Sunday, June 03, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - June 3, 2012

Well, it's Sunday once again -- time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. I've been off this past week on a staycation. I had a few things I wanted to do and few of them got accomplished. Oops. However, I once again feel relaxed. That was the main thing I wanted to accomplish anyway!

The weather was either muggy and hot or had a chance of rain most of my days off. Thus, I didn't make any trips into the city (NYC). Nothing is worse than a sweaty Manhattan or getting drenched when my intent was to take photos.

So I puttered around home for the most part. I pampered myself with bubble baths, scented salt baths and good food while reading, listening to music, and catching up on some video watching. 

Once again, on Memorial Day, my bathroom ceiling leaked ... ruining the newest ceiling tiles installed. Well, not ruining them per se, but definitely staining them. Grr. On Tuesday afternoon I called the new landlord's maintenance number. Wednesday morning, they showed up. Judging from the amount of time spent up there and the noise they made, it SHOULD be fixed. It hasn't leaked since. However, I often went three months in between leaks although it's been chronic for years.

Here are this week's photos ... clicking on an image will open it in a new window, clicking again will make it larger. Closing that new window will plop you right back here on the blog.

Day lily
Day Lily in the sun

I took this on Friday just off Richmond Street near the railroad tracks in Plainfield.

Somerville Train Station
Somerville Train Station

After a rather ill-fated outing with a friend, I ended up driving her home in her car and catching a train out of the new Somerville Train Station to get home. Very nice although I didn't plan to see it this way!

Pretty in purple


Plainfield Service

On Monday morning, I walked downtown to observe the Memorial Day ceremony. The monument in the background has the names of Plainfield servicemen (and at least one woman I noted) lost in WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam. It's sad that so many lives have been lost and continue to be lost in wars.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day

War Memorial
At the War Memorial

Lone rememberance
Lone remembrance

This solitary man remained after the ceremony whistling Taps.

SPAM War? Oh.

In a walk around on Friday, I stopped at the local St. Mary's Cemetery. I saw this headstone and flag. For a moment, all I could think of was Spamalot. D'oh! SPanish AMerican War.

Oh my!
Hey! That's MY building!

Sure, while I'm out and about a bunch of police cars go screaming by me. WHAT? They're at MY building! There was another police car in the right-side driveway where I enter. I had also seen an ambulance enter the parking lot. Rather than gawking from the ground, I figured my windows overlook the action. I'd gawk from there!

By the time I entered the building, took the elevator up and got to my windows, all traces of emergency vehicles were gone. Huh? About ten minutes later, the ambulance came from the other side and drove around by my windows with its flashing lights on. Um. Okay. I had to ask the building gossip for the scoop. It was a child choking. He's okay, but was taken to the hospital for observation.


This is the work they're doing on the railroad bridge on Richmond Street. I edited it to leave only the welding sparks in color.

Purple possibilities
Sunny center

Happy flower
Simply beautiful

Eek! A squirrel!
Hi, Mr. Squirrel

Cool signage
Edward P. Paul & Co. Inc

Due to a detour because the Richmond Street railroad bridge is being upgraded, repaired, whatever ... the bus I sometimes take has been going past a block of defunct factories and warehouses on South Avenue. I saw this signage and knew I had to shoot it. I walked over there Friday.

Cool sign edited
Edited Ed

Here's the sign edited to leave only the letters in color.

No entry!
No entry

Doorway to the past
Doorway to a better past

I Will Survove
Survival of the fittest


Old Sign
Um. It WAS a sign.

Old Paper Company Sign
Old Paper Company sign

Poufy flowers

Jus' chillaxin'
Poufy Vincent

Oh my ... Vincent is not in a flattering pose, is he? He's looking quite chunky in this shot. Oh well. It could be worse. He could be on his back. He is the most lying-on-his-back cat I've ever known. I guess it means he's secure in his surroundings.

How was your week?

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