Sunday, March 18, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - March 18, 2012

Why yes ... it's Sunday morning once again! That means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

Hmm. I've had a rather uneventful week. For the most part it seems to have been a bit chilly and rainy or just overcast. It was nice on my day off, but I had things I had to attend to around the apartment. Plus I napped. I'll admit it. Losing the hour makes it seem like I'm getting up before 4am for work! It's bad enough to be getting up before 5am daily! I'd prefer it if we just kept setting the clock BACK every six months instead of the "spring forward" part. I suppose that would screw up time for the future generations. Oh well. I'm quasi-used to getting up at FOUR in the morning now!

I hope everyone who's Irish (at least for the day) enjoyed St. Patrick's Day. I don't do this every year, but I did buy corned beef, cabbage, etc. to make myself an Irish feast (although I'm not Irish). Unfortunately, I worked late yesterday. So my feast is planned for today. Then I can live off of leftovers and not have to cook for a while.

Realizing how mundane my life is as I get older, I find bizarre things will get me excited. Yesterday in Target, I noticed they carry their store brand wet Swiffer refills scented with lavender. Now I'm looking forward to doing my floors today before I get the feast going on the stove. Sad, I know. 

I might also take a stroll looking for blooms and see if local blogger Dan Damon can have visitors over at the Norwood rehab place practically across the street from my apartment. That's the rehab I was going to go to for the first knee replacement, but my doctor thought I'd be okay not going to rehab. I was singng to myself, "They want me to go to rehab, I said NO NO NO." Of course, it's a way different kind of rehab than the one to which Amy Winehouse was referring to in her song.

In television, I've pretty much given up on American Idol this season. With it up against Survivor and the fact that no one on it rocks my world, it's easy to forget to watch. I keep actually forgetting Southland on Tuesday nights at 10pm and I don't want to forget that show! The finale is this week and I'll try to remember. I've ended up watching it online on Wednesdays during my day off. Since TNT hooked up with "cable providers" to watch the show on their site, the commercials are worse than watching it live on TV. Of course, we're still doing blog parties for both The Amazing Race and Survivor right here. So far, the March Madness basketball coverage hasn't affected them.

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new gallery.

Dark mornings again

Just when I had gotten used to daylight for my early morning commute, I've been plunged into the darkness once again. This was Monday morning. Most of the other days, it was either overcast or drizzling. Plainfield Train Station.

Crocuses in bloom

Yes, I need to get better shots. It's been dark (and rainy) most mornings as I passed by the YWCA crocuses on East Front Street in Plainfield. And, alas, I was running a little late yesterday in actual daylight.

Waitin' on a train

I took this shot while on the handicap ramp access to the platform. Of course, that's the equivalent of placing the camera ON the platform. But I can see what I'm shooting, which is always a good thing. Yes, it was a wet morning. Plainfield Train Station.




These are the start of the beautiful blossoming trees, possibly crab apple trees but bearing no fruit. In the dark morning on Church Street in Plainfield.

Buffalo's Soldiers?

I am SO not into football, but this caught my attention. I've seen banners about town and the truck here and there. Now, I know it's not a Plainfield team as they would call it Plainfield. It's apparently some kind of new NFL team (?). In Googling it, I saw a NY Daily News article saying they were piping Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldiers" in connection to the team. I haven't heard that myself. East Fourth Street, Plainfield.


Ah, now I have more daffodils to shoot -- ones that I can actually get close to unlike the cemetery daffodils. Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Daffodil duo

Also Berckman Street

It's really spring

Okay, it's not REALLY spring until Tuesday, but all the plants think it is. Who am I to argue with Mother Nature?

Dandelion don't tell no lies

But I don't mind taking liberties with Mother Nature. I messed a bit with the colors of this dandelion shot. So, yeah. This dandelion lies.

Teensy pretty flowers

I have no clue what these are. Each blossom is only about the size of one petal on a violet. They're very teensy. Bridgewater, NJ.

Buh-bye Big Apple

This was taken Monday morning -- you can tell by the moon in the shot! The last shows at the Big Apple Circus will be today and by the time I go through there tomorrow, they'll be packing to leave. I think they're heading onto Boston next, but don't quote me on that. Bridgewater, NJ. And, no. I didn't go. I just walked by it ten times during the work week.

Bridgewater NJ sunrise

The only pretty sunrise of the week. Every other morning was overcast and blah.

More buds!

And thorns! Did you know that mockingbirds impale their prey on thorns?

Oh my

I guess it's better the sign got hit than a pedestrian. By the TD Bank Ball Park and Bridgewater Train Station in the dark. With the flash.


Why, it's a mockingbird

A Northern Mockingbird, to be precise. And, gee ... he (she?) is not far from those thorny budding bushes!

Let me get closer

Similar to the squirrel a week or two back who seemed to like the camera, the mockingbird let me move in and held his ground. Er, his vines atop a fence.

Now he's just being a ham!

But he didn't sing. Now I want a diamond ring.

Yes, I plan to make odd song references as the mood strikes. You're probably lucky I'm not singing.

Bunny in da hood!

There he was, on my neighbor's lawn in Plainfield.

Sleepy kitty

Vincent's sleepy because he's been running amok and wreaking havoc for an hour with his newest toy -- a pretzel stick I accidentally dropped. Now I have to get it out from under the bookcase so I can toss it out.

How was your week?


lynn1 said...

Hi Jackie,
Great photos this week.
If the small flowers were planted and not just growing wild they could be Johnny Jump Ups.
I have not been able to join the blog parties for Survivor and TAR due to my Mother being hospitalized.
I do read the blog as time permits.
For TAR I have Brandon and Rachel as my assigned team but I am cheering for the Kentucky guys and the FBI ladies.
On Survivor I am cheering for anyone who will get rid of Colton.
I really can't remember ever having such ill will towards any player on Survivior.I wasn't a fan of Johnny Fairplay, Sandra (the gal who won twice) just to mention a couple.
I actually enjoyed Russell and Boston Rob.
Colton is a mean spirited, self important, bigotted shallow human being.
Whew I feel better now! ;)
Hope you and all the blog gang have a great week ahead.

Sally said...

Your photos of spring flowers are always so welcome! Good-bye winter! And I like your song references.

Warmer weather should be headed your way--we've been smashing high temperature records here the last few days. My cats love all the open windows.

That Buffalo's Soldier bus hauls around fans of Donald Jones, a Plainfield native who's a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. His Dad heads the group, which includes several former policemen. Here's one link:

~~Silk said...

Thank you for the flowers!

The tiny blue flower is most likely Nemophilas (Google nemophilas, then click on "images" on the left of the result screen).

Johnny-Jump-Up looks exactly like a miniature pansy.

Petals said...

Thanks for the updates & pics. I always see the viola (johnny jump-ups), but always wild.
Daffs are blooming all over here, and one little perfect crocus, all by itself.

I agree with Lynn about CoCo. It is difficult to keep comments clean when blogging Survivor this season.

Roger Federer won this week, for which I am always elated. This winter was very difficult for me, but I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed for a better Spring.

Kathy in NC said...

Vincent may be sleeping, but his "second" face really shows up in this photo. Never know who or what might try to sneak up on a dozing kitty.