wonder woman at some point to get all of that done! Slow down my friend and take care of yourself! Good thing you have Vincent to help you. Really miss the pix because they are always so good! But I am looking forward to next Sunday already. Take care Jackie and enjoy the premier. I'll get it watched in the am when I get home from work. =)

Margo said...

**Pool Match-ups**
Art & J.J.- Auntie Leigh, Caela, Sydney
Brendon & Rachel - Donna in FL, Jennasmom, Lynn 1
Dave & Cherie - JOEY, MEB, SueGee
Dave & Rachel - Pam in NJ, Rbennie
Elliot & Andrew - Becky, DKNYNC, Donna in AL
Joey "Fitness" & Danny - Brent McKee, Karen in CA, Indiana Jane
Kerri & Stacey - Ed in OH, Margo
Mark & Bopper - Delee, Nana in NW, Petals
Misa & Maiya - Laurie, Terry in PA, Zoetawny
Nary & Jamie - Merrilee, PDXGranny
Vanessa & Ralph - Jackie, ML, Monty924

Margo aka the Lifeguard

Donna in Alabama said...

Thanks Margo, I'll have to go check out who Andrew and Elliot are.

Jackie, those "slide" things work well to move furniture easily.

Jackie said...

Only if you have those slide things ...! :-)

Pam in NJ said...

Thanks, Margo!

Becky said...

Jackie, I miss seeing your pictures today, but understand getting the house painted. Lucky you.

The "slide" things are not that expensive -- and well worth the investment. It sure makes moving furniture (expecially sofa's and heavy items a lot easier.

Just don't over-do. Oh, and when you finish, come on down to my house.

BTW, the second word is hard to read.

Jackie said...

I don't plan on moving furniture for years once this is done. It would be a waste of money and time finding them.

Jackie said...

Second word?

SueGee said...

Good luck Jackie! Painting/renovation is never fun when you need to stick around.

Thanks Margo for the pool! Not sure who they are yet, but so glad its not someone I know LOL

Will try and make it back for part of the TAR premier - but I have been watching a free concert from San Francisco all afternoon and it looks like Emmylou Harris will be the last act up right about the start of the show....

Good luck everyone and remember to race safely!!