Sunday, May 27, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - May 27, 2012

Happy Sunday morning, all! I realize, though I dub this post "off topic," I haven't posted anything ON television topic this week! Oops. 

I really haven't been watching too many shows as the May Sweeps period fades away. I've been watching America's Got Talent (and still hoping for tickets to see one of the live shows this summer in Newark) and So You Think You Can Dance started this week. Both shows are still in their audition phases. Letterman went into repeats by Thursday evening with no Jack Hanna appearance during sweeps. I would think that's odd, but I know from Facebook that Jack Hanna had a knee replacement a few weeks ago.

My first day of another staycation started yesterday. Hopefully I'll finish watching some screeners sent to me by TNT and post on them for the lack of any other TV posts. Dependent on the weather, I might run into the city one day. It's Fleet Week there. Maybe I could get some sailor shots! I also have a few places in town I want to shoot (as in take photos of, not as in gunfire). Vincent will also have to go for his check-up and shots this week and i have a few other errands to run as well.

This past week was yet another fairly hectic one for me. I had notice that there would be a "new landlord inspection" Tuesday afternoon. Um. Okay. The state has been in. The city has been in. What could this one be? Cue panic mode. I dusted. I mopped. I waxed. I polished. I cleaned my oven!

All pretty much for naught. It was just a huge Orthodox Jewish man with a meter to check for lead paint. Stepping in the door, he saw Vincent sitting on a chair. "You don't have a dog, do you? I'm scared of dogs. Oh my. That's one big cat!" He then asked me if I heard him screaming this past Thursday. Er, no. He said a dog in the building attacked him. Oh my!

I automatically figured out what dog. "Pit bull with a man in a wheelchair?" "Yes!" Now, I know this dog. Technically, it bit me once. And, yes, someday the dog will be trouble as the man isn't training the dog right. But right now it's a puppy. It gets all happy around people and wants to play. That's how I got bit. The bite didn't break my skin, nor was it any sort of attack. It was playing.

Meanwhile, this lead meter guy jumps every time Vincent makes a sudden move. I'm standing there watching Vincent following him and occasionally carrying Vincent on my shoulder when I see the man tense up. My biggest fear is that Vincent would go for the zizit around the man's waist. After all, you have dangling strings near a playful cat and the cat might just jump up your leg!

The inspection ended with no lead paint found. The meter goes through all the layers of paint slapped on since the building was built in 1960. He told me that he only had about 8 apartments left to do, no lead paint found anywhere so far. Too bad. I was in the mood for fish and CHIPS! (My apologies to those who read my similar joke on Facebook. I felt it too good not to share here, too.)

As a result of my even cleaning the oven in preparation for some unknown aspect inspection, my place is all spic and span as I head into my staycation. Cool. A few Swiffers and keeping up with dirty dishes is all the housework I'll be doing on the staycation! Yesterday was hot and muggy here. I pampered myself taking a long soaking bath with Bomb Cosmetics bath rocks -- a scented fizzly bit of heaven while drinking a cold glass of Schmirnoff Ice bought specially for the occasion and listening to smooth jazz. I had steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus followed by Trader Joe's Ultra Chocolate (used to be Chocolate Blast) ice cream. I lounged about. I read. I listened to music. I napped.

Today, my plans aren't all that much either. Sometime between 7:30 and 9:30 AM, my latest Peapod order will arrive. My big chore of the day will be putting groceries away. By Monday, I should be relaxed enough to walk downtown and watch the Memorial Day tribute to those who have served the country. 

Onto the photos -- clicking on an image will open it in a new page, clicking again will give you a larger image. Closing that new window will bring you back here.  

Squirrel up close and personal
Squirrel photo shoot

It was raining, so his fur and tail are a bit frazzled. Plainfield Train Station.

Lush from the rains

Although they say we're still short for the year, the abundant rains of the past few weeks have turned everything lush and green. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Small bee on small weeds
Small bee on the weed

I don't know what kind of small bee this is, nor the weed. It's a pseudo-dandelion ... way too tall and different leaf structure than a dandelion. Bridgewater Train Station.


Spigot in the bush
Spigot in the leaves

This spigot, apparently not connected to anything, looks out of place amongst the poison ivy and other leafy things here. It's a remnant of the past chemical company which stood on the site that is now a toxic superfund site adjacent to the Bridgewater Train Station.

Squirrel photo shoot
Squirrel shoot continues

Same squirrel, same day.

Posing squirrel
How's this pose?

Isn't he so adorable?

Eek! A bug!
Uh-oh. He's looking at me!

Now, he's not so adorable. He is tiny, though. I tried to submit him to the "What's this bug?" site but the images I was sending them kept just hanging up. I've photographed bugs at the Bridgewater Train Station for years and this is the first season for these. And, there's a lot of them.

How to fix a broken pole?
How to fix a broken power pole?

Berckman Street in Plainfield. First the pole was broken and tied up. Then a new pole was erected next to it. They lopped off the top of the broken pole and transferred some wires and the street light to the new pole. Both poles are still sitting there, the broken one has what looks like a FIOS box and cables on it. It's looking more broken each day. I don't think that rope will hold much longer.

Murder scene update
Still looking for answers

A small memorial marks the corner of the latest city homicide. They've added Spanish to the information wanted sign. I fear they won't find out too much from innocent citizens in the area -- hardly anyone is out at 4:15am there. Hopefully the murderers will spill the beans and someone who knows them will tell.

Experimenting with editing

I messed a lot with this one. Originally it was a mop and broom propped up by the U-Haul building on East Second Street in Plainfield.

Old railroad ties
Old railroad spikes

These were on the platform of the Bridgewater Train Station. Relics of the past for that station, at least. For the past few years the tracks there have concrete, not wooden, railroad ties. And, the method for securing the ties are no longer spikes.


These bushes are just starting to blossom in Bridgewater. The azaleas have gone by.

Flower power
It's flower season

The house at the corner of East Front and Richmond in Plainfield is in all its glory once again.


Except that the grill was off, this fan looked almost new. Abandoned on Church Street in Plainfield.


Yes, I realize this is a rather queasy shot. But it could be queasier -- it was actually a half a snake. It was such an unusual find for me that I had to shoot it. This was on East Third Street near the Plainfield Train Station. Well, on the sidewalk. It was fairly sizable, perhaps an inch and a half in girth. It wasn't a rattlesnake as I could see that end. There are timber rattlers in the state. It wasn't colorful. I suppose it could be a big garter snake or something of that ilk. I don't know if it was hit by a car or what. I think, since this part was on the sidewalk where I've found hawk leftovers that a hawk might have gotten to it.

The fly
The fly posed for me

I guess today's photo entry isn't for the queasy, eh? This is some kind of outdoor fly, not the kind you see in your home. I shoot what I can and he posed for me.

Further research reveals -- You do NOT want this fly in your home. It's a flesh fly which feeds on rotting meat and vegetable matter.

Butt it's the fly!
Butt, not for long

Terror dog
The terror dog

The dog on the left is the dog who "attacked" the lead meter man. That's not a man walking a skunk on the right. That's Marvin and Princess, a little lhaso apso.

Vincent in the window
Vincent on guard

Vincent guards my apartment from any lhaso apsos, snakes, birds, flies, bugs, squirrels ... any threats at all. 

I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend and please take a moment to remember those who gave their lives so that we can live ours.


~~Silk said...

That insect has been driving me crazy. By the size, body shape and snout shape, I'd say it's some kind of weevil. But my Audubon field guides and Google images don't show wings on weevils, and those wings are very distinctive! You'd think they'd be THE identifying feature. Yeah, I've seen them on my porch, too.

If you ever find out what it is, put it in the blog so I'll know, too.

~~Silk said...

The yellow flowers: That blossom construction is very common. You have to identify the plant by the leaves, and I can't see them here. It might be Groundsel (a.k.a. ragwort) if the heavily lobed leaves climb up the stem. If the leaves are straight, grass blade-like, then it might be Salsify. If the leaves form a rosette on the ground, it could be Cat's-ear. If the leaves are prickly, it could be Sow-thistle.

...and so on.

~~Silk said...

Looking again at the yellow flower - the stem looks prickly. Sow-thistle!

Jackie said...

I think the odd-winged bug might be a picture wing fly

~~Silk said...

By George, Jackie, I think you've got it! Having the common name got me the Latin name(s), and I am very disappointed in my Audubon guide. I thought I'd missed it (I'd looked at ALL the pictures except moths, butterflies, and scorpions), but it simply isn't in there, not even in the index. Surprising, given how common they are.