Sunday, March 25, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - March 25, 2012

It's Sunday morning, the start of a bit of a rainy day here. However, coming off of the glorious spring week we had last week, I can't complain. It's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken.

It's SO definitely (and finally officially) spring here! Everything is coming to life. Despite our unusually warm winter and some early blooms, this past week proved that even a warm winter can't be spring! Sure, there were bits of nature's glory here and there, but for the most part winter was basically brown and grey. Now it's pretty wherever you look!

Of course, that tends to make me sneeze. But I'll live with that for the beauty of it all. The foggy morning starts leading to highs in the 70s made me think of San Diego weather. Perfect in my book.

While nature is being all exciting, my own life was nothing to write home about. For the most part, I worked, slept, ate, rinse and repeat. My computer software is STILL down at my workplace. It's been a month now. Finally the Helpless Desk decided they cannot fix it. Duh. So a new Web PC blade doohickey thing-a-ma-jig arrived Friday, a technician will arrive tomorrow and I'll get to re-set-up my program after he gets the hardware in. At least that nightmare will be over.

I visited local blogger Dan Damon as he rehabs across the street at the Norwood Terrace physical rehabilitation place. He's looking great -- probably the best color and healthiest looking I've seen him in a year or more. His spirits are excellent and he's taking his new challenge with gusto. I also met his other half Nat for the first time -- a nice fellow for sure. 

Norwood itself impresses me. Now, that's the place I would have gone with my first knee had I gone to rehab. A nice facility, definitely not a hospital atmosphere in decor and a very pleasant staff. Dan seems to be very pleased with the treatment and the food. I personally don't want the chance to go there myself as I have no more knees to replace, but it's good to know it's such a fine facility!

In television talk: I lost all track of American Idol this past week. I forgot it was on for the result show -- the singing show is opposite of Survivor, so I always miss that one. I don't even know who went home on AI. Furthermore, I don't really care. I guess my love affair with the show is over. On the other hand, I did catch the season finale of SouthLand as it aired. Man, these seasons are way too short!

The Survivor episode this week did come as a bit of a surprise. I know that Jeff Probst has been hyping Colton as the most villainous villain ever and didn't expect him to go out so soon with a medical issue. To me, Colton wasn't a villain anyway. He was a mean nasty little rich spoiled brat who needs to learn what the real world's like outside of his own sheltered little world. Although I never would wish acute appendicitis on anyone, you know what they say about karma. The bad thing is that I think Jeff will push for his return in another season. Sigh.

Tonight's episode of The Amazing Race is almost promised to be delayed by March Madness. I'll get a blog party post up for 8pm EDT, but I don't expect the show to start anywhere near on time. Perhaps we can all get cyber-drunk while anticipating Brenchel meltdowns ahead!

Onto the photos for the week -- clicking on an image will open a larger view in a gallery setting. So fancy-schmancy, eh? 

Different perspective on my 'hood

This is the view I saw crossing the street and heading into the Norwood Terrace rehab to visit Dan. Oh my ... the 'hood looks good from here! I actually live a bit off the left side of this photo.

Early morning solitude

East Front Street in Plainfield.

Magnolia blossom

The big magnolia tree across the street from my building hit full bloom towards the end of the week. Now the ground there is littered with magnolia blossom petals.

Forsythia by flash

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, my walk to the train station in the morning is still mostly under the cloak of darkness. Of course, I do like the opportunity to use the phrase "cloak of darkness." Beside that, it does give me flash photo opportunities.



I edited this one to leave on the Friends (Quakers) Meetinghouse sign in color. Looking into it, the Plainfield Rahway Meetinghouse has a very interesting history, the religion itself is pretty fascinating, too. I love my Google! Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

Brief beauty

Magnolia blossoms on East Front Street, Plainfield.

A foggy start

East Front Street pre-dawn fog.


Oh my. We're talking NO privacy at all! Abandoned on East Front Street in Plainfield, the toilet actually looked to be in good condition. I didn't get really close, though.

Full bloom crocuses

When I went through yesterday, these were already gone. That's the thing about spring -- some of its beauty is short-lived that you need to snag it when you can! East Front Street by the YWCA.

Already gone

Color on the rocks

I noticed a teensy bit of bright color amongst the rocks by the Bridgewater Train Station. What a neat little plant! I never noticed them before. Yeah, most likely a weed ... but pretty nonetheless.

Promise of beauty ahead

By next week, this tree at the Bridgewater Train Station will be in full bloom. I recall one year I feared for it as gypsy moth caterpillars overtook it. It bounced back to health as the years have gone by.

Church Street trees pre-dawn

The Church Street (Plainfield) trees are now in full bloom. This is where the early arrival of both Daylight Savings Time and spring weather come to play. Other years it's been daylight as I walked through here in the morning.

When the red, red robin ...

Okay, he's more orange than red and he's not bob-bob-bobbing along. But he is a robin! Bridgewater, NJ.

Ready to bloom

That tree in Bridgewater again.

Amazing Taste

Not the food trucks of my youth, for sure! Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

Spring is WAY here!

East Second Street, Plainfield.

Don't even THINK of taking it!

Oh, like I really want your acorn, silly squirrel! East Front Street, Plainfield.

Periwinkle abounds

These are growing like crazy over at Norwood Terrace and on East Front Street.

Under the lamp

As dusk set in Saturday evening at the Bridgewater Train Station, the street lamp lit up the flowering trees.

It's all MINE!

I had the entire train car to myself on Saturday evening returning from work! Woohoo! Partay! Jump seat to seat! Wheeee! 

Okay. It only lasted until the next stop.

Oh no!

Uh-oh. Maybe this is why I had it all to myself. Car number 7 666! Eek!

Taking down the big top

Dismantling the big top of the Big Apple Circus. It's now set up (or being set up) elsewhere. Boston, I believe. Bridgewater, NJ.

Double dandy

I find even the weeds glorious in their own little way. I love spring and fall! Summer, not so much.

Nature is amazing

Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Magnolia tree gone wild

East Front Street, Plainfield.

Pretty little blossoms

Interesting. These pretty blossoming trees are in full bloom in front of Norwood Terrace in Plainfield, yet 11 miles west in Bridgewater they're just starting to bud.

Gotta love spring


BANG, Vincent! Play dead! Roll over! Good doggie! Er, um ... kitty. His eyes look that way as I took this shot with the flash.

How was your week?


RSchnoop said...

You caught a runaway toilet, sick of taking all the crap people can dish out.

Petals said...

Beautiful flower pics, especially the Magnolia tree. We had/have one in NJ, we called it the tulip tree, and looked forward to the ground being covered in petals.
Sadly, I must agree that we may not have seen the last of (blech) CoCo.
Mad Men S5 premiere is this evening, so I won't be TARing.
Have a great Sunday, Jackie!

Donna in Alabama said...

I do not recall my magnolia blooms having so much of the wine color. I had to cut it down a couple years back because the roots were busting my retaining wall. Forsythia, we call those ‘yellow bells’ and they are plentiful here and in bloom. Double Dandy, I have a gazillion dandy… and most of them are so close to the ground, the lawn mower does not cut them! Arghh..
All your pics are great, per your usual and Vincent does a nice job of playing dead!!
Have a great week and I will be lurking tonight and Wednesday!

Margo said...

Great pictures as always. I LOVE spring!!

Becky said...

Wonderful pictures, Jackie. I read all the comments on Survivor after we returned home.

I was doing the Happy Beagle Dance when the took CoCo away. I agree with your comments about him, Jackie. I don't think of him as a villian, just a rotten person full of his own entitlement.

I just hope they vote Alicia off next. She is a nasty, ugly person. I hope Karma gets her out of the game.

Jennasmom said...

Jackie, always enjoy your Sunday pics. Has been awhile since I've had time to stop in to see them. This has been a crazy winter. Haven't even been able to stop in late like I used to for TAR or Survivor. Let's hope spring slows down around here! And it darn sure better slow down before BB comes back!

Dickson Yang said...

SO cool