Sunday, February 26, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - February 26, 2012

Yes, it is indeed Sunday morning and I'm back! My apologies for skipping last week's off television topic photo post, but I was really hurting and discombobulated. My apartment is still a bit discombobulated as I get this written. However, I no longer ache and I should get things back in place later today.

For those who didn't catch last week's post -- my apartment underwent some renovation work. Painting throughout, new kitchen floor, new bathroom ceiling, new bathroom sink with vanity, and new bathroom medicine cabinet. While I didn't have to do all this work, I did move everything to the center of my rooms, climbed up and down removing things from the walls (and the knee doesn't really climb well), helped the contractor move my refrigerator (which really wanted to remain in place), etc.

I was exhausted and ached all over. It takes a good year to eighteen months to recover completely from a knee replacement. Not only is the knee a bit iffy still, but my stamina and strength aren't 100% yet. Plus I started all this work ill with a fever and stomach bug. GAH! 

I've been working on getting things back in place ... or in new places as it gives me an excuse to rearrange things ... bit by bit after work. I'm not quite under the deadline I was for throwing and shoving everything in the middle of the rooms! I also have decided to purge some of my belongings. I will probably never be a size 10 again, those clothes can go. I have a pair of practically brand new Chicago inline roller skates. While I might venture out on quad (old school) skates again, I hated the inline and used them a few times years ago. Size 9 -- anyone wanna buy?

Work has been a nightmare for most of this week with computer issues. Supposedly the DSL at work isn't working and we're only communicating via satellite. That was fixed, but amidst the problems, my software I use for my work somehow got corrupted (they think). I've had to use a chisel and a slab of granite in lieu of modern technology. Er, okay ... adding machine tapes and notes. Once things come up, I have to enter each day's work into the computer. Sigh. 

On this Sunday, my thoughts go out to local Plainfield bloggers Dan Damon and Bernice Paglia. Dan was hospitalized with some serious issues earlier this week and Bernice, a fellow car-free pedestrian, has been having horrible knee issues. I know what knee issues are like, especially as a pedestrian! May both of my friends feel better soon!

Onto the photos for this week -- clicking on an image will open a larger view.

Call me Mr. Chubbs

This squirrel was hanging out at the Plainfield Train Station yesterday morning as I waited for my train. He was a bit of a ham (even though he's obviously a squirrel!). I have a mini-series of shots of him later on in this entry.

Winter budding

We've had some cooler temperatures the past few days. But the winter is still so warm and mild that the trees are confused. Bridgewater Train Station.

Pinks of dawn

The days are getting longer. It's no longer pitch black when I leave my apartment heading to the train station. The sunrise actually occurs while I'm aboard the train on my way to work. Soon it should be rising while I'm at the Plainfield Train Station.


Naked kitchen floor

This is what was under my kitchen floor tiles. The one area where there was a dip in the floor and cracked tiles (which is why I needed new flooring) showed that someone's refrigerator must have leaked decades ago, dry-rotted and tiles had been slapped atop it. That whole section had to be leveled out with concrete fill before glue was placed over the floor and new tiles put in. In the background, that's the infamous radiator where Vincent stalked his mice the winter before last. I still see no holes from the wall, but they must be there!

Comfy chair?

The abandoned comfy chair sat by the city bench for nearly a week before it vanished. It used to be that folks put usable furniture on the street and someone snagged it in short order. Nowadays bedbugs are a definite concern. Outside Danny's Bakery, corner of Watchung and North in Plainfield.

From the train

Reflections from my train seat. Yes, I'm sitting backwards mainly because someone dared steal "my" seat. How dare they! This was as we were pulling out of the Plainfield Train Station one morning. The street, train platform and reflected train interior are all there!

Ballpark sunrise

The sunrise is technically over by the time I get to the Bridgewater Station. The TD Ballpark lights catch the golden glow, they're actually silver in color. I noticed that the Big Apple Circus is starting to set up on the other side of the ballpark. I'll have to get some photos of that in the next week or two.

Bridgewater dawn

Again, just past the sunrise.

Oriole nest in winter

At least I think it's a oriole's nest! I noticed this in a tree on the lawn of the Friends (Shaker) Meeting House on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield.

Spooky clouds

Looking over at the houses on East Second Street as I leave for work in the now-lighter morning.

Got me some goodies!

Back to my Saturday morning squirrel friend at the Plainfield Train Station!

I pledge allegiance ...

I tell ya ... he was a ham!

I'm cute and you know it!

My meerkat impression

Tale end

There it is, the tail end of the squirrel tale.

Geese in flight

One of these days I'll have to look up why geese incessantly honk while in flight. Bridgewater, NJ.

As the sunrise rushes by

Yep, there it goes! The sun rises just past Dunellen (NJ) these days.

Deadly predator at rest

Just look at those treacherous fangs! Watch out moths and mice!

Remember ... the blog party for The Amazing Race will be posted by 8 PM ET tonight! Stop on by and watch the show with us!


Jean said...

Your sunrise pictures are gorgeous!
I love the colors.

Laurie said...

Ugh, the renovation sounds like a lot of hard work. I'm glad there's something nice at the end of it. New floors and such are refreshing! The work situation was a nightmare. We do need our computers.

Love the pictures and the colors. I can imagine you enjoying the squirrel and his antics. Clearly he was meant to be a star! Well, a co-star ... We know Sir Vincent is the star of TWTWTW!

Rochelle said...

That IS a meerkat impression if I ever saw one, And of course, I always look for the last photo of Sir Vincent....

Rochelle said...

Hey - my calling Vincent Sir Vincent was BEFORE I read Laurie's post! What's up with that???

Petals said...

Sorry to hear you were in pain last week, I just thought your apt was in pain, LOL. Hope you are not as ... ache-y.
LOVE the Chubby pics, and the Comfy chair.
I have Dubai (tennis) beginning tomorrow, & the Oscars tonight, whoo!
So I wont be doing TAR tonight.
Would love to see Brad win tonight . He certainly deserves an award for his body of work, if not just Moneyball (ala Denzel for Training Day) And The Help just blew me away - in case any of you haven't seen it, please give it a go. I promise you will love it.

By the way, being with you guys, here at Jackie's & FB, are sometimes the highlight of my week. My "real" life is in such distress lately.

Thanks for putting up with me.

Sally said...

Those squirrel photos, and your captions, are terrific! He/she must have known you presented no threat at all.

Bet it's a relief to have the rennovaton done, so you can reassemble your apartment on your own schedule. I imagine Vincent is inspecting each move you make. Did you find a good location for his litter box, since you ended up with the new vanity?

Brent McKee said...

FYI: The Amazing Race will start an hour earlier in Canada than in the United States. The time change is for some awards show or other. ;-)

Delee said...

60 Minutes started on time...Yea!
As always love the pics. My squirrels were waiting for me to feed them this morning. One younger one really amused me as I watched from the window. Running around and doing mid-air flips. Never seen that before.
I tivo'ed the Awards, really just want to see the opening. Watching Red Carpet on E now.

Jackie said...

Sally - I found the litter box will still fit in the bathroom ... a bit more in the way, but it fits!