Sunday, April 08, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - April 8, 2012

I hope everyone is having a fine Passover, Easter or even just a fantastic spring Sunday! Since it is indeed Sunday, it's time for my weekly reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken. 

While the weather was technically very nice and even spring-like, it wasn't all that conducive for my photo taking jaunts. It's still darkish in the mornings when I leave for the train station, yet the winds every afternoon blow my targets around. I've had to put layers on for the early morning walk, then shed them in the afternoon. Yet it's been WINDY every day! Excuse me ... I'd like 55 degree mornings and 72 degree afternoons. Er, all summer even!

I plan on spending a quiet Easter at home with Vincent (my cat, for those not in the know). I don't have any local enough family to make a trip when I work into Saturday evening and I'm out heading to the train station by 6:15am Monday morning. I might make some boiled eggs, but won't color or hide them. The hiding isn't fun when you know where they are! The real joy in that is finding a hidden Easter egg in August.

I'm not even set on what I'll be eating today. Since I had a Peapod grocery delivery Friday evening, I'm WAY stocked up. I have a plethora of foodstuffs to choose from, but didn't really order anything special for the holiday. I do know that I'm going to make blueberry muffins this morning. Hmm ... they could be for dinner, too! 

Both the work front and the home front have been on the mundane side this week. Busy at work, but that's not unexpected. Not so busy at home, but that's been my choice. I have yet to hang some things back on my walls.  I'm thinking of storing away some of the stuff I've had up for years and framing some of my own photos. Then again, I might just nap.

At home, I've heard the tow truck prowling the lot nightly looking for prey. They had backed off, but now they're towing full force once again. I still think it's ridiculous to charge tenants $40 a month to park their cars here. Back when I had my car, it was free, then $10 a month. There's been some new tenants moving in and I don't think they realize they really do tow unauthorized vehicles. They will learn.

Onto the photos ... clicking on an image will open it larger in a fancy-schmancy gallery doohickey.

Azaleas about to bloom

These should be in full blossom next week. It's odd that there are red, white and pink azalea bushes and only the pink are at this stage. The white is next with itsy bitsy buds. Bridgewater, NJ

Probably more costly than the fine

I just don't understand people who pay a New York City taxi to take them to Plainfield. Once the taxi leaves the five boroughs, the rate goes even more sky-high than it already was. With the exception of fairly set trips like Newark Airport, the price is roughly doubled (due to driving back empty) plus tolls. Just the tolls alone cost nearly what the train or bus costs for the trip. Oh, well. As I said on my Facebook page, some people must have more money than brains.

In the early morning sunlight

The blossoms on this little tree will be passing soon. I'm happy I caught this shot not long after sunrise. Bridgewater, NJ



The stare down

Tensions rise over abandoned fast food. The crows kept jumping and cawing at the seagull. However, the seagull managed to snag the whole bag and fly with it for a bit. The crows moved on elsewhere. Bridgewater, NJ

Don't fence me in

I think he thinks I can't see him hiding behind the chain link fence.

What IS it?


Why, it's baby poison ivy!

The first poison ivy growth I've seen this spring. I was thinking that the toxic superfund site Irene flooding might have actually done it in. Yet it survives. I've also been concerned about the lack of the usual ground-based animals in that area as I haven't seen any. I saw a rabbit earlier in the week. It was almost the size of a small bear! Okay, a big raccoon. Anyway, it looked healthy, so the animal life might be coming back. Bridgewater Train Station.

Cherry blossoms arriving now

At the Plainfield Train Station. All aboard for spring!

Spring at the Plainfield Train Station

Almost idyllic.


Weeds in bloom

Star light, star bright

First star I see tonight. Actually, I believe it's a planet, not a star. But don't ask me what planet. I know it can't be Pluto as they decided Pluto isn't a planet. I'm still waiting for them to rearrange the alphabet so more of my childhood learning can be deemed incorrect. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Cherry blossoms in the 'hood

About a half-mile from the train station, these are just starting to bud and I took them AFTER the more in bloom ones at the station.

Dunellen water tower sunrise

Taken from the train window, Raritan Valley Line, NJ Transit

Exit to street

Plainfield Train Station. It's always tempting to "exit to street" when I should be heading to work. It's even more tempting to jump on one of the two NYC-bound buses which pass me as I walk to the train station. But I resist and go to work. I have no sense of adventure.

Nature's beauty

Sunrise a'comin'

Plainfield Train Station.

Route 287 sunrise

As I arrive at the Bridgewater Train Station. Usually the traffic is all backed up in the afternoon as I head home. That always makes me happy to be a train rider!

Blooming blossoms

Bridgewater Train Station

A closer look

Violets peeking between the blades

Berckman Street, Plainfield.

I'm not fat, I'm fluffy!

I don't know, Vincent. You were LANKY when I first met you.

Don't forget to stop back for The Amazing Race blog party tonight ... hopefully the show will be on time as it's a holiday! 

How was your week? 


Becky said...

Happy Easter to you and Vincent! You had some amazing pictures this week, which isn't unusual. Of course you ended with my favorite subject.

Delee said...

Happy Easter!
Wrong Miss Jackie-Master's Golf has messed up my whole evening of viewing! Grrr!

A friend of the kids posted a pic on FaceBook of a NYC cab he spotted in Baltimore (where he lives). Now imagine that fare!

As always beautiful pictures and I can see the difference your new camera makes. The flowers seem sharper.